Top Reasons to Become A Weight Loss Affiliate Marketer

HWA Marketing – Top Reasons to Become A Weight Loss Affiliate Marketer…

ManagingMenopauseI am a 100% dedicated weight loss affiliate. I don’t just like the niche – I am highly addicted to it in fact. There are several reasons why you should consider affiliating yourself with a weight loss vendor, or affiliate company that will let you promote high converting weight loss offers…

This article reveals the top reasons to become a weight loss affiliate marketer, and why I think you have a higher chance to succeed in this industry over any other niche.

The health industry exposed

You don’t have to read the statistics: how much do people spend online to buy the stuff they’re looking for?

Just look around. How much do individuals in your family, your friends and online contacts spend on pills, diets, books, DVDs, gym memberships and natural treatments to get rid of fat or stay in shape?

I believe anywhere from 20% and even up to 40% of their income goes to weight loss, fitness and Yoga.

Ebay and Amazon are two of the most popular sites where one can log in, browse, compare and buy the right solutions for their weight loss issues.

You are a health niche addict. I am. Everybody is, whether they recognize it or not. We all want to look and feel better. We either try to stay fit or to lose weight (in case we have too much of it).

Your mission as a weight loss affiliate is to find out about other people’s problems and match them with the right solution (affiliate program) – at the right time…

Weight related products are usually sold as sensitive solutions. And that’s for a good reason. People want to get rid of their weight ASAP; they don’t have time for waiting, nor the nerves to cope with more stress. They’d do anything, including taking the so called “slim fast” magic pills, just to feel like they are doing something to combat the issue. This is a make money health niche that is not going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.

Men and women in the weight loss niche are desperate buyers…

They’re actively looking for solutions. Your mission as an affiliate is to hunt down the low competition terms around high converting products, and then help these searchers make the right decision… Present them with top reasons to buy from your affiliate link, instead of all the other alternatives out there.

My experience in the industry has taught me what to look for. I know how to separate “good” from “bad” apples.

Thus, before you subscribe with any old health related affiliate program, ensure you perform some extensive research.

It’s so easy to trust a company that sells health products, especially when they have such a good looking website, however – not all affiliate networks are created equally.

For example:

Some vendors pay hefty commissions (often up to 50%). What they don’t tell you upfront (but you may find in the small print) is that the company has the right to withhold your commissions until you reach a particular threshold (like for e.g. $100 or $500). On top of that, some health networks may even say a certain merchant has low funds and can’t pay right now!

You should never promote a product with a track record like that. That’s why prior research is crucial.

You want to avoid working hard, and never getting paid

So, before you sign-up with a program or network, do this:

  • ensure you read the affiliate terms and conditions (read the affiliate program agreement at least twice, from start to bottom)
  • look up the company on Google and check out all the related forums for reviews
  • Ask others about their experience with the product and the company selling them.

It’s also a good idea to check the company’s reputation and references. Ensure it has been in business for at least 12 months. This does not guarantee the company will remain in business forever, but at least you’re doing your homework before you associate yourself with someone whom you’re going to promote.

What I’m trying to teach you is simple: avoid the bad companies through anticipation and research. I recall promoting a product called Hydroderm  a few years back– and how I was making around $30 – $60 per day. One day, the merchant went out of business and I lost over $1000. Ouch!

You can get paid for several months, but that does not guarantee the company will stay in business. So, you have to look for building multiple streams of income promoting multiple affiliate programs and products. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. All it would take is one catastrophic event to happen with that one company, and you’ve lost all your earnings!

Personally, I’m an affiliate for over a dozen health affiliate networks, and the ride wasn’t easy.

If I’m not a direct affiliate, I have an affiliate partner that is. I have spread myself in a smart way so I am not relying on any one company for all my commissions!

Today, I can confidently say that I am comfortable with the companies that I now work with. Nowadays, I’m always promoting new offers and new companies.  And so, I’m prepared to lose income too. I look at the reality of what I do, and know I have to face some losers from time to time.

Before we wrap this up, I have a confession to make: when working with a health affiliate network, it’s essential to get to know the company and the people behind it. Often, you will find they are flexible with their commission fees or structure, especially if you are a big dog.

I won’t go into details on how to get extra commissions yet, but it’s certainly worth thinking about when you reach top affiliate level status in the game.

Using the TV To Promote Hot offers…

A few months back, I saw Kim and Khloe Kardashian promoting weight loss products on the adverts here. These are 2 known and famous celebrities that everyone is talking about right now. Anyhow, these chicks have millions of want to be girl fans around the world. You know how it is in our society. As I said before, people want to be like the rich and famous (I’m generalizing here from a business profit making perspective) I hope my readers have their own minds and are not like the masses.

