Top 90 SEO Bloggers to Follow on Twitter for SEO Advice and Their Best SEO Tips (See Below)

Top 90 SEO Bloggers to Follow on Twitter for SEO Advice and Their Best SEO Tips

If you’re into SEO (providing search users with premium content which attracts quality links and social shares), then this article is for you.

UPDATE: here’s the complete Twitter list to follow.

Whether you’re building your own niche sites // authority blogs, running your digital agency or working as a SEO consultant, you’ve found a goldmine here.

That’s because you’ll meet with 90+ SEO consultants, SEO bloggers and SEO freelancers, all with one thing in common: they have a SEO relevant blog which they update frequently.

You’ll have access to their official websites // SEO blogs and best search engine optimization/link building tips and Twitter profile links too, if you like to connect with them and start engaging in a relationship.

It took me and my team more than 7 days to put this together, so why did I do it and why now?

In short, I have created this post because I couldn’t find a comprehensive list of top SEO bloggers I could learn from and engage with.

What’s funny is that similar ‘top lists’ articles featuring (SEO) bloggers were a re-hash of the same folks we see everywhere. Disappointing, isn’t it?

What I dislike the most about these lists though is the fact that most of the featured (SEO) sites had less to do with SEO and more with digital marketing or blogging in general. Did you notice this as well?

For example, is not a SEO blog (even though the domain name makes us think so) nor CopyBlogger or CMI.

So I wanted to include only the most relevant SEO professionals who also blog about search engine optimization.

Some of these guys you may have already heard of – they are known ‘authorities’ in their field. At the same time I made sure to spotlight fresh and less known voices in the search engine marketing world.

Enjoy and spread the love!

P.S. If there are any broken links or outdated blogs, please let me know via Twitter.

From time to time I’ll update the list with more featured SEO bloggers at the bottom, so feel free to make new suggestions in the comments section at the bottom.


Aaron Wall Aaron Wall // Twitter

~ Aaron publishes SEOBook, one of the oldest standing SEO sites that is still regularly updated

“Google knows a lot more about your blog than you think.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


AJ KohnAJ Kohn  // Twitter

~ AJ is a Digital Marketer, Start-Up Advisor, Speaker and Curator.

“Google has the ability to monitor click activity on a query by query basis”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Alan BleiweissAlan Bleiweiss  // Twitter

~ Alan is a Forensic SEO Consultant, Author, Trainer, Speaker, and snarky rant specialist.

“Because (Google) recovery can be a long slow process, it is vital to not just sit around and wait.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Albert Mora Albert Mora  // Twitter

~ Albert is a SEO and online marketing expert since 1997 // Internet enthusiast …

“Understanding the misconceptions and obstacles in search engine optimization is important in order to fully grasp the process of SEO”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Alex BeckerAlex Becker // Twitter

~ Alex is a speaker and info product creator. He likes vlogging about SEO, niche marketing and competition analysis.

“The reason why I’m good at what I do is because I learn by experience.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Aleyda Solis Aleyda Solis // Twitter

~ Aleyda is an International SEO Consultant. Founder of @Orainti. Technical Marketer. Speaker. Digital Nomad. Multilingual. Cultural Broker. Foodie. Traveler.

“Make your (web page) International Versions findable by giving them a well configured, indexable Web structure”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Andrew ShotlandAndrew Shotland  // Twitter

~ Andrew is a Local Search Engine Optimization Consultant.

“The SEM Post and Search Engine Land are both reporting that has experienced a seemingly complete recovery after receiving a manual link hammer to the head from Google”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Andrew Webber Andrew Webber  // Twitter

~ Andrew is the founder of @SEO_Maverick. …

“If you don’t create a piece of content that’s worth sharing, people aren’t going to link to your 300-word article”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Andy Drinkwater Andy Drinkwater // Twitter

~ Andy is a copywriter and SEO consultant focussing on ethical campaigns and specialising in SEO Audits, Link-building & Outreach.

