Top 21 Reasons to Read a Book Once a Week

Healthy Wealthy Affiliate is starting off a new blog category about books…

Do not under estimate the power of reading books. It is all part of becoming a better human being. We’ll sometimes write about the books we’ve read, and give our opinion based on such books. These will be based on our understanding at the time, and our honest down to earth opinion of whether we recommend the book or not.

Healthy Wealthy Affiliate will venture in to three main areas as our brand (and as I aim to grow our readership here).

Health topics including… self help, spirituality, and life philosophies etc.

Wealth Generation Online… including but not limited to internet marketing, blogging, niche site building and more…

Affiliate topics around health affiliate marketing and much more…

Good input is always the start to better things…

Today, Codrut is going to introduce the new category. We hope you enjoy today’s article.

If you’re a voracious reader as I am, or passionate about life, people and business in general, then you’ll want to read as many books as you can put your hands on. Whether you read them the usual way or via your computer, smart phone or tablet, you’ll find this article packed with plenty of new ideas (and little known tips) to get the most out of your reading experience.

The best affiliate marketers and bloggers I know are those with a wide know-how and have access to diverse sources of information. They can take a subject and turn it upside down, covering it from multiple points and angles. If you want to excite your readers and wow your audience, you have no other choice than to expand your reading habit and gain a lot more insights.

I propose that you read a book once a week, and the reward is more than one can even imagine.

You could dedicate a full day for one book, or spend one or two hours a day, each day, to consume one entire book a week. Personally, I read two or three books at once, and only the chapters I like the most or what interests me at the moment.

I don’t read novels nor Sci-Fi, although I used to. The time I book now for reading is best invested in anything about business & marketing, copywriting, self-help, and more recently… spirituality.

What you should read is completely up to you.

Here are the top 21 reasons to digest a book once a week.

#1. You’ll have read 52 books within a year. That’s probably more than most people read in their lifetime. That’s something not to boast about to your clients, but to help them see the world and your product and information in a new and exciting way.

#2. You’ll have new stories to share, and new information to reveal to your target audience.

#3. You can start a podcast (much like a radio show) or vlog (video blog) on a niche topic and refer to the books you’ve read for further ideas and aid.

#4. You can start a ‘one book a week’ club (locally or online) where you and like minded men and women share the same hobby as you are, exchange ideas and enrich everybody’s life. A local club is more enticing as you get to meet people in real life, have face to face conversations, drink beverages, eat snacks, you get the idea…

#5. You can start a book review site and make money as an Amazon associate. You get paid per sale for all orders through your referral link/banner. Months later you could sell your site for 10x-20x times its monthly average profit on Flippa (and walk away with a nice sum of money).

#6. You can win more clients and contracts as a blogger for hire or even as a pro copywriter. Specialize on crafting in depth articles, blog posts and case studies and be sure to pepper them with quotes and information from the books you’ve digested. Most writers (and your competitors) won’t be as dedicated to reading and research as you’ll be.

#7. You can get rid of nasty or bad habits. The self-help industry is ideal for this. If you want to quit smoking or get rid of snoring or whatever, pick a book from the shelves of your local library, or even better, check out Kindle Amazon section for some relevant titles. Go with the one you find the most useful.

There’s a principle in the Universe called: the law of resonance. You’ll be amazed to find how easy you’ll start attracting the kind of book you need, at the right time, just by focusing your mind on the solution. Focus on the problem, and you’ll draw in more problems.

#8. You can acquire new skills. Want to learn how to code in php or build a WordPress blog? Pick a book on it. There are a dozen of choices on any imaginable skill you can think of.  With the new developed skill you can teach others how to learn what you know, and get paid for your time and money – or, you could get hired by a company and receive a nice salary. It all depends on if you want to work for yourself and on your schedule, or wow your boss and colleagues and build a career.

