Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Healthy Wealthy Affiliate Marketing – Two Tier Affiliate Programs Explained

Two tier affiliate programs are the cream of the crop in affiliate marketing, for reasons you’ll understand soon…

Imagine you multiplying yourself, your marketing and your revenue… threefold, fivefold and even tenfold. This is a reality that most affiliate beginners aren’t aware of.

With a 2-tier affiliate program, you are allowed to recruit other affiliates under you. In fact, you’re stimulated, helped, guided and trained. Most affiliate programs offering this option know the true power of having others to promote for you. Thus, they do everything in their power to ensure all their affiliates know how to best market their products, items and offerings.

There are quite a few 2-tier affiliate program directories available online. One of them can be found at . Your objective is to browse through your niche/industry and select one program worth promoting.

These programs are often paying monthly, either by check or wire transfer. Others are paying on a bi-monthly or weekly basis…

Most programs pay you a fixed commission per sale for all the sales you bring in (e.g. 50%) and an additional (2-tier rate) commission (e.g. 5%, and sometimes even up to 15%) for all the referrals (affiliates) you bring in under you, when they make a sale.

So with a 2-tier affiliate program, you have the incredible opportunity to build a strong and loyal army of individuals, all “working for you”. Your job is to train them to generate more sales. When they learn how to make sales, you’ll get a bigger affiliate check. It’s the best win win situation within the affiliate marketing industry today.

That’s leverage… And you can now understand why profiting off of the work of others is one of the smartest moves you can make in the affiliate marketing game. This is both ethical and legal. There’s no pyramid scheme involved here. Everybody wins: you, the vendor and the affiliates spending the time and money to learn how to generate sales. The losers are the quitters and those newbie affiliates thinking that just having a bunch of affiliates under them will make them any money.

Train your affiliates and build a relationship with them. That’s the first step. Secondly, you have to actively promote the program yourself. Don’t just rely on your recruited army.

How to train your affiliates:

  • Teach them how to buy a domain name, get a host and install      a WordPress blog…

You could even install the blog yourself, if they host the site with your web hosting provider you recommend. You will generate recurring income from the hosting company you are promoting.

  • Teach them how to craft hot, irresistible content

It’s smart that you go after freelance writers when building up your tier 2 down lines. They already have the skills to write good content, and the available hours to do it either part or full time.

You could link your 2-tier affiliates with your writing team, or teach them how to properly outsource the content if they have the money and want to save a bunch of time, and effort.

  • Teach your affiliates how to actively promote the offer

Instruct them how to blog comment on other sites and how to write guest posts for other people’s blogs. In return, they’ll back-link to the affiliate product or product review on their site, making you a ton of extra sales.

The most important part about training your 2-tier affiliates is to keep constant contact with them and emphasize how essential active promotion and content marketing really is.

Build a blog dedicated exclusively for your 2-tier affiliates (Just like I will be doing with HWA 2.0).

  • Share how-to video tutorials
  • Your top marketing methods and best practices

Anything you can mention that helps them generate sales and become better affiliates is a must.

You could even take this to the next level. Run monthly contests where the top 3 affiliates generating sales under you, get to win cash, free advertising and hot prizes like the latest gadgets, smart phone apps or games.

Team up with sponsors and tell them you have a loyal army of affiliates and are holding a contest. Tell them you can offer free exposure and advertising on your site if they can participate with a good prize for your affiliates.

This is a more advanced technique and works best when you’ve already built a site with hot content, and a loyal fan base. Nobody will want to associate with and sponsor someone who’s just starting. Think from the perspective of the other. What’s in it for them?

Think creatively: how to offer something that the other party wants or needs in the best and easiest way possible. You don’t need to offer something yourself. You can always find another party to help out. Some will do it for free and for the exposure. Others will want something else in return.

Your mission is to find what they want, and give it to them. But once again, you don’t have to do it yourself directly. Now, this is where most affiliates fret. They are clueless to how this works, or how to make it happen, and quit, or never try the method. It’s their loss…

You want to think different. You want to become a top affiliate. You want to grow your audience. You want to make a bunch of money. You want to stick it out online. You want to become number #1. Or else, you are left with only one option: quitting.

Two tier affiliate programs are my favorite because you can earn off many affiliates under you, not just your primary promotions as a standard affiliate marketer. In fact, I will be featuring the cream of the crop for HWA marketing inside your free HWA 2.0 portal. You can sign up for your free membership here:



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One thought on “Two Tier Affiliate Programs

  1. The success of any affiliate program is based on one thing & one thing only… your mentor.

    Get the wrong one & you’re in for a life of mind numbing frustration & disappointment.

    Get the right one & you have the keys to the kingdom.

    It really is as simple as that.

    Here’s a tip, spend as much time as it takes to find yourself the right mentor who genuinely has YOUR success top-of-mind, it will literally make the world of difference.


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