How To Go From Zero To $100 + Per Day With Affiliate Marketing (Within 12 Months)

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In today’s newsletter, I’m going to write about how you can go from zero to hero (and do it all within 12 months!)

Before we start with the article, let me make it clear to you now that this information is not for the get rich quick mentality. This article is for business builders who understand that an asset online takes time and work to grow…

We do have to do some work to grow passive income as affiliates, but that doesn’t mean you have to do that MUCH work. What’s more important than just going blindly all out is HOW YOU WORK. Meaning in simple terms, you need to work SMART.

Building Authority Assets Online

I’m going to give you my no BS guide to what I have personally done myself (many times in the past) and what I am currently doing right now. Both on the blog you are reading here, as well as a few new health blogs I am working on. One health blog I am even running is for a merchant (who hired me to turn the website around.)

Anyhow, this article is for those of you who understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s about building a large blog that becomes somewhat of an authority presence, and so you can start ranking for hundreds of buyer related long tail keywords (with ease) down the road.

Note – For this example, I will direct the article towards a health blog (since the majority of this blog is about health style affiliate marketing so far.)

Yes, it can be done on any BIG niche. First, you need to research and use the right (buyer related long tail) keywords and second – you need to understand that there is work involved. However, if you have a little bit of spare cash (I’m sure you can quit the takeaways for a while, no pun intended) then this project won’t cost you as much as you think.

Be pre-warned though that this project may take around a year to show some healthy fruits, and give you positive return on investment. If you focus on this project for at least 12 months (the way most business people do when they are working on a new project) and avoid pointless distraction emails about how others are making ($120.000 in 3 months) or whatever, then you stand a VERY good chance at making this work.

Forget all that nonsense where people are pimping the latest IM related rags to riches garbage emails, and just focus on YOUR project. Actually see this through and you’ll make some money online. Who knows, this could be the start of some real passive income for you that you can grow over time…

The Power Of the Long Tail

I’m now going to give you a brief overview of the strategy I’m going to reveal in today’s newsletter. The idea of this method comes from the power of the long tail keyword. You know, I’ve talked about this many times now the power of those easy long tail (buyer related) key terms that make for low hanging fruit.

The buyer keywords (product name, or buy product name) are getting more competitive across multiple affiliate offers, both new and old. However, as the competition for these terms grow – more long tail keywords become known. Moreover, the search volume of these types of BUYER long tail keywords also grows.

For example, does “product name” really work is a buyer intent long tail keyword. The potential consumer wants to know if the product really works BEFORE they buy it.

Generally speaking, this particular searcher may be ready to buy the product, but simply wants to know if the product really lives up to the expectations etc. They normally want to know if the product will do as it claims.

Here’s where it gets really interesting though…

There are hundreds of thousands of these types of terms across many niches (not just health) where the competition is so little, that all it takes is some good content with basic on page factors, and some strong themed one way links to rank.

The good thing about building one large blog is that we can target these types of terms many times over (for different products within the niche of your blog) and all of these posts can gain rank as your blog becomes more established.

And on top of all that, as you send links to the root domain (home page) a trickle effect will happen where your posts (and new posts) will just start to rank naturally.

Speaking of natural…

As you write articles around these buyer intent long tail keywords, you’ll also start popping up for all sorts of terms you didn’t even intentionally target.

Anyone who is in the SEO game and knows about LSI, or just writing good natural content (the way we should be) knows that you will get traffic for all sorts of terms as a side effect to writing around certain terms.

I’ve often had sales coming in from key terms I didn’t even think about writing content on. Hence why it’s crucial to track what your visitor’s type in to find you (and from what page they click and buy from your affiliate link on!)

You don’t even have to send links to every post, just follow the plan on this article and you’ll do just fine. Trust me, I’ve been doing this personally for a long time. The guide I am about to reveal to you works just as well in 2013 as it ever did.

Now enough of my waffling on, and let’s get to it…

I’m now going to show you how you can profit from these buyer intent long tail keywords all day long… the type of keywords many people don’t even know exist!

