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Hey everyone,

Gone are the days when an Internet Marketer can throw up a quick and easy website, load it full of barely readable content, get rankings on the search engines – and pull in a profit at will. In today’s search engine landscape, not only is the average Internet search user looking for more legitimate websites, the search engines are too!

I personally think the time has come where the search engines, particularly Google I might add… are meeting readers half way.

So if you want to be an authority in your niche, there are several things that you simply MUST do, in today’s search engine marketing, in order to instantly show the search engines (and your potential customers/followers/fans) that your website is worthy of their trust.

We call it building a loyal tribe here at HWA…

Luckily, we’ve been testing aggressively with what works, and what doesn’t (over the last 12 months) and here is our breakdown of what you must do (or include in your search marketing campaign).

If you don’t start doing this now, your site will not only struggle to rank, but will fail to get any real consistent traction.

Ensure WordPress is correctly installed, configured and optimized for both search engines and users.

You can use either a brand new brand based domain name, or a brand-based AGED domain name that was registered about a year ago or more! Ensure you check the history of the domain and what was on the website, and also… ensure it has natural non spammy links going to it only!

Apply NSF Style Keyword research so each page is targeting profitable keywords naturally within your content – all with good search volume.

Use a Premium theme, integrated properly – and customized to fit the overall site.

High quality, premium stock images added to each page and a relevant YouTube video embedded.

At least 10 pages worth of high-quality, 100% unique content written and published to the site… Try and add one themed article a week to your blog when you have ten articles up.

Social elements…

Facebook fan page creation, Facebook like widget integration and Facebook comment integration.

See healthywealthyaffiliate.com for an example of this, and be sure to check out our latest round up interview posts! 🙂

Custom graphics created and integrated (Custom header graphic, favicon, facebook icon etc.).

Link building from established domains only with a good solid history… and be sure you link to your social properties, not just your money site. IE: your facebook fan page, YouTube Videos, and so on…

If you do all of this – and post regular media rich content to your channels, Google will have no choice but to reward you.

Once you start getting affiliate sales and consistent traffic, build a newsletter and start focusing on building a relationship with your tribe of followers!

Rinse and repeat. This all works exceptionally well when you can find under the radar niches (that not everyone and their dog are attacking).

Check out this article here: http://healthywealthyaffiliate.com/niche-blogging-60-tips/ for some awesome niche finding tips by seasoned experts.

If you’d like to buy sites that have all the above in place, plus let us rank them for you – then you may want to check out our NSF DFY service when we re-open the doors later in the year.

Coming soon…

Extending lives project – really excited about this one for 100 lucky people! I’ve made millions of dollars in sales in the health niche over the years, and one particular company continues to pay me to this day (when I no longer even have sites prompting them!)

If that excites you, and you want the opportunity to create a long term stable residual income (the way I have) then you may want to stay tuned…

Rank for me service – we launch our internal rank for me service soon (and it will be $497 per month for anyone outside of our DFY service) where we outright just aim to rank your website, plus add ongoing content to it. We have huge demand for this, and I expect to sell the first 100 open slots within 72 hours. We will only take a maximum of 100 orders on the first opening, so be ready!

Video Vibe Pro – We have a video creation software in the works, that will really help take your niche marketing to the next level. We originally had called it Video Mage, but it was too similar to existing software, and we weren’t happy with the first outcome. More on that later…

NSF 2.0 – For now, this project is on hold while we work on improving our systems and internal services. I will have more information on this project later in the year.
HWA UPDATES – A complete overhaul of the HWA blog, plus the HWA follow up system, and more time spent on posting extremely helpful IM/Self help related content.

In the mean time, I’ll be sending out tips and strategies for how I now working with niche marketing. We’ll also be sharing tips on many other ways to make money online. I’ve become an all rounder. I do it all, so expect some solid material each month on other ways to make money online (to help diversify your income streams).

I will follow up with an overview of our current services and memberships, as I know some of you have been confused within the NSF mastermind group. I did send this out last month, but it appears we had an email glitch – and most of you never received that email.

If you want to engage with us, please leave a comment via facebook or via our blog comment function.

We’ll be in touch soon with more helpful content.

To your success
John, Mo



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