What Does Finding a Profitable Niche Mean and How to Discover Yours!

Finding Your NicheYears ago, if you had of asked me: “John, what is your mission on earth?”, I wouldn’t know how to answer that, or I would ramble on with no proof of my path. Now, I’d say: “My mission is to help other people build an affiliate empire in the health and wellness industry”. That’s my niche.

So, what does finding a profitable niche really mean?

  • Finding your mission on earth, plain and simple.

How do you find your mission?

That’s what this article is all about…

You see, finding a profitable niche is easy, but only if you know the proper steps you need to take and the mistakes to avoid along the way. Otherwise, you could be spending months and years still looking for that “one” (niche).

You cannot afford to wait years for the “lucky” opportunity — you need to find your mission now, right?

How to find your mission on planet earth

This is the hardest part, and where most people get it wrong. You might find yourself dabbling with multiple ideas and industries before finding your true niche. That’s why you need a guide from someone who has already been there and done it.

I’ve found my niche by accident after I found out about a cool technique for getting some sales for a health related product. I didn’t settle for it consciously. That’s how most people are finding their true niche online.

Fortunately for you, there’s a conscious way for you to stumble upon your niche (the niche you want to become an authority in and pass all your knowledge on to others.)

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What do I like to read or learn about the most?

Is there a particular industry, subject or skill you’re irrationally attached to?

By now, you probably know from experience what makes your heart tick, and what doesn’t. I don’t have to bribe you to learn about something. It has to be that inner drive that attracts you to a skill, subject or industry, got it?

I don’t care what that topic or skill is. Believe me. There are people building profitable businesses on “stamp collecting”, “worm farms” and other niche or hobby topics like these. You have to find yours, no matter how strange or weird it might sound.

2. Would I continue reading and learning about that industry, subject or skill, even if nobody would pay me?

That’s the BIG secret. Most people aren’t asking themselves these types of questions.

Finding your niche is about discovering your true passion, independently of money or financial rewards. That’s how irrationally passionate you have to be about your niche, quite a fanatic in the positive sense of the word.

Starting a blog to make money or creating your eBook to make money is not a niche. That’s an inner desire that is rising from the lack of money or debt you struggle with, most of the times anyhow.

Getting up at 5 am each day, or staying up until 3 in the morning to learn about blogging might be an interesting approach because once you find your niche, blogging about it is what you’ll need to be doing. If you’d do that for weeks without expecting any money in return, then you know you are writing about your passion.

I don’t particularly care if this HWA blog makes me big money or not. I enjoy writing about what I have learned and practiced over the years. Here, I get to pay a lot of it forward to anyone that wants to learn. So what you read is from someone who has already been where you are.

A friend of mine spent 3 painful weeks learning about WordPress, day and night. His motive was simple: the need to learn how to build his blog so he can promote affiliate programs and help people with his product reviews. Money wasn’t a direct intent. Helping other people was, and still is for him, nowadays.

You see, if you start a business, build a blog, create a product or whatever, with the main/sole intention to generate money, your entire approach to that business or project will fail from the start. Business is first about helping people, and second about making a profit. Both are important, but you need to know (learn and understand) your priorities.

Business = people!

Remember this when you on your journey for online income, no matter the model you choose to implement.

It’s your choice though… I cannot force you to love people over money, or vice-versa.

3. How can you best explain your skill or niche passion to other people? Or how can you best get them interested about it?

I mean, do you prefer writing about it, or talking about it?

If your favorite/best way to express yourself and share what you know comes from writing, then your ideal mission is to spread the love about your skill/topic in the written format.

That means writing content and marketing your sites in the form of blogs, (e)books, articles, blog posts, blog comments, emails, sales letters, and so forth.

In other words, it’ll come easily for you to write and selling your skill on your favorite subject will become second nature. Does it make sense?

An example is Tim Ferris, a successful multiple best-selling author, and pro blogger.

If you express yourself better by speaking rather than through writing, then you could go the podcasting or vlogging route (if you don’t have camera anxiety) and build a business using that format.

An example is Gary Vaynerchuk, key note speaker and blogger. His niche and passion is wine. Vlogging and YouTube videos are how he got famous or become best known for. That’s how he best shares his wisdom with others. It’d be a disservice to his talent to stop at writing books.

I’d say that if you master speaking, then you are both a writer and a speaker. It’s like having a double advantage.

Quick tip: get out there are read some books, go to a few seminars, and then start practicing. Do your first seminars or consulting gigs or whatever for free. Build your portfolio. You’ll gain real experience and become a better speaker before taking the full leap, and making a commitment to speak for fees. You don’t have to be the best in the world at it, but aim to inspire and motivate others with what you know and love doing the most!

Most affiliate marketers think that finding their niche is about keyword research. Not at all and not for branding. That helps best when trying to build new micro sites or finding topics to write about for your blog, or for finding branded affiliate programs to write product reviews on.

However, If you want to build a long sustainable business and integrate affiliate marketing in to the mix, then you better go with the branding model I explained above. Info-product marketing is king, so make sure that you are building some form of authority in your market place…

We can all wide waves and I teach how to ride waves of opportunity right on this blog. Just know that a business with a huge following is a business that is built for the long term, a business that not even Google can knock down (once you have a high enough readership.)

And you cannot build a business unless you focus on your strengths…

“When you focus on your strengths, you do the work that gives you energy. You do the work that drives you, that makes you giggle, that keeps you up late because you’re just having too much fun to stop.

When you’re starting out, you do everything. You build the blog site and write all the content and do the bookkeeping and answer the support emails. Some of those things build you up and some wear you down.

Pay attention to which is which”

~ Sonia Simone @ Copyblogger.

If you ONLY want to create a few affiliate mini-sites and stumble upon long tail keywords with high volume search and low competition, then you’re not really building a concrete business, but working for money by following systems of what is working in the present… And that still requires you learn about SEO, back-linking, content marketing and value generation.

I’m not saying that’s bad. My entire HWA system involves this type of marketing as my loyal readers will know, but what I am saying is you must also build an authority presence in the background!

Most “gurus” talk about product creation and keyword selection. I think before going into that, you need to find your true (profitable) niche – and the only way of doing such is by asking yourself those 3 key questions above.

Before we go, and to reward you for taking the time for reading this article, I want to share with you a collection of Top 15 Articles on “finding a niche”.

Warning: some advice found inside might be contradictory to some of what I teach. I give these links to support you further and for your “niche marketing” knowledge.

Hope it helps… If you have any questions about the topic, I’m waiting for your comments…

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