Let the majority of affiliates fight it out on the popular product terms etc, while you can go one step further.

By the time it takes a person to even get to page 1 for some of these competitive product names – you could have 20 or 30 articles ranked for a variation of the product buying keyword (just a long tail variation) with the same amount of buying intent. Perhaps in many cases, even more buyer intent!

Now I’m going to reveal to you how we can exploit these buyer intent long tail keywords with little work from your part (smart work) using a virtual assistant.

Ok, so let’s get started…

Step 1 – Choose Your Niche

You can work this system for any niche where there are hungry buyers and potential traffic around the long tail branded search. However, for this example I’ll use the health niche. I’ve been working this niche for years and there are many branches of niches that relate to health. The potential is huge so it’s my favourite niche of all.

You don’t need to pursue this model for the health niche like I do, but I like to write from my own experience. I’ve used this model in the computer niche and also the technology niche (mp3 players etc) but none have ever been as profitable as large health blogs for me personally.

As long as the niche has buyers that are looking for products (solutions to their problems, needs and wants) and there is traffic around these searchers – you WILL make money if you pursue this guide.

Step 2 – Go For A Branded General Domain

Forget EMD domains… We’re not building micro niche blogs here, but a large blog (that we’ll post to regularly and perhaps one day even build a nice following on.)

So, what you need to do is to register a general domain relating to the niche you’re involved in. For example, if I was going to build a new large health blog relating to supplements – I would register a domain name like…

… something general, but that has some branding potential.

I use namecheap to register my domains. You can see an article I wrote about registering domains for micro niche buyer related blogs here.

I trust namecheap, since I’ve been registering domains with them for over a decade now. Trust comes with time. I wouldn’t recommend any other domain registrar over them.

Step 3 – Keyword Research!

This is where it’s going to make or break your success with this model. Target the wrong terms, or target terms that are too general or competitive and you’ll fail. You’ll be out of pocket, feeling miserable, down, and beat up – and you’ll probably quit internet marketing putting the whole thing down to a scam.

In order to research your keywords effectively, use a quality tool that can not only dig deep, but give you the data to see if you can rank for this term or not.

I use keyword canine for all my keyword research now. In my opinion, it’s presently the best tool on the market for HWA marketing, and pretty much all keyword research in general.

What you’re going to do is build a site for a hungry buyer market.

Think big…

Niches like weight loss, bodybuilding, sexual health – nutritional supplements and alternative health remedies are all viable. There are many more. Any niche that has buyers and products that get searched for by name is more than good enough.

What your going do is start digging deep by typing in and researching many popular product names (products you find on affiliate networks, magazines and so on) within your niche. Instead of trying to rank for the actual product name (that’s getting harder to do) you’ll be going after the long tail buyer related keywords. I’ve touched on this method before in this particular article here.

So, you dig deep and find multiple buyer related keywords like “does product name really work”, “where to buy product name” “product name versus product name” and so on.

Let’s say you’re building a large blog for the weight loss niche. You’d have multiple posts on these types of keywords relating to multiple weight loss products that you know have branded searchers (potential buyers who are normally almost ready to buy.)

What you need to do is dig out at least 300 of these types of keywords that are easy to rank for. Again, Keyword tools like keywordcanine make this step a breeze. The tool will actually tell you if the keyword is easy to rank for. Of course, this saves you a ton of time as well.

If you really want to see what it takes to rank for a term, study the back link profile of the top 3 ranking websites using is a highly vital tool for me since I am a heavy and aggressive link builder. In fact, I’d be pretty lost without this service nowadays. I need to know how many links I generally need to obtain to out rank my competition, and I also need to go at my campaigns without a blindfold!

Once you have your 300 long tail buyer related keywords, you’re ready to get this project under way!

Make no mistake… if you build a blog that you post too regularly for these sorts of terms (and you have a good link building campaign place) you can’t not make any money. I’ve been doing exactly what I’m telling you in this guide for a decade, it works – end of.

If you follow this guide for the full 12 months, I guarantee you’ll call your blog some sort of success. This method is for patient people who are prepared to see a project through to the end. You know… the types of online entrepreneurs that actually go on to make REAL money, and not the next greatest and latest get rich quick scheme!