“Building back-links post Panda, requires a certain level of cautiousness. You can no longer rush along to your preferred article spinner, have them rattle off 100 articles in half an hour and expect them to do anything for you.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts



Andy Morley Andy Morley // Twitter

~ Andy is a SEO Specialist, PPC Consultant & Blogger – Managing Director at The Web Design Group – a Web Design & Internet Marketing Agency.

“If you’re involved in the world of SEO or thinking of setting up an SEO campaign for your business, then it’s worth looking into the world of leased lines”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Andy WilliamsAndy Williams // Twitter

~ Andy is a Digital Marketing Consultant. IMA Award Winner and DADI Award Winner for Use of Organic Search.

“Recent updates from Google, most noticeably the Venice Update are changing the way search is returning information to those searching for it.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Anthony D. Nelson Anthony D. Nelson // Twitter

~Anthony is a Digital Strategist, SEO & Inbound Marketer. In-House @SwansonVitamins. Consulting @NrthsideSEO.

“When I build outreach lists, I like to create separate buckets or campaigns for each type of connection I am trying to pursue.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Barry Adams Barry Adams // Twitter

~ Barry is a Dutchman in Northern Ireland. SEO polemicist, humanist & twitter ranter. Founder @PolemicDigital. Editor @StateofDigital. Occasional breaker of Wheaton’s Law.

“Too many articles writing about SEO strategy are just collections of tactics, with no over-arching thought behind it.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Barry SchwartzBarry Schwartz // Twitter

~ Barry is Search Engine Land’s News Editor and owns RustyBrick, a NY based web consulting firm. He also runs Search Engine Roundtable, a popular search blog on very advanced SEM topics.

“Did you know Google’s @mattcutts went undercover at search conferences in his early days? “

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Bartosz Góralewicz Bartosz Góralewicz // Twitter

~ Bartosz is a seasoned, established and goal-oriented SEO Specialist with a proven track record.

“Negative SEO is not only about links!“

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Ben WynkoopBen Wynkoop // Twitter

~ Ben is a SEO Consultant focused on local search and link building. @USMC veteran interested in caffeine, cats and mixed martial arts.

“My lead generation strategy that had most results is having all lead notifications texted to my cell to respond in Top recommend SEO blog posts”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Bill HartzerBill Hartzer // Twitter

~ Bill is a Search Engine Optimization Expert based in the Dallas, Texas area. Organic SEO since 1996.

“The best compliment you can give someone on Twitter is a RT (retweet). They count more than ‘favorites’. ;)“

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Bill SebaldBill Sebald // Twitter

~ Bill owns Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC. Loves music, beer, and getting lost. Recovering big agency dude. Blogger @GreenlaneSEO & @Moz. Fan of the Oxford comma.

“The days of “one landing page per keyword” is SEO history.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Bill Slawski // Twitter

~ Bill is passionate about search, semantic web, patents, the environment, music, and life. Director of Search at Go Fish Digital. (SEO 19 yrs)

“Some links can deliver so much traffic, they should be considered foundational links to sustain a business with. Find those! “

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Brent CarnduffBrent Carnduff // Twitter

~ Brent is a #SEO, #marketing specialist & speaker, former teacher & basketball coach, avid reader, wanna be writer, & out of shape cyclist.

“Google Indexing Only 3.4% of Tweets, Mostly From Influencers [STUDY]“

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Brian DeanBrian Dean // Twitter

~ Brian is the founder of where he publishes detailed Link Building, SEO, Content Marketing & Conversions case studies // how to guides.

“Nofollow Links Do Matter in SEO

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Casey MerazCasey Meraz // Twitter

~ Casey is the founder of Ethical SEO Consulting & Juris Digital. Moz Ranking Factors Contributor, Local Search Top Contributor, Author, & Speaker. Loves beer, food & travel.

“Today everyone is freaking out about the mobile update. If you’re not mobile friendly, don’t rush it. Build it right and benefit long term. “

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Casie GilletteCasie Gillette // Twitter

~ Casey is a Search Marketing Girl in a Crazy Internet World

“More people than ever are asking questions in search engines, and more people than ever are using longer queries”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Charles Floate Charles Floate // Twitter

~ Charles is a Self Made 19 year old Internet Marketer, extending to coder, gamer & non-procristantor.

