HWA Unique Case Study # 1 – Ageless Male Case Study…

This is the first of the 100 HWA case studies I am making public on the blog. The rest of our case studies will be inside your free membership portal… You can get access to your free membership by going here. Your password is” membership” without the quotes… I’ll be updating that portal with my latest info and case studies from time to time.

Our case study today is on the health product “ageless male”

I was once asked a question on my blog about why I am promoting a product that had bad reviews on Amazon, and how that was a stupid idea… To cut a long story short, I wanted to show this person that you can make money promoting any branded health product, since people will try supplements out for themselves (regardless.)

The thing is with the majority of branded health supplements … is that not everyone will like them. We are all different as human beings and so results are always going to vary anyhow.

All that being said, let’s get on with what matters with HWA marketing – getting a ROI!

For our case study websites here, we will sometimes register the domains well before we build the blogs on them. We do this to let the website domain names gain some age. I find I get better results with aged domains, but opinions do vary.

We will vary each report up, some may go in to keyword research and others may just get straight to expenses and income (like this one.)

So, we registered the domain name http://tryagelessmaleblog.com/ several months ago, but it is only in the last four months that we have built and promoted the website.

Here is what we did:

We posted around 50 comments to 50 general health blogs. We made valuable comments that contribute to the health blogs, and so they have a better chance of being approved. This builds us some strong natural no follow links (that act as the base of our link building campaign.) You can find an example of such sites in your free membership. I will also reveal a big list of health blogs that accept comments inside NSF.

After around 3 weeks of blog commenting, we then started a top package SEO campaign with http://seo-warrior.org

We have had this campaign running for the last 3 months, and it’s still running now. Finally, we posted 105 articles to 105 of my aged health sites – hosted worldwide using various IP’s and name profiles. We will put in a new website in place of this blog soon on SEO WARRIOR, since this blog is where we want it to be now.

That’s it guys, nothing complicated here– no huge article today… Sorry, but this is what we did, so I’m not going to bog you down with unnecessary fluff going forward. We made good use of basic on page SEO on this website, and created the website on an EMD targeting the keyword “try ageless male”

Results speak for themselves… We are rank 1 for the main product term “ageless male”, and have top rankings for the other articles on the blog too. Of course, we may not stay there forever, but the point is we have made our money back and will make a PROFIT. That’s what this is about for me, and how I have lasted the stand of time in affiliate marketing with SEO.

Doesn’t matter what the latest search engine algorithm is, that’s not even your focus. What matters is the data you have gathered that makes you money. It’s not hard to keep up with the current methods that work in SEO. Just follow this newsletter, or any other decent newsletter that tests this stuff regularly.


If this blog gets tanked at some point, it doesn’t matter… Why?

I know for a fact if I clone this one or rebuild a blog on the same keywords targeting the same product, I make money – end of! I hope you now understand this clearly. Forget all the crap we keep hearing on how SEO and affiliate marketing is dead now. Most of it is coming from marketers getting ready to launch their new alternative products (different methods to SEO.)

I am all for learning new ways to gain traffic and make money online, but I am not for people putting down viable strategies that still work as well as ever. In some cases, even better than before! There is a hidden agenda there, and it’s not right to say something is no longer viable, especially for a hidden financial gain. That is opinion only – not fact!

Results – Expenses versus Income…

Below is the income commission report for the first week in August 2013. If I add more articles targeting long tail keywords to this blog, (terms that get traffic) the income will rise in short order.

agelessmaleexample(click the image above for full size view)

The website is now on track to make $1000 + a month.

Total cost so far – $600 for the seo warrior campaign… The articles I posted to the HWA network cost me $2 each, since I used a service that delivers short quality blog posts for peanuts (more on that later.)

Total money spent =  $10 on the domain name. The hosting is part of a reseller package, so the average works out at around $6 a month. … So, we are looking at – $16 + $210 + $600 = $816

Total income of this particular site so far can be seen below:

agelessmaleincome(click the image above for full size view)

Not only have I made my money back, but I am now in the green. Any income now is pure profit my friends…

I hope you can see this stuff really doesn’t need to be complicated. All we need to do is rinse and repeat this case study for other branded products, and we’ll make a ton of money in 2013 and beyond… Same for any of you guys that are serious about this stuff.

If you want to get on the right track, and have everything you will ever need to make this all work, stay tuned for NSF (http://nichesiteformula.com)

I plan to launch this unique service in September, and it will be known as the upgraded portal to your free HWA membership.  Enjoy the rest of the summer and let me know if you have any questions. I try to reply to everyone.

PS – I may update this case study from time to time (with new income stats etc.)

The next case study we will be working on is for a product called Z quiet (a popular branded anti snoring device.)



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12 thoughts on “HWA Unique Case Study # 1 – Ageless Male Case Study…

    • Hi Elle,

      All of these type of programs will be inside my new NSF Service (coming soon)

      Every month, I will add even more products and affiliate program opportunities
      inside. SKY IS THE LIMIT! 😉

  1. John

    This first case study boosts my confidence in SEO and growing my niche site empire… I feel like fear stops people from continuing on the right track, and your teaching and business approach cut through everything…

    I look forward to reading next case studies, learning from you, and taking my business next level.

    Thank you!
    CodrutTurcanu recently posted…Elegant Themes Pricing Exposed – $39 vs. $89 vs. $249 – Yearly / LifetimeMy Profile

    • Thanks Codrut my man… I think we have both learned a lot from each other lately. Been really nice talking to you again over email – thanks for the comment!

      Fear is what stops most of us. It amazes me to this day… There are people are out there doing $100k + a day with SEO campaigns, yet people say it’s over etc.

      It’s the same with anything online though. People like to speculate and put opinion as fact, but more of us need to step up and test/apply. Only then can we really write or talk about whatever it is we are doing.

  2. Hi John,

    Thank you for making this case study. I love it that you have outlined your expense and income so that I know it is possible to make it to the green with affiliate marketing.

    Can’t wait for your NSF launch. Looking forward to the launch email.


    • Hi Janice,

      Thanks for the feedback – appreciated much.

      I am trying to help people and I want to write for my readers now. I mean, I know this works 100 times over, but my goals now are to help
      people create an extra income stream. $100 here, $200 there, $500 over that way… It all helps and more importantly – it all
      adds up! This is all very real and more importantly, VERY possible.

  3. Hi John, first off, I am impressed you can get legible content for $2 an article but I am starting to evaluate adding in SEO now to boost my products. I created my own private label supplements this year and sell well on Amazon but currently just use Adwords as my promotion method as once you get ranked high in Amazon as a seller then Amazon starts self promoting it and sales grow exponentially as you move up in Bestseller rank. I was thinking of building out niche authority sites on the specific supplement topics that I am selling in so I can build email list to promote my own products. I usually look at SEO as long/tedious for the return but you system definitely looks more enjoyable/scalable way to do SEO

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