Another way to go about this model (for fast profits) is to review different products by their product name, and then point your readers to whatever alternative it is you are recommending. The bodybuilding niche is awesome for this (more on that later.)

Step 4 – Set Up Your Blog Using WordPress

I hate technical guides and that’s not what I like to write about. There are a ton of videos all over the web that shows you how to quickly set up a WordPress blog. However, if you are really stuck – sign up to HWA 2.0 here (its free.) We have a range of videos that show you how to setup and install WordPress (with all the correct plugins) quickly and easily.

Step 5 – Out Source Your Content and Blog Posting!

I’m going to be brutally honest now. If you set out to do the article writing and posting yourself, the chances are extremely high that you’ll fail. This project is no kid’s game. It’s going to take tunnel vision, focus and the will to see this thing through. That’s why you need to outsource the time consuming tasks that are probably going to set you up for failure (before you even start.)

What you need to do is find a good writer who doesn’t cost you a fortune. Around $7 an article can normally get you some decent content. You can always spice it up and improve upon it later. What’s important right now is to make the start and get the blog started (gaining traction and age).

You can hire a dedicated writer from multiple outsource websites. You can go to any of the below websites… I am giving you a nice list here so be sure to bookmark this post! 😀

You don’t just want this person to write for you, but to post for you too! Like I said, you need to outsource the time consuming tasks if you want the best chance of success with this model.

I used to write 50 articles a day, but I’m self confessed “insane”. For the normal person, writing articles each and every day is never going to happen. The majority of affiliates will just give up with this. I know and can say this as I’ve’ coached and introduced hundreds of affiliates to the game (over the last few years). I know the majority mindset of affiliates who are just starting out – and so can form this opinion based on fact.

So, what you need do is make a quick series of videos showing your virtual assistant how to post the content correctly on your blog. Set them up with an author account using WordPress, it’s very easy to do. Show them how to post the content, the SEO title, meta keywords etc.

Just video yourself posting a few posts using the all in one SEO plugin, I’m sure you get the idea…

You want them to do what you need done. The goal for you is to simply manage this project and your virtual assistant.

Your focus should go on the keyword research (expanding the blog out even after the initial 300 articles) and the link building (more on that soon.)

Step 6 – Monetization

In the first month of your blog going live, you don’t want to add any affiliate links – no adverts – nothing at all. The goal is to NOT make money right away. In the first 4 weeks, your goal is to get the project under way and get the posting frequency set.

After the first 4 weeks, you can start to drip in affiliate links – and perhaps some PPC advertising too. I’ve used Google adsense personally, although a lot less than I used to for different reasons.

That being said, you can still make an absolute killing with adsense, it’s just not my main model of monetization anymore (hasn’t been for years.) In many cases, adsense could harm my income potential, especially for this type of marketing…

Step 7 – Posting Frequency

This is very important. A blog that doesn’t get updated is a dead blog, end of. Posting to your blog once a day works best, a couple of times of a week will still do the trick… However, anything less than that posting frequency and it’s going to take A LOT longer to gain any form of real traction.

In fact, something magical seems to happen when you blog daily and also (naturally link build at the same time.) Just try it for yourself and follow this guide – you’ll soon see for yourself (after the 12 months are up) exactly what I mean.

Step 8 – Promote Your Blog And Prosper!

You’re going to promote this blog, right?

But how?!?

Simple – one way links and lots of them. Themed links are best (links that come from similar content to the blog your building.)

In the first month of the blogs life, the only thing you’re going to do is go for around 5o one way links, no more. You’re going to do that by blog commenting on 50 related blogs to your blog. This part isn’t rocket science; just contribute to the blogs in your niche. Contribute and add value, and the majority of your comments will be accepted.

You’ll just use your name and your link will be your name as the anchor text. These will be natural (mainly no follow) links going directly to your root domain. We need these types of links as our base links, especially if we want to rank long term.