“The art of all business, is being a good middleman.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Charles McLaughlinCharles McLaughlin // Twitter

~ Charles is a location-independent SEO Consultant, entrepreneur, and a world traveler.…

“I’m currently ranking #2 in Google Canada for “SEO consultant” and #1 in many countries for “independent SEO”. I’m looking forward to see how removing these will affect my rankings.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts

Chris DreyerChris Dreyer // Twitter

~ Chris is a #Lawyer #SEO specialist and founder of , a unique, full-service #lawfirm Internet #marketing #agency.

“Identify sites that are already ranking well in search and piggyback off of their link acquisition strategy. Get the links they get. Because they are ranking #1.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Chris DysonChris Dyson // Twitter

~ Chris is an Online Marketing Manager for digital agency Hit Reach. He’s passionate about SEO and project management.

“When I conduct a link audit I start by pulling together as much  information as possible from all the different SEO tools I have access to.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Christoph C. CemperChristoph CEMPER // Twitter

~ Christoph is an Online Marketing Enthusiast and CEO of LinkResearchTools doing links and SEO since 2003.

“Getting links is never an easy task when you have to approach someone out of the blue and persuade them to link to your site.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Chuck AikensChuck Aikens // Twitter

~ Chuck is a search marketing veteran of over 15 years and is currently the CEO of Volume Nine, a Denver based company specializing in SEO.

“(SEO) Audits are created to pick up on the web design flaws – many of them outward facing – that you may have missed, forgotten about, or known about but forgotten to fix in the effort to keep up with trends and create new content”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Colin KlinkertColin Klinkert // Twitter

~ Colin is an Internet Entrepreneur, SEO Expert & software developer.

“Around 50% of all visits to sites are from mobile devices, and this is only increasing!”

Top recommend SEO blog posts

Top 90 SEO Bloggers to Follow on Twitter for SEO Advice and Their Best SEO Tips


Cosmin NegrescuCosmin Negrescu // Twitter

~ Cosmin is the Founder & CEO of , the tool that makes SEO measurable and easy to manage. Organizer of SEM Days conference.

“For most businesses around the world, purchasing SEO services can be quite challenging, mostly because the sale is founded on a promise that something will happen in the near future”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Dan PetrovicDan Petrovic // Twitter

~ Dan is the managing director of DEJAN, Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

“SEO attracts many with its mysterious powers. But in a world where links are as much the problem as the solution. Click through rate and personalisation could be the answer.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Dan ShureDan Shure // Twitter

~ Dan is Owner & Consultant at Evolving SEO

“Most people don’t even know what good SEO is. Some might say title tags, some would say G+ Authorship, some would say it’s using (gasp!) tag archives.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Darren ShawDarren Shaw // Twitter

~ Darren has been working on the web for over 17 years and loves everything about local SEO. Founder & President @ WhiteSpark.Speaker.

“Google My Business is a beautifully designed unified dashboard for managing local listings and Google+ business pages”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


David McSweeneyDavid-McSweeney // Twitter

~ David is a #web designer, #blogger, #programmer and #SEO expert from Glasgow, Scotland.

“I do believe negative SEO is a problem for the industry and can effect your rankings, so be sure to regularly audit your backlinks to look out for anything malicious”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


David MihmDavid Mihm // Twitter

~ David is a Local search optimization specialist & Director of Local Search Strategy for @Moz

“In my opinion, the Citation vs. Link distinction boils down to two parts: 1) In Local SEO, not all links matter. 2) “Links” that matter for Local SEO aren’t necessarily links.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


David Wallace David Wallace // Twitter

~ David is co-founder and CEO of SearchRank, a recognized expert in the industry of search and social media marketing.

“When Google’s search algorithm examines your inbound link profile, it can see it in one of two ways –  natural or unnatural”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Dennis SeymourDennis-Seymour // Twitter

~ Dennis is a Full Stack SEO | Digital Marketer | #Muggle Born | @LeapFroggr Co-Founder. He also blogs at

“Schema doesn’t have direct effects to SEO, but indirect effects!”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Dom WellsDom Wells // Twitter

~ Dom is the owner of Human Proof Designs, where he teaches people how to build their own niche sites and the art of creating content and gaining links.

