Truth – the naked truth… nothing but the truth!

If you want to scale your business, you need to realize that TIME is your most precious asset. That’s right, it’s not money…

Money can always be made one way or another, but once you spend your time on this existence on planet earth, it’s then gone forever.

I now guard my time like it’s a baby we just had. A new born…

I’m now starting to reserve my time for serious action takers only – and when people try to steal my time and want everything for free, I run and tend to just ignore their emails. I value my time at $1000 per hour.

I’m not a millionaire yet because I don’t have a million pounds saved in my bank account. I know that it’s very possible at some point in the near future, but I do know what my time is worth based on my current income/working hours – and if I want to hit my million soon, I have to use and spend my time VERY wisely.

So if you’re in a soul destroying job – and you’re working on getting out of that job, this is EXACTLY what you need to do.

1.) Create a daily job list. Write it down on paper the way I do and keep it right next to your computer.

Nothing beats good old pen and paper. It’s your very own hand writing – whether good or bad – and it’s a real goal when you physically write it down.

2.) When you come home from work don’t play on Facebook, don’t spend endless time checking pointless emails and don’t waste time on non money making activities like watching utter shit on television.

Make sure you use your time wisely because I wasted a ton of time in my past. When I had a job in a call center several years back, I was pretending I was working, but in reality – I was just watching other people get rich and reading their success stories as affiliates. I used to spent countless hours on an old affiliate marketing forum.

Reserve 20 % of your time for learning and reading, but spend 80% of your time taking action to move your business forward in some way. Small steps make for bigger steps later. One small thing each day is all it takes. Ask yourself at the end of each day, what did I do today to move my business forward? If you can’t think of anything, you’d better go do it now.

There’s no REAL secrets in this business my friend… It’s all about hard work, dedicated focus – and long term consistency.

Every successful person you see put in the hard work to reach success. Some people work a ton of hours, but BS around trying to pretend like they’re working 2 hours a day and living the dream…

Some people really do work 2 hours a day. Regardless, know that it will take effort, time and work – no matter the constant bull shit of quick riches we keep seeing peddled to our emails.

In fact, it will be harder than a job for you because YOU have to do the driving now. The difference is once you become the driver – you control your financial future. It’s now completely on you. That might seem scary at first, but it’s also very empowering.

If you desire to work only a few hours a day, it’s possible with the right outsourcing, but you must work out the kinks and issues in your business first. Otherwise you will be outsourcing to a flawed core.

Make sure you manage your time wisely so you can first get out of your job, and then later… start outsourcing yourself out of your business. Eventually, you will have true time and the money.

Your time is the most valuable asset you will EVER have in this life, so use it wisely. I wasted many years, but all that matters is what I do now. The same goes for you.



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