Elite members of my affiliate venture program are given a list of health blogs to comment on. You’ll need to research at least 50 blogs in your niche for this stage. Go for blogs that have a following, age – fully indexed in the major search engines, and have some form of social activity going on (facebook, twitter etc.)

As well as blog comments, I throw in some web 2.0 links from article directories, social book marks and web 2.0 platforms (only a few) and defiantly no more than ten. Anymore, and you may do more damage than good, especially in the first month of your blog going live.

I’ve listed my exact promotion methods in your free membership portal, but I’ll write the plan of attack out again here on this newsletter post (for another reference point) for us all. I’ll also link to this article from the private membership too.

The promotion part of this system is vital to actually get traffic to your blogs. Therefore, I have also split this part in to 3 phases for a step by step process…

NoteTry to do the steps below in a step by step format over a 3 to 6 month period per website.

Phase 1 – Posting Articles To Web 2.0 sites

Here are some web 2.0 (and article directory) sites to get the natural linking process started:

Note for how I work in 2013, I normally only post around ten unique articles to any ten of the below websites (that’s all I need and all you will need) when combined with the other stages of the HWA 2.0 linking system (set out below).

Article Directory List…

Rather than listing some of the top ones here, just go to this page and add it in to your favourites on your web browser. This guy often updates the page with new sources on where we can post articles too – pretty cool page…

Popular Known popular Web 2.0 platforms:


Note Make sure you back link boost all your articles using this particular service here for optimal results.

Social Book Mark Your Websites:

As soon as you have finished posting ten unique articles to any of the websites above – Book Mark your websites on the following social websites:


Yahoo Bookmarks



Blog Commenting – 50 health blogs to comment on…

If you’re an Elite member of affiliate ventures Please make a comment (linking to your website with your name) on 50 of the health blogs I gave you over email, or that you will find in your private membership portal – coming soon!

HWA Free members – Please research 50 health related blogs, and then comment on them with your link as your name in the first month.

Here is some to get you started and on the right track…

Always make sure the websites you comment on are aged, health themed and accept comments.

Question – Don’t comment links give us mainly no follow links?

We need no follow links. They help us rank. I’ve tested this personally and it’s true. Don’t believe all the BS from people who do not work in volume and DO NOT test what works month in, month out.

In fact, these links will help your entire link profile look completely natural – meaning higher rankings and longer staying power per website… They are essential to this step of HWA marketing, please don’t ignore them.

Phase 2 – Directory Submissions

Rather than learning how to do this properly and wasting valuable time, the best thing to do is simply use the service I use myself. So you know, my clients use this website and this is the service I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for this phase…

Check out the prices here and you will see directory maximizier is a no brainer for phase 2 of HWA marketing.

You can see a blog post on this service, and how to use this for optimal results right here.

Phase 3 – Aggressive Link building

Your domain should have a bit of age and traction by now, so you can start to get aggressive with your link building.

First of all, you can put my private SEO team to work on your best ROI potential websites (which I have made available to all HWA students and followers).

You can check out a brief post I made on this service here too:

Press releases

Press releases are vitally important for SEO in 2013. In fact, they help you create many branded (naked links) to your domain and make your linking profile look extremely natural. I normally submit one PR per mini-site (that I know is going to sell) after being proven in the market place.

One service called SB wire will probably have your PR (press relase) rank on the first page for your terms in short order, especially if you send a bunch of one way links to it too.

To save time, and actually have the PR written for you – you can use

HWA Private Health Networks

Alongside my SEO team – I then write unique articles or related sentences for current indexed health articles (so I can insert themed related links) on 100s of health related guest post articles (on my private health related networks.) Many of these are not only just aged, but hosted worldwide, in different names – have MAJOR age and keep growing in number monthly.

Note – If you want to be able to post unique content on these blogs with your links on – Email me first since I only accept certain people (For the serious dedicated long term affiliate only – 12 month commitment applies.)

The price is $97 a month, or $467 a month if you want 50 unique health articles a month sent to you (you would then add your links on with up to 3 websites per article and post away!)

Step 9 – Social Media Set Up

Now that you have your blog and it’s being posted to regularly with unique content, it’s time to set up your social media accounts.