“Essentially there are three reasons people use expired domains.1.) To build a PBN.2.) To build a money site.3.) To redirect to their money site.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Eric WardEric Ward // Twitter

~ Eric is a content linking strategist. He founded the Web’s very first online promotion services, called NetPOST and URLwire in 1994. The same year, helped Jeff Bezos announce’s launch back in 1994.

“The less useful your content, the less  likely you are to ever receive a link to it”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Fervil Von TripoliFervil Von Tripoli // Twitter

~ Fervil Von is a freelance SEO consultant from the Philippines with more than 4 years of mixed experience in internet marketing and search engine optimization.

“In SEO, every marketing plan starts with an extensive website audit and keyword research.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Floyd BuenaventeFloyd Buenavente // Twitter

~ Floyd is a SEO consultant and blogger in the Philippines.

“Most of my clients thought of Search Engine Optimization as a magical process that requires no waiting and hard work. Upon hearing the word, they thought of imaginary software that lets websites increase in search engine points that send them to search engines’ first page.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Garrett FrenchGarrett French // Twitter

~ Garrett is Founder, Citation Labs, LLC a Link Building Agency and Tool Factory.

“Coordinating around seasonal events such as awareness weeks & months, national holidays in various countries you reach out to, even preparing for seasonal conditions, such as blizzards or wildfires, can help add to the relevancy of your content and creates outreach justification.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Glen AllsoppGlen Allsopp // Twitter

~ Glen runs an SEO company and helps people build their own Marketing Inc.’s

“It’s no longer enough to pick a website niche, hire some writers to cover the content for you and start building traffic then expecting it to make you tons of cash.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Grant BrottGrant Brott // Twitter

~ Grant is a Haunted House Entrepreneur, Solar Industry Enthusiast, and Internet Marketer and Local Search Addict.

“Your blog is a great tool to support your local search marketing efforts. It is not just a place for you to write about your specific business services or how to’s on the topic of your blog.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jacob KingJacob King // Twitter

~ Jacob publishes An SEO blog without white hats or black hats, just actionable SEO tactics and techniques that gets it done.

“The important thing to remember, is as long as there is a search engine with rankings are predominately based on links, then there will be a way to game it.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


James Agate James Agate // Twitter

~ James is Founder of Skyrocket – an international link building & content promotion provider.

“The online World is a diverse one, so you need to pay consideration to individuals who don’t speak English as their first language as well as individuals who have a disability that prevents them from enjoying your website.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


James Brockbank James Brockbank // Twitter

~ James is a UK Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant. He helps turn businesses into brands.

“If a link is from a site which isn’t or can’t be seen as relevant to your own, ditch it! Similarly, if it looks to be on a purpose-built link directory or private blog network site, again, get rid!”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


James NorquayJames Norquay // Twitter

~ James is an SEO & Content Marketing Consulting Director from Sydney Australia. Works with Big Brands, Funded Start Ups and B2B’s to drive growth online.

“With any new website launch you need to ensure that you do not go too hard to fast with link building”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jan-Willem BobbinkJan-Willem Bobbink // Twitter

~ Jan-Willem is an International SEO for hire – SEO Consultant @IntAdvantage_NL. Owner of 11 Internet. Physics, Math & Search engine lunatic.

“When a crawling bot visits a website, it first checks the robots.txt file, configuration in Webmaster Tools, next is the HTTP header and last is the robots meta tag in the HTML.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts

Jason Acidre


Jason Acidre // Twitter

~ Jason runs Philippines’ Premier Online Marketing Blog.

“When I started doing SEO 4 years ago, it was already at a stage where everything was starting to get a bit more difficult (May Day, Caffeine and Pre-Panda era). And the way I see it now, it will seriously get a lot tougher in the coming years.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jason ChestersJason-Chesters. // Twitter

~ Jason is a SEO blogger and niche site marketer.

“It’s simple right? Add your keyword to your Title tag, image alt and H1-H6 headings Make your keyword density around 2-3% and Bammm! Your on page SEO is done..”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Glen DimaandalGlen Dimaandal // Twitter

~ Glen is the founder and CEO of GDI, a Philippine-based digital marketing agency.

