The Best Long Term Health Affiliate Programs To Promote…

In this blog post, I am going to talk about some of the health companies I promote and some of the companies I recommend. This information will be based on ethics, long term reputation and how long they have been in business. I think its also important to factor in the residual factors (do people come back to re-order the products much?)

And of course, the companies we are involved with must give us as affiliates timely payments each month…

I will be revealing several health companies here that I either actively promote or have promoted in the past. (For my private members of HWA 2.0, I will be introducing even more products and companies as I progress with the new HWA free private portal).

I am going to list these in no particular order….

First Health Companies on my list for some of the best health affiliate programs to promote…


UPDATE – I can no longer endorse maxalife and am doubtful they will be open much longer. However, that being said – I made six figures in commisions in the short period I promoted them. Sometimes, when a company comes along (even if it’s just for a short period), it’s still worth promoting them and making as much as you can in this game.

Maxaife – with new health products like krill oil, dear velvet and green coffee bean, plus wide plans for health supplement expansion – are an up and coming health network. They have recently sponsored HWA to help get the word out on new management, new products – and a company that wants to be built around affiliates!

Now, that’s refreshing for sure. I really like the changes I am seeing with maxalife, but more importantly – they just sent me  yet another weekly payment – the 100th payment I have received from them in fact… check out the screen shot below from some of my recent weekly payments.

Note – Please bear in mind this is just for one PayPal account, and I have multiple. I also have a few affiliate accounts with maxalife. Altogether, I’m pulling in around $1000 to $3000 a week, so you can see WHY I’m starting to get passionate about this health company. In short order, they are fast becoming one of my highest earning affiliate programs.


(Click Image For Clear View)

Shareasale – One of my favourite affiliate networks. One of the better networks that has been around since I started and well before.

Sell Health – This is a legendary health affiliate program that has been around for years too. Some of the products I know sell extremely well are GenF20 (amazing conversion if you rank the right keywords) and the Kollagen Intensiv products.

I just made a sale as I am typing this for the kollagen skin care… This company is no joke. They are built to convert and have been around for an age in the industry.

Hi John, You’ve just made a downline commission from SellHealth!


Affiliate ID: Johnnyg1k


2 x Kollagen Intensiv


Second on my list of long term affiliate programs for the health niche…

MoreNiche  – A strong health affiliate network that have a strong focus on weight loss and beauty products. They have an exceptional affiliate support system (one of the best I have seen with a live forum and your own dedicated affiliate manager). In fact, this particular company truly wants you to succeed as an affiliate and it shows.

With high converting health products, coupled with high commissions and a residual aspect on top, this one’s a no brainer…

You can sign up here and be accepted today.

One aspect I like about moreniche is they release new products periodically. When they release a product, a large investment goes in to promotional advertising.

If you get a website up early for one of the branded health products, you can be way ahead of the competition, since the search volume for the product starts to rise (you can be pulling in sales on every new product release!).

Third On My List To The Most Reputable Health Affiliate Programs To Promote…

India Herbs  – India herbs have been around a while and focus on the Ayurveda or ayurvedic medicine niche. If you don’t know already, this is a Hindu system of traditional medicine native to India, and is now also known as a form of natural alternative medicine…

The affiliate manager is friendly and helpful and they offer a wide range of payment methods.

What I like about India Herbs is the low competition aspects. Because this is an up and coming niche, not that many people are aggressively promoting the product range.

Keyword products like the following can easily be ranked for with a bit of HWA marketing applied 😉


Kama Raja


Kama Yoga

Kama Rani




Cosmic Joy

Mystic Sleep


Joint Mender

Sherpa Strength

Yogic Slim




Rudraksha Mala



Do some research on the search volume and competition and I think you will be quite pleasantly surprised. The niche is relatively untapped – hint hint 🙂

You can join this program here for fast approval.

The Fourth Health Affiliate Program On My List For Today…

Market Health – There are many rumors floating around the internet about Market health saying they shave affiliate clicks and don’t give affiliates full credit for the customers they bring in. Whether this is true or not is completely debatable.

In my opinion, they are by no means the best run (have the best support), or the most ethical affiliate program.

However, with all that being said – there is BIG money to be made with market health. They offer a TON of keyword targeted health products that we can rank for. In fact, the long tail words related to the buyer product keywords are vast. If you can’t make sales with this company, then you really need to step up your game. (Or find a new one to play 🙂 )

Sales funnels are set up to convert on all products. They have quality sales pages that help to close the sale. On top of that, there is a residual factor here too. Commissions are for life on each customer you bring in.

Probably the best part about market health is the fact they have been in business a very long time. They were around and strong (formally called when I first started as a health niche affiliate marketer, so we are going back many years now.

Join Market Health Here and add me on skype – “Johnnyg1k” if you want support promoting them.

More Hot Health Affiliate Networks:

Native Remedies – This particular company has been around for many years now. They are a long term company who are ethical, and some of the products convert extremely well (The ADHD Bright Spark formula as an example).

Re-order rates are high because they have a solid focus on exceptional customer service. They offer a wide array of products at affordable prices and have a customer base from all over the world. They are definitely one of the health companies to promote as a health niche affiliate marketer.

You can join this company here – say you are an HWA student for better chances of being accepted. Also, use a paid email account (don’t use a free account from hotmail etc or you will be rejected).

There are many other health companies to promote of course. I will update this post from time to time and add in even more hot health affiliate programs.

Remember though, finding long term ethical health companies to work with is not so easy. The majority of programs push those worthless sexual products and offer supplements that we would never use ourselves (so preselling is them can be tougher for you, unless you dam right lie and say you do use them.) Each to their own of course…

In my opinion, there is more to just making money when working in the health niche. If you are promoting something that people actually ingest, you will sleep better at night if you are not promoting pure garbage on all of your websites.