Use Facebook, twitter and Google + 1 for these. I don’t use google + 1 much at all, but I do plan to get in to it more over these next few years.

Start sharing some of your posts on your accounts, and link to other helpful sources too. You can integrate your accounts on your blog too. I’ve started doing it on my blog here for facebook and twitter, as you can see…

Results – What You Can Expect Based On My 10 years of Experience Doing This Stuff…

By now you’’ have your blog posting in place. You’ll also be pursuing your link building. Your links will be diversified, themed and you’ll be gradually linking to the blog in a natural way. You don’t have to ever stop with the link building, just shoot for 50 to 100 links a month after the initial promotion stages above.

By now, you’ll probably be ranking for all sorts of terms that you didn’t even purposely target. This is where tracking is important…

Google Analytics

In Google analytics, you’ll see the trends and what people are typing in to find your blog. Exploit this data and get even more articles up on the terms you see popping up that you didn’t even write for! I’m not going to go over how to setup and install the tracking on Google analytics for your blog here, since there are many guides on that all over the web.

How Much can you Make with this Model?

If you’ve followed my instructions correctly and understood the importance of selecting those low competition (but highly targeted) long tail buyer related keywords, you’ll not only be getting traffic, but making regular sales too. If you’re in the right market and your promoting decent pay per sale items, you can expect your $100 + per day income goal.

The real beauty of this however, is that once your blog has age traction and momentum – you’ll be able to quickly rank for new terms with the new articles that you post. This is no kid’s game, but you can realistically your income right up to $1000 + per day if you keep at this. In markets like weight loss and sexual health, you can go even higher than this.

I’m about to build out a new huge blog (following this same guide you are reading) on today’s sexual health products. The market is huge and booming, and profits are real…

Who doesn’t want to create a better love live life these days?

Hungry buyers galore!

HWA Summary…

Since your virtual assistant is posting content on those valuable long tail buyer terms, and since your link building naturally and consistently – you’re going to see some very nice results after the 12 month period…

In fact, you’re probably going to start making sales much sooner than 12 months. You’ll have created an asset that you can even sell for thousands of dollars on websites like

I’ve sold several websites in the past (on private forums) where I did nothing but follow my own HWA blogging guide!

Don’t be one of those affiliates who moans about this issue, or that issue. Find solutions to the problems and hurdles that will occur and think like a winner, period!

The people, who moan about one thing or another, never go on to become successful affiliates.

Which group do you want to fall in?

It’s time to dig deep and do what you got to do. The only person REALLY stopping you from success is yourself. Excuses make for more excuses later. Remember this…

Success breed success, winners never quit!

Check out this latest HWA 2.0 testimonial from a student who is building out a blog in the skincare niche.

There is no reason why he can’t take this information and drive his blog to the next level.

Are you willing to work smart?

Are you ready to work for your success?

Can you see the potential of the lifestyle passive income can give you?

Go for it, my friends – I’ll be here supporting you every step of the way 🙂

PSHere is a follow up post that gives some more details on HWA style marketing…



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40 thoughts on “How To Go From Zero To $100 + Per Day With Affiliate Marketing (Within 12 Months)

  1. Hi Johnny,

    Thanks once again for your valuable advice. I have put many of your practices into place over the last few years and continue to do so. In fact many of these i have implemented into the SEO department i run at the digital marketing company i now work for.

    Although i haven’t had much time to work on my websites lately, they still bring in passive income each month.

    In fact, randomly finding the HWA forum over 17 months ago has lead to me earning nearly $3000 per month from my job plus all my online income from a number of different sources. I would never have had a passion to work online or get into SEO if i hadn’t found HWA and followed your guidance.

    Thanks so much!


  2. Thank you John for this helpful procedure to building an online business. I am following you since a few months and this newsletter has a lot of useful information. I’ve had to read it a couple of times and take notes. Keep up the good work. Way to go!!!