“It’s now widely believed in the SEO community that usage data is a ranking factor though it’s unclear how much it impacts the calculation of the SERPs.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jennifer SleggJennifer Slegg // Twitter

~ Jennifer is a longtime speaker and expert in search engine marketing.

Google has been making the push for webmasters to all go HTTPS, with the slight ranking boost (more like a results tie breaker between two even results) and the news that Google does plan to make the HTTPS ranking signal stronger in the future. 

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jenny Munnjenny munn // Twitter

~ Jenny is an SEO consultant in Atlanta. Keyword research addict. Website lead gen strategist for marketers and agencies. She loves connecting with awesome people.

“Often times, when it comes to SEO, there’s this expectation that you’ll be able to plug in some general keywords and then sit back and watch the leads pour in.” 

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jeremy Rivera Jeremy Rivera // Twitter

~ Jeremy is a Freelance SEO consultant and unofficial Raven Tools Consultant.

“People often think that building links is difficult in “boring” industries. However, there is a benefit to working for clients who’s peers and competitors are not at the top of their online marketing game.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jim RudnickJim Rudnick // Twitter

~ Jim is an Internet veteran and Canada SEO specialist.

“Google will now be able to get direct real-time access to tweets so that they can now algorithmically index and rank topics and trends which may be important for news items.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jomer GregorioJomer B. Gregorio // Twitter

~ Jomer is a #Christian #SEO and Online Marketing #Entrepreneur who believes that all individuals deserve to be happy, fulfilled and wealthy.

“Do you know that as much as 37% of businesses with a strong online presence spend anywhere between $10K and $50K a month just to build quality links?”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jon CooperJon Cooper // Twitter

~ Jon is an Undergrad student at UF. Digital nomad & entrepreneur. Link builder. Anchorman fanboy.

“The cool thing about being in the position I am as a blogger who writes about link building is that I get to hear from a lot of people and hear what they’re currently doing to build links.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jon HaverJon Haver // Twitter

~ Jon is a husband, father, engineer, sports fan and huge geek when it to comes to automating and outsourcing his activity.

“The secret weapon I have for buying these high quality domains at lower than market value is because my team is out scouring the internet for expired domains. In the process they identify dead sites about to drop.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Jon RognerudJon Rognerud // Twitter

~ Jon is a top-level business management consultant and adviser to small and large businesses that want to grow faster – specifically online.

“For search engine optimization, there are many out there who think that if you simply plan and structure an effective website with cool designs, ease of use and nice graphics, you’ll have it made. #FAIL.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts




Joseph E. Gojo CruzJoseph E. Gojo Cruz // Twitter

~ Joseph runs a Philippines digital marketing blog that focuses on SEO, content development, social media marketing and link development.

“Who said conversation is not a good form of link building? Well it’s actually a better one – if you just do it right.” 

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Joy HawkinsJoy Hawkins // Twitter

~ Joy is a Google My Business Top Contributor, @SMX Speaker, @Moz Local Search Ranking Factors Contributor, Product Consultant at @ImprezzioMktg.

“Since the Google Pigeon ranking update, traditional SEO factors impact ranking more. This means that sites that have high organic ranking, tend to rank better in local (Google Places).”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Kalena JordanKalena Jordan // Twitter

~ Kalena is a digital educator, founder of Opinionated atheist, double earthquake survivor & gym bunny.

“You want to know why some SEOs refuse to reveal their process to clients? Because they don’t actually know how to optimize a web site.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Ken LyonsKen Lyons // Twitter

~ Ken is Co-Founder of Cornerstone Content/Measured SEM

Have you ever considered running an awards show as a way to build links? One awards program my company ran in 2013 netted links from 124 unique domains.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Kevin IndigKevin Indig // Twitter

~ Organic Search Expert @Searchmetrics advising F500 Companies and startups, living and working in Silicon Valley.

“Every team needs a Nick Fury, someone who can manage and lead the heroes.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Keyur LalaniKeyur Lalani // Twitter

~ Keyur is the SEO rock star behind, a site that helps SEOs build powerful backlinks to their sites. When he’s not building links, he’s usually chilling on Twitter.