In fact, I believe many of these hyped up pills being pimped will end up doing more harm than good to people’s health one day.

Whether you promote such products is up to you and each to their own as I said. However, just be careful if you do and look for the long term companies that are proven to pay affiliates.

Update – Below I will add other health related affiliate programs (and networks) that have outstanding products that I know convert. These will be listed below in no specific order…

I will also list the networks that offer products that already have buyer demand (for our mini-site buyer keyword blogs). When I refer to buyer demand, I mean people are ALREADY typing in terms around the product, sometimes even the product name directly. These people who are on the edge of making a purchase, simply need a slight nudge in the right direction 🙂

Peer Fly is a huge network full of branded products. Branded products sell! You know, the type of products featured on TV, in magazines – on the radio… This network has a truck load of them = goldmine!

In Demand Branded Product Health Network:

Asseenonpc are awesome, end of. In fact, my affiliate partner and I are going to be promoting the health products within this network hard this year. You will see many of them being featured on my blog for my 2013 “100 websites in 12 month challange!”

I’ve been talking to my affiliate manager about what I am going to do this year, an amazingly helpful guy. This is what you want… exceptional affiliate support!

An affiliate program or network with limited or no support is going to make it much tougher for you as an affiliate of the product…

New featured Health Affiliate Networks

Click the banner above to join our new featured network, which is a great program for all types of skincare products. This program offers high commisions and products that convert. The buyer keyword potential is very nice here. (A very big bonus for HWA affiliates).

More health related affiliate programs to follow soon, so do check back and bookmark this post to your favourites…



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17 thoughts on “The Best Long Term Health Affiliate Programs To Promote…

    • I’ve promoted them in the past, but they are not my main health company. They have never been my number 1 earner. When they started rejecting affiliates I was sending, it became far to much work trying to get affiliates accepted – creating an email nightmare for me and many people who came in started to complain (I understood ). I’m not sure how a company will grow larger profits by rejecting potential key sellers… I decided to work with higher converting companies that focus on the affiliate more and re-vamp HWA from the core. Xtend seem to be going more down the sole merchant route, as the affiliate side is seldom updated these days. They also do little to improve conversion, and I personally feel that some of the commission payments are too low for affiliates nowadays. It’s 2013 and we are facing tough times. Affiliates don’t have to wait 5 years to build up a full time income like I once thought. There are many companies paying handsome figures per sale (and lifetime too). Life is really short, and you could be dead before you know it. We want to promote products and companies where we are going to make a killing, (not in ten years), but over the next few years – the internet changes fast!

      Companies MUST grow their affiliate side as well, to adapt and keep up with the changes of the Internet. Affiliates soon get tired of working hard for 10 % commission shares on loyalty orders etc. As I touched on before, they also made it very hard for me to continue the old HWA forum (which was upsetting after all the work I had put in), as the whole point was for me to keep sending new affiliates to earn a percentage from the growing down line. That move actually killed the HWA forum off, and so I will be introducing higher converting companies – and going with multiple affiliate networks (that I know pay higher of course) for HWA 2.0 and beyond…

      One good thing about xtend is that they do pay, and on time… They have paid me for several years, so they have the trust factor for sure. I will put them down to be a fond memory for my learning process. However, as the saying goes – on and up with bigger newer fish to fry 🙂 The health niche alone is so huge and so vast – there are so many products, networks – companies and ways to make money within this niche. Seriously, it’s insane! Stick around – you are in a good place to learn all about this stuff here 🙂

  1. Excellent choice of affiliate networks. It’s interesting comparing Moreniche, SellHealth and Market Health. The first two provide more content for affiliates whilst MH provides very little and yet MH has given me 3x the comms of the other two combined over the last two years.
    Jon recently posted…Natural Ways To Enhance Your Facial LookMy Profile

  2. Hey John,
    I’ve been mulling and planning to do some affiliate websites for over a year and was suffering paralysis by analysis. I’m just about done with my first website for maxalife krill. Will be ready to go live in about a week. I already have several website ideas that I will start working on as soon as this one goes live. Reading your blogs, etc. have inspired me to get off my a__ and just do it. I’m working 2 full time jobs as it is so time is scarce so they aren’t going up as fast as I would like. Thanks for the blogs.

    BTW; is SellHealth have residual commissions?

    • Hi Anhtony, glad I have inspired you – that’s what I aim to do 🙂

      Sell health is residual, yeah. They are better for one time sales
      though, from what I have seen in the past with them anyhow.

      The good thing with them is you can get a fair amount per sale,
      and they can sell well – especially if you can get rank for those buying related terms.

  3. Hi John,
    I just started with NSF and my chosen niche was “bee products” by Maxalife. Now that Maxalife is “gone” I came back to this article where I read about xtend-life earlier. I was hoping to replace Maxalife’s products but now I was just reading your comment about xtend-life not being so great.
    Could you please recommend another company with good bee products that worth promoting?
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks John,
    Great tips & valuable info. Just what i was looking for.
    I’m promoting health products too, & i only have 2 questions:

    – Is there any recurring affiliate program for good health products to promote? so we can do the work once & get paid over & over again. I did my search and i always find low quality stuff.

    – I know that building mini-sites on targeted EMD domains can work, but for how long? I mean how long does it take before your mini-sites disappear from Google and you lose all the traffic?

    I was always skeptical to build that kind of google sniper mini-sites, as it will take time & effort creating unique content for these sites and i was afraid it won’t be worth it at the end.

    I’m still not sure if a 5 pages/posts site can rank on Google for long time, specially with increasing competition, that’s why i’d appreciate your experience and advice.

    Thanks again for that awesome content,
    Andrew Rezk recently posted…Tee Inspector Indepth Review + Discount Link Inside!My Profile

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