  3. hey John,

    super hot post, congrats!

    it’s interesting you mention about…
    “sending links to the root domain (home page)”

    Most people (I’ve fallen for this before) think that they’ll have to generate/attract back-links to individual posts to rank for specific key terms… and somehow forget to link the home page (more often)

    I’ve seen multiple posts rank on page #1 and page #2
    for medium competitive keywords (in the health niche)
    through blog comments left on related sites where
    the URL linked to the home page of the blog…

    My question is:

    should we focus solely on home page back-linking
    or link to other pages as well?

    would this be a good strategy…

    70% link back to home page
    30% link back to other pages

    Or, do you have a different view on this from your experience?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Codrut…

      I go for the main root domain on a large blog, and then maybe 3 or 4 inner post URL’s (that have the highest traffic potential.)

      As long as you diversify your keyword text links, that’s normally all it takes to gain enough traction to get everything
      on the radar 🙂

      Of course linking to other posts will never hurt you, so mix in a few of those too. Personally, I don’t have exact percentages for this. I just aim to keep everything as natural as possible – hope it makes sense.

        • Hi Codrut,

          Mini-sites all depends on the keywords you want to rank for, but I normally always send links to the root domain. That’s what works for me, and as a side effect – you get the other posts ranking too. Just keep the theme tight and you will do fine. For example, I just got a top rank for a tough health product term. I sent links to the home page, as well as 2 of the inner posts. All of the posts (there are 5 in total) are now starting to rank.

  4. Wow. John, you keep giving. These are the kind of posts that the so called gurus should be giving to us.

    They would if they where hands on and knew what they were doing

    Keep selling shitty software after shitty software.

    Thanks John for giving people like us hope!

    • I totally agree with Emeka, especially about some of the so-called gurus simply promoting “shitty software after shitty software”. If you purchased every WordPress plugin that comes out (especially at the Warrior Forum) that’s supposed to bring you floods of traffic you would not only be broke, your site would simply freeze up.

      Pragmatics. That’s what John is about. Rolling up your sleeves and going to work.
      David Kamau recently posted…Taking Vitamins Based on Your Genes?My Profile

      • Well Said David. Yes, you would go bankrupt pretty fast if you buy in to all the hype that is constantly being pimped.
        I tend to steer away from the warrior forum. Although there are some great people at the warrior forum, there are far too many people who just talk a good game. Some people who have no business giving out advice, especially if they HAVE NOT done it themselves.

        JVZOO is another portal that is really annoying right now, which seems to be integrated with many of the WSO offers. You get 24 hours to try one system, and then your email is filled with the next greatest thing. Newbie’s don’t ever stand a chance, since this is the perfect way to get in to that road of going from one HOT opportunity to the next. Always a problem when marketing online…

        There are far too many distractions that can even stop you from getting any work done at all. Tunnel vision all the way I say. At least see one project through, and forget about the money right now. If we all get in to the frame of mind of getting jobs done, week in week out – I think we’d all be MUCH better off for it.

        Thanks for the comment and adding to the discussion here, I appreciate.

  5. dear John,

    what a wonderful article, great job!

    I cannot believe how wonderful LSI works… it’s true what
    you’re saying that the more articles we write on buying
    key terms and targeted phrases, the more
    traffic we generate for all kinds of related keywords

    It looks like Google loves non heavy SEO content
    and rewards bloggers who create good articles

    Maybe you could show some real life “LSI keywords”
    examples here (in JPG snapshot format) from your
    personal sites or students blogs?


  6. hello John,

    I couldn’t get enough of this article… you have so many
    practical tips, and the links which you’ve shared… amazing!

    It looks like you’ve spent a full day writing this – congrats!

    I have 10 very important questions for you,
    maybe there’s enough time for you today to answer them
    if you see this… and I’m sure others will want to read
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    1. Did you promote ClickBank related products before? or still do?
    what’s your take on this?

    2. What about Amazon?

    3. You’ve said you’re with NameCheap for domains…
    do you recommend them for webhosting too? Why? Why not?

    4. I’ve run some low competitive key terms
    search on Google, and SERP results are weird

    There are some sites out there out-ranking popular sites
    with lots more back-links than those… in the top #3
    who barely have links… and low page rank and domain
    age — how do you explain this?

