HWA Newsletter – Unique HWA Case Studies!

So I’m going to start the 100 websites in 12 month challenge this month (a bit behind schedule, but better late than never).

I will do another newsletter (when I launch the first case study this month) to show the section of where these will go up on the blog. That way, you can follow along as they go up and save this in to your favourite resources.

On some case studies, I’ll simply show you the site live – go over ranking updates, expenses (money I’ve spent) and total income (money I’ve made.) I’ll write down what I’ve done so far for each website so you can learn from each little project. I want to do it this way to show you the other side of this business – positive cash flow…

Sure, many affiliates and so called SEO experts are preaching how to do perfect SEO and obeying all the latest guidelines and all the rest of it. Maybe that’s one way to make money for the long term, although I have never thought relying on one big website that ranks and even depends on Google is a smart, or even stable business.

You can try and build the most perfect website, follow all the Google guidelines (over 100 different factors to rank a website) and hopefully keep it ranked long term. However, that’s a daunting task and not the only way you can make money in SEO. There’s a faster way of course, the way of the Search engine marketing entrepreneur – and I’m about to reveal it over these unique case studies.

For those of you that think you need a huge updated blog now with social signals and every other factor to rank and make money… I’m about to reveal that ranking in the search engines (and making money) isn’t hard (as many people would have you believe) with SEO at all. In fact, it comes down to 3 basis elements that you’ll learn through these case studies. You’ll see how I don’t do anything radically different for any of these websites.

Forget all the tools, forget all the complications…

On some case studies, I’ll take you right from the start of finding the keywords, building the website and so on. On those websites, I’ll reveal it all from day one of starting the project. However, I’ve already registered a bunch of domains in preparation for this, and already have some built. So on some case studies only (not all of them), I will do them live to keep this completely raw and natural too.

I’ll show you what I’ve used, and what I’ve done on each little case study. I want to keep it simple, so you can keep it simple and make this business work for YOU. My plan is to roll these out (around one or two a week) over the HWA back end email series, not over the broadcast newsletters. Unless of course, there is something awesome (or I feel something important needs highlighted) that I want to broadcast more with the HWA newsletter.

Once done, I’ll probably compile of all these case studies in to a free report (and they’ll be another presell for the new affiliate ventures (2.0) that I’m planning and still working on).

So you all know, I’m going to be lowering prices, integrating a private membership portal and aiming to introduce new products and opportunities on a regular basis. (At least 25 + new products/niches per month). We already have well over 100 product niches and buying (high converting) keywords compiled, but that’s only the beginning…

Amazon alone has a truck load of new opportunity and so, our services will be built around making you money faster, and showing you that this is all very much for real.

If anyone has been interested in affiliate ventures but has been put off by the high end monthly price, and the risk factor that we all have when starting anything new… I’m about to make this service viable (and show you that this is an investment) for more people that can’t afford to run with it for whatever reason.

I know there is more interest, so I’m going to open the opportunity up (and improve on the entire set-up) 🙂

By making a private membership portal, I’m going to save myself huge admin pain with the never ending one to one emails, (which I admit is hard to keep up with at times) and I’ll just get all the material up in one place. The service will still be mainly for people who are really serious about making money with this type of marketing, but it’s going to become more viable for a LOT more people this year.

These case studies that I’m about to launch will be the perfect presell of what affiliate ventures can do for you, but more importantly – it will show YOU the power of going after buying keywords across multiple micro blogs (that make you more money back) than you spend! That’s what it’s all about, positive ROI. That’s the fundamentals to any successful business – making more money than you spend.

We don’t have to wait 12 months to see positive cash flow coming in. I’ll show you that and back up what I am saying here. Not all websites I create will be winners though, so I’m not going to hype and lie to you by saying that every website I build turns in to profit, since that’s just not true. In fact, I’m sure there will be some losers among these case studies. (Websites that don’t make more money back than I spend).

I’ll still journal them all, and run updates from time to time (if they are at a loss or at a profit.) For the winners (websites that make us money), those are the websites you would expand, get top rank across the buyer related keywords, and perhaps even invest more money for that specific project.

Sounds great Johnny, but how the heck do you check important rankings across so many websites?

A great question!

I’ve used different options in the past, some free tools (that generally all suck, apart from a few) and a couple of monthly paid options. Recently, I’ve been using the ultimate rank tracking tool. This software hasn’t been out long, but it really is fantastic. For a low onetime fee, you can track UNLIMITED keywords and UNLIMITED web pages. That means you can track unlimited websites (no limits on URLS) and unlimited keywords, with no monthly fees!

The best part of this software is that it’s surprisingly the most accurate tool I’ve used to track rankings so far. Rather than go on and on here, just watch the video below of me using the software live today.

You will see me putting in a new website and a couple of main buying keywords to track…

On the video, I’ll also show you a couple of my recent websites that I put in to track too. You can see how simple and easy it is to view all your ranking results quickly. You can see what’s ranking, what’s not – what’s improving, or what’s even going DOWN in the ranks. That’s very important because you can quickly learn what works and what doesn’t by seeing the live data for real.

Check out the video below…

If you buy this through my link here, let me know and I’ll throw you over a free researched niche/product with a set of 5 buying related keywords.