So, the product was quick trim. I type in quick trim affiliate on my smart phone, up comes market health. I use my keyword tools and Google (more on that soon) to hunt down related low competition buyer searchers. I find them… Bingo, I’m on to a certain winner. I have 5 golden keywords with low competition and decent search volume 😉

This mini-site will be one of many this year, but my point is… the weight loss niche = dollar signs for HWA marketing. And, if you can’t find an affiliate program for whatever you saw being advertised on TV, check out this article here where I use a cunning strategy to reverse pre-sell my visitors 😉

Decide today to become a weight loss affiliate. Together we can build long-lasting profit: multiple streams of income, and stable assets. Inside HWA 2.0 I’ll provide you with links and instructions on how to join some of the top affiliate networks (which I can vouch for, and which I’m affiliated with). Piggyback on my research, and you’ll be in good company.

Stay tuned for a detailed post on keyword research, how to register domain names and many more helpful blog posts coming your way…



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16 thoughts on “Top Reasons to Become A Weight Loss Affiliate Marketer

  1. Hi John,

    I am relatively fortunate and weight loss is not one of my problems!

    lol, but seriously I can see where your coming from. The health niche is a sensible place to be when working as an affiliate. This is a growth industry due to the increasing number of aging people wishing to live as long as they can and remain as healthy and active as they can for as long as possible.

    Lets face it none of us are getting any younger but the majority of us would like to think that we can still do things we did at 21 when we are 50.

    This may or may not be possible but the health niche opens up that possibility to us all.

    Keep it coming mate, I am looking forward to the upgraded site!



  2. Hi Johnny,

    A very interesting & enlightening article.

    I was always under the impression that the weight loss niche was way too competitive (based on what the ‘gurus’ have always said) but clearly it isn’t.

    Opens my eyes to a lot more opportunities.


  3. I definitely agree that weight loss is a great niche to get into. I remember a long way back when I first started out online, another respected marketer like John said that if you want to make serious money online, you have to offer people a solution to an existing problem. For example, if you market t shirts, all you are doing is offering something that they may “want” but not actually need…like a solution to their ongoing weight problem.
    Not only will people part with their money easier if you are promoting a good product, but also, I think its quite an honourable occupation if you can actually sell products that will genuinely benefit people’s health.
    Great Post John, looking forward to the kw research post.

  4. Hi John,

    I’m a bit confused because I followed your HWA link above, read the entire sales page, clicked on the Join button – and then read that HWA is closed to new members, but I can join some other site for $197 a month where you build sites for me. So why are you still sending people to the sales page for HWA? Isn’t that kind of a bait-and-switch technique? I didn’t think you were that kind of marketer 🙁

    • Hi Isobel, HWA will actually be free this year (launching soon). I am working on it now. The $197 a month service is for 50 dedicated affiliates that I will hopefully turn in to elite affiliates down the road, not just anyone… I interview people before I even accept them in to that service anyhow. I am sorry for the confusion and can see why you are upset. I assure you my main aim is to help people, and I’m not interested in fooling people to part with their hard earned money.

      The sales page you read will go to a newsletter page for your free membership access this year, watch out for it…

      • Thanks very much for responding, John 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what’s behind the curtain! Didn’t mean to sound quite so snippy, I apologise – I was disappointed I guess, but now I’m excited 🙂

        • I welcome Negative feedback and comments. In fact, they even come with online success – and they always come with this niche too. However, I love just about everyone – no matter the comments 🙂
          Most of all, I just appreciate the comment on my blog – good or bad. Thanks for dropping by Isobel.

  5. Hi John,
    Weight loss niche is known to be very competitive. However, it is also certain that the niche is ever green and the market accommodates those ever willing and ready to spend money.
    I have generally noticed that most weight loss websites do not do not patronize the google adwords. Why is this so? There are many wealth loss pills available and i am convinced that some of them can be relied upon.
    I have realized just as you said that not all affiliate programs are worth the trouble and that one have to do extensive research before joining any of them.
    I must not fail to commend you for the wealth of information you push out through your blog. The blog can equally double as an online University.
    Odoh recently posted…Can Fasting Achieve Weight loss?My Profile

  6. John,

    With all due respect, I didn’t need you to tell me that ‘weight loss’ products are hot sellers. 60% of Americans are overweight! All over the TV, radio, magazines and newspapers are ads for weight loss products and programs.

    What I want to know from you is if YOU are selling a Hot, Reputable weight-loss product this it a two-tiered plan so that I can sell the product and get an affiliate commission, while you make some money off of all of my sales.

    I thought you were going to give us a link where we could become affiliates under you selling a particular weight-loss product.

    Let me know.

    I am serious about making money in the health affiliate marketing niche and I look forward to learning from all your experience with that niche and your SEO techniques.

    Please note that I make my living as a web designer so creating the sites and the landing pages is the least of my problem. I need to know marketing strategies!

    Thanks again!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted…WordPress 3.6 is Here — Features and Installation Video.My Profile

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