    5. Do you recommend a sitemap plugin or to have a link
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    6. What SEO plugins do you recommend? Free or paid? Why?

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    10. Besides back-linking and hot content, what else
    should we focus on/not neglect to help rank our sites?

    Thank you very much in advance and for everything you do!

  7. It’s so true! Just checked Google analytics account for a new domain and there were more new keywords I was unaware of bringing in traffic than the keywords which I was trying to rank for, and these were ones I didn’t even see during my research phase.

  8. I really like this post. You’re giving away so much unique information that actually works for creating an income. Usually people charge for this info on like the warriorforum and such.

    And the great thing about this guide, is that it works in most niches. I know you focus on Healthy products, but I think I can use some of these strategies for my korean learning websites.

    • Thanks Diansa. I’m tired of people selling the same rehashed information too…

      How many guides are there about creating mini-sites, or niche reports.
      They all have the same rehashed information anyhow. What you read here today is the core of
      building a large niche affiliate blog (in any big niche.)

      What I am about to reveal soon is the entire blueprint (case study’s) of how to build an empire of
      micro niche blog sites that create passive income…

      Why do people keep bringing out the same stuff (and charging for it) if they are making great money doing it?
      Why not just pay it back and help as many people out as they can. I can’t stand greed, and I will separate myself
      from anyone who comes across that way to me now.

      The way I see it is, I make a good living doing what I preach/teach…

      So, it’s my duty and pleasure to give as much of that back as I can (for free)

  9. Hi John,
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting as much as I should be on HWA 2.0. I have been tunnel vision on getting things done. Like ensuring my links are cloaked,getting my all-in-one SEO titles the best they can be,publishing articles on the network, adding to my sites and basically building an empire! This is an excellent summary of what you, and I as one of your dedicated followers should be doing. Thanks for sticking with all of us who are hanging on your every word. I hope you and the family are all well. Keep on doing it mate!
    PS – I assume this comment will give me a one-way link back to one of my sites. I don’t just comment any more, I’m doing it for the empire!
    Roy Montgomery recently posted…Meladerm Before And AfterMy Profile

    • Sure will, even if it is no follow. You need a natural base of these.

      Real people leave real valuable comments. No harm in putting in your websites,
      just keep it all real 🙂

      If you understand the core of SEM marketing, you will realise that most of what you read is
      complete BS. Go from real results, and real live data. You are now in the top five
      for a branded health product name. I helped you get there, but YOU know what you did to get there
      by actually doing what I told you to do…

      Rinse, repeat and always give it your best shot!

  10. Hi Johnny,

    All that meat and no potatoes!!

    It’s so refreshing to read copy that actually focuses on how to help people, with no ulterior motive, as opposed to the crap written by the ‘gods of affiliate marketing’ who’s only skill is the ability to write compelling sales copy.

    On top of that, I happen to know that your blueprint is successful. It does actually work as long as the individual doing it is determined and anal in their approach.

    Keep doin’ what ya doin’ Johnny.


  11. You must do keyword research before you can acquire a good long tail keyword to go with. Keyword research is one of the most important parts of the SEO process. It doesn’t make sense to spend lots of valubale time trying to get a high ranking, if the keywords you have don’t reflect what your customers want. You also don’t want the keyphrases if they are too competitiive because you will most likely never make it to Google’s first page. Basically your site will never be found by portentail customers, so you will never make a sale. You need to take long look at the content on your web site. With long tail keywords there is an unlimited market of ideas that you can act upon. Determine what questions you are answering with the information on your website.
    Ken Henry recently posted…No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  12. Working smart and working with people with the right mindset for an online business is fundamental important. Surround yourself with people like Johnny if you wish to get there online but have this in mind, there will be hurdles, pain, and be sure to never give up on your personal dreams, they there for you and only you can achieve them.

    Technically anyone can learn this, step by step.
    Sergio Anacleto recently posted…I’ve Tried Everything – Are There Any New Allergy Treatments Out There?My Profile

  13. Great post Johnny.

    I’ve been following Johns methods for over a year now. Although it takes time the rewards are worth it.