#9. You will train your brain to remember more and exercise your mind and imagination. Reading feeds your brain with adrenaline. After each book, you should feel happy and more confident knowing you could try new things and achieve daring goals. That’s one reason why info-products and Kindle books sell like hot cakes nowadays, more than ever in fact. And this is the reason why the industry expands on a daily basis.

#10. You can start a challenge website where you and your friends (or online buddies) compete to read the most interesting books within a year (one book a week). After each book read, you’ll write a short opinion on it like a mini review (5-7 phrases) – and share it in a post on your website (as well as on the challenge web site).

If you monetize your website in any way, this will drive extra traffic and visitors to your online property, and put more money in your pocket. All the other members will be required to share the challenge URL with their members and audience, giving you (as the idea originator) the exposure others can only imagine.

#11. You will enrich your vocabulary. The more diverse the books you read, the more new words and meanings you’ll be able to grasp. The more you read, the better you can communicate with others. However, active listening is often the best way to communicate with others, so keep this in mind.

#12. You will support your favorite authors and books. By spreading the word about your readings, you’ll soon realize how fun and awesome it is to give rather than just receive.

#13. You can read for pleasure – this requires you enjoy each and every word. Or, you can speed read or scan and skim for information and know-how. Take notes, and practice what you read. That’s the best way to make use of the book you’re consuming.

#14. You can write your own book and become a self-published author. Read how others have done it. Model on their formula and create your own style of writing and promotion. Trial and error is part of this game, just like anything in life. The more you read and the more you practice, the better you become at it. Sounds simple, yet, most people are overlooking this truth. They still often wonder why money and success is not their friend.

#15. You can help others to grow and further learn about their favorite topics and hobbies. Share the books you buy/have access to with friends and colleagues and they’ll thank you for it. Most marketers have hard drives and iPhones full of PDFs, reports and videos – that they rarely read – not to mention, never put into practice.

Why not create a DropBox account and share them with your buddies? For some, your library could prove to be a gold mine, think about it…

#16. You can become a ClickBank best selling author. CB is the largest digital marketplace where people like you and me sell their knowledge and leverage their affiliate network for a small fortune. Some eBooks and multi media courses sell for hundreds of thousands a year. I once read how a vendor sold $1 million worth of info products on ClickBank alone.

Will even a tiny share of this potential excite you?

#17. You can publish a newsletter and skip all writer block issues. Plenty of ideas and topics to cover will be found in the books you read. Easy task… No more complaining. Profit windfalls, if done right… Publish one article a week, two affiliate offers or product pre-sells a month. Bank the earnings. Rinse and repeat.

#18. You will grow your ability to dream big, overcome fears, solve challenges and get things done, right. With your growing improved mindset – you’ll be exposed to new ways of thinking, new experiences, new stories, and new worldviews.

#19. You can create your own info products, webinars’ and coaching programs. The more you know, the more you can share and teach others about a specific niche topic, skill or area of interest. And people are willing to pay for it, believe it. The more sensitive and specialized your know-how, the more others will want to invest in you and your work.

#20. You can become a professional speaker. Read books on the topic, and if you’re a passionate reader, then you too could become an ardent speaker. The transition is smooth, just believe you’re a natural talker, and practice 100’s of “speeches” in the mirror and with your friends. Sooner than later – you’ll find yourself exposing your story and knowledge with hundreds of attendees, all across the globe.

#21. You can learn faster and easier. What IF you don’t like to read or you simply don’t have the time available to read? You could try audio books and consume the same information by ear. If you’re an audio learner, then this method of content accessing is ideal.

Do you know of any other reason to read a book a week?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…



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3 thoughts on “Top 21 Reasons to Read a Book Once a Week

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  2. I have recently started to try and read as much as I can about the Internet and how it works, I am trying to get with the times and read e books rather than hard copies which I have found to be quite an adjustment reading off a screen. However I am having a problem trying to pick books that are worth a read as there are lots of new ebook publishers that are not writing great content. How would you go about avoiding these bad reads? are there any good authors that you could recommend?

    Just want to thank you for your great blog John I am really enjoying and benefiting from your content.
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