“Do you think that authority can be made within few days?Who votes YES?I vote for NO!”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Leslie GilmourLeslie Gilmour // Twitter

~ Leslie is a SEO Fanatic, Content Marketer, Trainer, and Hill Walker who loves life

“Citation directories are a must if you trade from a physical location as citation directories help your website rank in the Google local search results.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Lewis OgdenLewis Ogden // Twitter

~ Lewis is Founder of, a ‘no BS’ Internet Marketing and Online Business Blog.

“I believe Google set out to create some big waves and a lot of hype. By targeting the biggest and most vocal networks and bloggers they gained maximum impact.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Marcus MillerMarcus Miller // Twitter

~ Marcus is a SEO Consultant specialising in technical SEO.

“Google results are a complicated old affair now and the days of just ten blue links are long gone. and now we see lots of different content blended together.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Matthew CapalaMatthew Capala // Twitter

~ Matthew is an Internet Entrepreneur, Life Hacker @SumoHacks. Surfer, Speaker, Author of #SEOLike5

“Schema is the preferred markup search engines — Google, Bing, and others — recommend webmasters use to ‘mark-up’ their website’s HTML pages. Its purpose is to increase the major search providers’ understanding of the web in order to create better, more in-depth search results.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Michael ArceMichael Arce // Twitter

~ Michael is a Local SEO & Paid Search Specialist. CEO of Loud Rumor, an internet marketing agency for small businesses.

“You’re a local business and you want to be found online. That’s expected. But in order to make a killer presence, you’ve got to build a solid foundation first. And that’s why it’s so important to pump up your local citations.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Michael GrayMichael Gray // Twitter

~ Michael is an experienced Internet consultant and blogs about SEO and media.

“Google is not only indexing the contents of your webpages, but it’s trying to learn and understand what’s on them and absorb this information so that they no longer need you.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Michael MartinezMichael Martinez // Twitter

~ Michael has been building and promoting Websites since 1996. He is a SEO speaker and consultant.


Top recommend SEO blog posts


Nate DameNate Dame // Twitter

~ Nate is a SEO advocate/strategist, emphasis in SaaS & B2B.

“Most user intent shakes down into one of two categories: learn or purchase.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Nate ShivarNate Shivar // Twitter

~Nate is a marketing educator, consultant, and formerly Senior SEO Specialist at a marketing agency in Atlanta, GA.

“Your primary opportunity for link building with Google Books will be to find the websites linking to a link mentioned in a book, then do outreach to the author of the webpage.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Nathan GotchNathan Gotch // Twitter

~ Nathan is Founder of Gotch SEO, Entrepreneur, Dog lover, Coffee connoisseur.

“There is no secret to reaching out. Just be genuine, compliment their work, kindly notify them that they are linking to a dead resource/website out of business, and give them an amazing alternative (your website/content) to replace the broken link.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Neil PatelNeil Patel // Twitter

~ Neil is an entrepreneur who likes to blog. tarted two SaaS analytics companies, @CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics with @hnshah. He loves all things business.

“.. Focus on offering immense value, creating high-quality content, and using social media to connect influencers who will help promote your content. I’ve even seen domain names with weird extensions do well in search, such as”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Nick Eubanks Nick Eubanks. // Twitter

~ Nick is a featured expert @GetMoreClarity. Owner of

“A Search Engine is a database of intentions – and the data that search engines release to us can be some of the best market research and planning data available.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Nick LeRoy Nick LeRoy // Twitter

~ Nick is a Senior SEO Analyst at @ovative. He executes SEO for some of the worlds largest brands – and builds small and profitable affiliate sites on the side.

“Anytime you build a website you run several risks.  You can risk losing your time, losing your money or even your long term rankings by making one or two bad decisions.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Paul ShapiroPaul Shapiro // Twitter

~ Paul is a Digital marketer | Programmer | Growth Hacker | SEO Director at @CatalystSEM, a WPP/GroupM Agency | /r/BigSEO Moderator | Horror guru & zombie movie evangelist.