    Today I reached my first $100 a day. Not all days are like this, but they’re gradually moving in the right direction.

    At the start its hard,but once it becomes a habit it gets easier and you’re self belief grows as well – this is vital for your success.

    The key thing is to stay focused, keep following through and provide you’re readers with good quality information.

    You don’t need to buy the next shiny object. Just follow what Johnny says in this post consistently and you’ll eventually see results.

    BTW I’ve this pinned below my screen.

    “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

    • Awesome, awesome comment! I like to give this advice out daily to my one on one students…

      “Do something every day that can drive the business forward. Could be a few links, a new article, but do something constructive each and every day! That doesn’t mean goofing about in forums and facebook. That generally won’t make your income grow.

      Focus on the tasks that will get your income higher, and do so each and every day. If you’re having a bad day – that’s OK… However, no matter how bad you feel – do at least one task that’s constructive and can potentially take you closer to your goals.

      I have my goals in increments. My first goal was $1 a day, then $10 a day, then $50, $100 and so on. Nowadays, I have BIGGER goals to help people in mass, and really put my expertise out on the web. I’m also striving to reach 7 figures a year, which I never thought would be even possible with just affiliate marketing. However, I have proved to myself that you can even go well beyond your own goals ?
      The bottom line is small steps make for bigger steps later.

      Big congrats to you SEAN…

      The first $100 in a single day was a huge turning point for me. I realised this could be a serious way to make money at that point and there was no turning back. Really glad to hear you’ve stuck it out and had a day like this, good for you!!

      I did notice a nice tier 2 sale today for a product I know you are promoting 😉

  14. Well done Sean, things are picking up for me too. Not quite at $100 a day but hope to be there soon! My problem is that I want things to happen too quickly but patience is the key. Just keep following John’s guidance and you cant fail. Great community we have here!

    • Hey Roy,


      I have the same problem about wanting it happen to quickly. But you’ve got to see it as planting seeds in your garden. Keep sowing and watering those seeds – some will bloom some won’t – just keep at it and enjoy the process.

  15. Whoooaa!!

    100 oxford schollars a day – man I’d donate my left testicle to science to earn that much each day

    But… I’m happy because I’ve just made sales for 2 consecutive days. Call me easy to please but that feels a good as my very first sale.

    Funny really, when you follow the teachings of the ‘under the radar guru from newcastle’ things just seem to happen. Well I never…

    Peter recently posted…Discover How to Lose Man Breast Fat… NaturallyMy Profile

    • Never mind trying to help students and working my own affiliate projects, working as a full time stay at home DAD is the toughest job I have. BUT, Peter… you seem to have the unique ability to CRACK ME UP with your words and make me smile every time… That’s a good thing! 😀

      “100 oxford schollars a day – man I’d donate my left testicle to science to earn that much each day” LOL!

  16. Hi John,

    On the social bookmarking your web 2.0 sites – do you do this manually or outsource. I was thinking of using social maximiser but they don’t have all the SB sites you’ve listed. Would you recommend Onlywire (or similar) as they submit to high ranking SB sites?


    Sean recently posted…Phen375 Ingredients – Are They SafeMy Profile

    • Hi Sean, I often use the social maximiser, or just outsource to a VA for peanuts.

      Lately – I’ve started just doing the blog comments for phase 1, then moving right on to phase 2.
      My Seo team do all this bookmarking part, so if you use them – you don’t really need to
      worry about SB sites for phase one at all. Hope that helps mate. See: for more info.

  17. Nice Article and is Clixsense a Good way to Earn Money Online as I heard Everywhere that we can Earn upto 1000$ by Clixsense if we are Masters otherwise we can Earn 300-400$ Easily.

  18. Hi!
    You have provided a lot of value here, I see a lot of passion! I am starting out with my health niche, I think I need to work harder to get more traffic and revenue as I don’t get any revenue. If you have spare time, take a peek at my site, I am happy to see suggestions. Also, I find Facebook does not produce audience or followers as other social platforms.


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