Unique Article Marketing For Affiliate Marketing

Let’s discuss strategy… I often do article marketing and have become fantastic at building web sites out. I will now tell my readers how I got involved in article marketing and what I did to build my web sites.

(Side-note – When I bring up the term sub-niche, I am referring to a niche within a niche. For example, omega 3 is a sub-niche of health.)

Many years ago now, an online friend of mine began teaching me the simple system of creating a simple one page website pre-selling the health product I wanted to sell. He would then advise me to send out many articles to EzineArticles.com on researched health keywords targeted towards the product I was promoting.

I took this simple process and applied it to many different products.

I have now revamped this basic system from the core turning it into something completely different. I now focus more on building out my own authority and creating many super related mini-sites on the back end.

I believe if someone is already working on this kind of niche marketing, following my steps will take you to the next level and in short order. If you are new to affiliate marketing and haven’t got any experience yet, then I always tell people not to worry. Not only does my method cover the basis of the initial system I learnt, it also gives you the details on how to apply both systems at the same time. Due to this approach, your long term results will be explosive, and far more profitable.

I have to be honest with you though. As you now know, I have done article marketing heavily in the past and done really well from that method, however – that isn’t my main focus anymore.

My new system utilizes web 2.0 marketing, power-linking links that point to your websites and turbo charging your published articles.

The system I have developed also focuses more on creating mini-sites and building out your own authority for long term explosive results. For long term success, I believe creating large authoritative websites is the name of the game.

I often create several mini-sites and I grow the first mini-site out into an authority that has many pages of unique content. This website becomes well-established in the search engines. All of the mini-sites start off with around 5 pages of unique content targeting some of the super low-competition keywords in the sub-niche of health.

The first mini-site is built out over time into a larger site that becomes an authority on the niche subject in the search engines’ eyes. The other mini-sites I create just act as extra traffic generators in the sub-niche and send over more visitors to the product I am promoting.

I don’t build the extra mini-sites until I am done with the initial promotion of the first mini-site. This is the only mini-site that is to be grown out further. The first mini-site becomes a large website in short. Also, if a product doesn’t convert very well, I don’t bother with more mini-sites and just go for another large website on a new health product… Only on the best converting health products will I create extra mini-sites on the back end.

People often ask me how many of these mini-sites I build. However, this all depends on how much I want to dominate the sub-niche.

If I really want to drive sales for the product I am promoting, I will build out say 5 to 10 extra mini-sites. If I just want to create a few extra sales, and maybe move on to another product, I may just build out 1 or 2 more.

However, you can still get good results using my promotion methods on just one mini-site. I will talk about these methods later throughout my blog. (Check out the different sections for my methods, or sign up to my newsletter for my free e-book)

If you apply these techniques on just one mini-site, you will still drive plenty of sales. Again, it is up to you as the affiliate marketer as to how far you want to take each promotion.
I simply coach people along the way and give you everything you need to make that happen. In other words, if you put in the work, you should not fail using my system.

By linking to the mini-site you are growing in to an authority presence in the search engines, you give that initial website more and more power. You also improve the ranking and power of all the article pages on that site.

Ranking in the search engines is mainly about links pointing to your website. The more you have the better, and super-related links that match your website theme or topic are even better again.

To Your Success

John Gibb – http://healthywealthyaffiliate.com/



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