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How to Start Your Profitable Niche Site in 3 Quick Steps… Build a Large, Stable and Growing Affiliate Empire


Let’s face it! Making money online is EASY, but only if you know what you’re doing. For the last decade, I’ve built a large, stable and growing affiliate empire myself… I own 200+ mini sites and related niche blogs. I’m not telling you this to boast about my accomplishments, but to show you what’s possible when you’re passionate about your work (and dedicated) to what you’re doing. How committed are you to online success? I … Continue reading


To get ahead in business online, let go of your ego…

I often tell my students I’m not always right. I often tell them I mess up and make mistakes. They know I’m human, they know I’m real. I fail multiple times over, but through these failures – I learn something new. I also learn WHAT NOT TO DO going forward… Sometimes, my best ideas never work out – and the ideas I thought would never work, do. For example, my first service for health niche … Continue reading

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What does failure mean to you?

Top Bruce Lee Quotes

Does it mean you failed? See, for me it’s like this… You can only really fail if you decide to give up for good. To me, failure is simply a lesson of what not to do going forward. So let’s say I mess up a blog, or I mess up a promotion, or I mess up on my SEO somewhere, I learn from it and find another way to do it going forward. Wanna know … Continue reading

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Our HWA Keyword Advantage Review…


Hey guys, Some of you have been telling me that you really want a good keyword research tool to expand on our asset data pack research, and to help you create topic based articles for your niche blogs… I’ve already shown you the type of articles that help you to rank for multiple “buying intent” and niche related key terms… However, it really helps to have a good keyword research tool to dig out those … Continue reading


Becoming The Best You Can Be!


This post is personal, and it’s deep (or long winded to some) so please prepare for a longer than usual read When I first started in this business I was a broken down mess. To put the debt I had in to perspective, it was over $80.000 in various credit card and overdraft debts and compounding fast too (thanks to all the interest and the banks being to stubborn to freeze it to help me). … Continue reading


“I tried it and it didn’t work”


Weird subject line, right? “I hope this will work” “I’m going to give it a shot” I tried it and it just didn’t work out… These are thought patterns that come from a weak minded person. If this is how you think right now, then I’m NOT sorry… You need a reality check and you also need to hear what I’m saying right now. You see… I was once exactly like this myself. I was … Continue reading

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