“Infographics are an excellent part of a well-diversified content marketing arsenal, and although it should not be the sole reason for their creation, offer a great many SEO benefits to your website”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Phil RoPhil Rozekzek // Twitter

~ Phil is a Local Search Consigliere

“The concept of barnacle SEO is simple enough: get visible on a site that ranks well in Google for the local search terms you’re going after, because that’s usually easier than getting your site to rank for those terms.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Rand FishkinRand Fishkin // Twitter

~ Rand is Co-founder of Moz and, startup junkie, frequent traveler, blogger, social media addict and evangelist of all things TAGFEE

“I’d bet many of the same people who are certain that SEO is on its deathbed would be cleverly establishing all kinds of storylines to explain why the Google Trends chart isn’t proving the death of programming”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Richard EavesRichard Eaves // Twitter

~ Richard is a SEO Specialist; music lover; lightning freak; Everton FC fan. Enjoying life in the Philippines

“Google has indexed more tweets than ever in June, with a recent research showing that there’s an increase of 466 percent in indexed Twitter posts since February.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Richard MarriottRichard Marriott. // Twitter

~ Richard is a Chinese speaking, 9 to 5 escapee who teaches people how to clambr up Google and make money online.

“After just a few hours of outreach with the new brand name I noticed an INSTANT change in the way people responded.It turned out branding was EVERYTHING.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Richard YoshimuraRichard Yoshimura // Twitter

~ Richard is an Internet Marketing and SEO Specialist based in Los Angeles and also the founder of the Search Engine Rockstar SEO Forum

“Social Media indirectly improves your Rankings… It is important to not confuse correlation with causation when it comes to social signals.” 

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Ryan StewartRyan Stewart // Twitter

~ Ryan builds websites then markets the SHIT outta them (& he loves it). MBA.

“You will never have success with blog SEO if you’re not creating amazing content.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Servando SilvaServando Silva // Twitter

~ Servando is a SEO and Performance Marketing Affiliate

“Back in March I created a new website with exact match domain (EMD) just for the sake of trying to rank it with tons of backlinks. I built 40k backlinks and waited for 3 weeks and a half before it started to rank.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Stephan SpencerStephan Spencer // Twitter

~ Stephan is a World Renowned SEO Author, Speaker & Strategist ~ Co-Author of the Best Seller, The Art of SEO, Primer on Search Engine Optimization published by O’Reilly.

“When considering duplicate content as it relates to SEO, bear in mind it’s not a penalty, but a filter, and that filter works query-time to favor the most relevant and authoritative result for the query entered.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Todd MalicoatTodd Malicoat // Twitter

~ Todd is a Student & Teacher of SEO  Consultant, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, U.S.C.G Charter Captain

“SEO is a community that relies heavily on the sharing of information.  The level of what you share directly impacts how others treat and respect you.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Tommy LandryTommy Landry // Twitter

~ Tommy is President, Return On Now: SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media, Social SEO, Online Marketing, Demand Generation, Public Speaking, Blogging.

“One cardinal rule of link building is that you need deep links, i.e. links to pages other than your home page.” 

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Travis JamisonTravis Jamison // Twitter

~ Travis is a Serial Entrepreneur & SEO/Amazon Geek

“If Apple can push their users to use their proprietary search feature, as integrated as it will be, it could really take away some market-share from Google.”

Top recommend SEO blog posts


Venchito TamponVenchito Tampon // Twitter

~ Venchito is a Filipino Motivational Speaker, Social Media Head and Voice Care Ambassador of Voice of the Youth

“Backlink audit has been an integral part of the regular activities of search marketers, primarily because they want to make sure that backlinks earned/acquired have low penalty risks and shouldn’t impact negatively to the website’s health”

Top recommend SEO blog posts

Other key mentions

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Who is your favorite SEO specialist/consultant/freelancer who also blogs about it and why do you recommend him or her?

Did I forgot to mention someone whom you have great respect for and wish to be added to this list?

Please share your comments below.



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5 thoughts on “Top 90 SEO Bloggers to Follow on Twitter for SEO Advice and Their Best SEO Tips (See Below)

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