New Videos for Your Free HWA Membership

We’re working on a series of videos showing you how to start the build of a large health blog (that you post too on a regular basis) promoting one of our featured residual natural health companies.

I’ll let you know when the videos are up, since we are using a paid theme (for large blogs we build) that some of you may be interested in for your own larger health related blogs.

I’m also writing up a report on (YouTube marketing health products) for the membership portal, and ill have that up this month (all going well).

Special Offer on Keyword Canine

If you’re in to your keyword research (you should be if you’re an active affiliate or do any type of search marketing) then I want to tell you about a special lifetime yearly discount for keyword canine (2.0).

The normal yearly price for this software is $297. However, if you go through this special link here – you can get the yearly access for $247 per year. A huge lifetime saving on the yearly plan… I highly recommend keyword canine and use it daily for my own HWA empire building.

Note – If you get any security warnings from your virus software, it’s a false positive. The page is perfectly clean.

Personal ramblings…

I just bought a portable hot tub for the garden, since the summer has started here in the UK. Hopefully this year we’ll actually get to see some warm sunny weather. We’ve had a good week so far.

I’m going to include this product as one of the mini blog case study’s I’m doing (as part of the HWA challenge). Ill be promoting this via Amazon, since it’s a really cool product that I use and highly recommend. If you don’t know already, Jacuzzis are great for relieving stress at the end of the day (dealing with screaming demanding babies) and getting rid of all those aches and pains  🙂

I don’t just want students to watch and follow my projects by the way. I’m hoping I spike some of you in to some serious action with this unique case study roll out. Maybe you can create your own challenges and share with us those case studies on the blog (via the comments here) too.

I’m starting to get in to promoting products featured on Amazon a little more. I know the commissions are low and I’ve talked against Amazon in the past, but the products do convert well due to the enormous branding power Amazon now has. I mean let’s face it – who doesn’t trust and who hasn’t bought from Amazon?

On a final note – many of you have been emailing lately asking me questions about HWA marketing, and thanking me for the info on the HWA blog. I am swamped with emails daily, and although I would love to reply to all of you – I simply don’t have the time in each day.

However, if you use the comment feature on the HWA blog, it will make it easier for me to reply to you directly. By commenting over on the blog here (rather than contacting me over email directly), you also become part of the HWA community and help to grow out a fantastic resource on marketing online.

Let’s share and grow our ideas and ventures together, since that’s what building a special community is all about.

That’s it for the monthly updates at HWA. I hope you’re all getting in to summer mode now (or winter mode) if you’re from the other side of the world…



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13 thoughts on “HWA Newsletter – Unique HWA Case Studies!

    • Hi Daniel,

      Did you get my email in reply to you? Never heard back from you.

      If you can ask me questions via the blog here, I can reply much easier
      since I am swamped with emails all day long. I read all the comments
      here and can reply to each person no problem.

    • Hi mate,

      Some will be Amazon, others no. Will just do what I think will sell and go for those buyer keywords across multiple products 🙂

      Just getting in to Amazon lately, but the potential is Huge as all the branded health products and more are going on there now.

      Probably around 8 a month I guess, couple of a week. Just whatever it takes to meet my own challenge of 100 over 12 months.

      You still marketing online these days by the way – selling eBooks still?

      All the best C.

    • Thanks for the comment Peter. Keep going with your blog. I see big potential to earn on your niche in the longer term, especially with all the work out home programs now being pimped 😉

      I just put up a micro blog on the p90x routine, BIG branded search demand for it thanks to all the media promos 🙂
      JohnGibb recently posted…HWA Newsletter – Unique HWA Case Studies!My Profile

  1. Hi John,
    I know we are all busy building our empires and I always read what you are putting out to us. Sometimes I will go quiet for a few days and it is not that I have stopped listening but just working away! Its great being on the inside and I look forward to seeing how your case studies progress. Perhaps I can star in one in the near future. I certainly am a case! lol
    Hope you and the family are well.
    Roy Montgomery recently posted…Caralluma Actives Free TrialMy Profile

  2. Hey Johnny,

    It’ll be terrific to follow the case studies, in my opinion they are the Duck’s Nuts in teaching tools.

    In this business, it’s one thing to TELL how it’s done but it’s a whole new ball game to SHOW how it’s done.

    It sorts the forest from the trees very quickly.

    Can’t wait for this to start.

    Peter recently posted…One Effective Man Boob Treatment is Surgery But…My Profile

  3. I am so very interested in all you are doing here John, as I have two health websites that are fairly new and have been scratching my head about how we can make long term money with google when they constantly change things around all the time. Your ideas on mini sites has me very intrigued and I look forward to your emails.

    • hi Cathy,

      For Google – give them what they want with a big growing blog, social interaction etc etc.
      Get leads coming in from all angles – use all and every platform to bring
      traffic (and build a list of people interested in natural health). That will
      hedge you and also come in handy for later. At the same time, try to target multiple
      products that already have buyer interest search volume (and learn how to get rank for the terms
      that convert). You MUST mix up your methods now more than ever before, and not become dependant on
      one website, or one source of income. When you are making enough positive cash flow,
      start investing it in other sources!

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