The Top 10 WORST Mistakes In Internet Marketing

The Top 10 WORST Mistakes In Internet Marketing… Avoid These Mistakes Like The
Plague or You’ll Be Left with No Business Whatsoever!

Internet Marketing MistakesIf you had to ask me what are the top ten worst mistakes in Internet marketing (that most affiliate marketers often fall for), here’s what I would tell you…

1. Not Building a List

Believe it or not, most of my income is generated through list building. I spent a decade learning how to carefully cultivate the relationship with my list (subscribers and customers) and I still do it nowadays. It’s a constant learning and practicing experience.

In fact, I have gained several long term clients of my own, and sent various companies MANY customers (just through the VALUE I have provided over my emails).

Offer something useful and practical to your site visitors, and they’ll leave you their email address. Once you have their email address – don’t abuse it. You can follow-up with them on a constant basis to build trust (cultivate your relationship with YOUR subscribers) and share YOUR experience and insights… In fact, that’s the KEY to creating new revenue streams and making money online. The money is NOT in the list. The money is in the VALUE you provide. Remember that, and you will go far.

2. Hype

You don’t have to hype and deceive with BS to get your visitors’ email address. If your giveaway item (opt-in bribe) is hot enough, highly desirable (looks sexy too), then they’ll gladly sign-up for your offer. If not, then redo your item immediately. Do more research. Create something better, more comprehensive or easier to understand.

Hype is the reason why the affiliate marketing field (and the Internet in general) is flooded with so-called “gurus” whose aim is to pitch their offers, and fool many innocent victims. They often play on your desperation and target people who are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, these are the unfortunate ones who get trapped into their schemes. When you stand against hype, you are different, and genuine. You CAN make money online, but you need to learn from people  who DO what they teach.

Don’t pretend you’re anti-hype, just to hype your offers even more! Some marketers are just wolves disguised in sheep, end of.

3. Lying

Hype and lying go hand to hand. If you cannot hype, then you will not lie. A direct marketing copywriter, David Ogilvy, once said: “the customer is not a moron, she’s your wife”.

4. Not Building a Blog (Loyal following)

Look around your niche. How many of your affiliate competitors are building blogs? How many are using them effectively? Well, that’s another story to be frank. However, 80% of affiliates out there I suspect are now using blogs (to review and pre-sell the products) for the affiliate programs they’ve signed-up for.

Static sites are old fashioned now – old news. Go with blogging (be dynamic) and publish hot content. Do so, and you’ll be ahead of most of your competitors.

5. Not Learning Internet Copywriting Sills

Words sell. Words get the attention of your market. The most important skill (even more important than learning how to list build or blog install) is copywriting. Master the art of compelling writing and you’ll attract hungry crowds of people that want to hear and buy from you, regardless of the fact you’re a mere affiliate or one shot product vendor.

6. Not Building Key Relationships with Other Affiliates

We have two hands because with two, we can do more. Where there are at least two people working on the same objective, that’s where exponential growth is. Form key relationships with like-minded affiliates in and outside your industry. Learn from each other. Run Skype meetings on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Hold yourself accountable, and at the same time, get the other person to hold you accountable, and vice-versa.

Run competitions where you race head to head with other affiliates – like for e.g. for a month you start the SEO competition, or product review competition, or YouTube challenge. And see who reaches the objective faster, and how each of you approaches it.

7. Not Offering Bonus Items And Thinking Of The Money First

Top affiliates in the game know that in order to boost their commissions and win competitions, they have to come up with something new and irresistible. Something extra they can offer to anyone who’s buying from their affiliate link, an item they’ll enjoy and value.

Just like you’re “bribing” (legally and ethically) your site visitors to opt-in into your mailing list, you’ll have to “wow” your potential affiliate customers with some goodies for even better conversions. Give away something highly relevant to your product offering, not just any PLR or re-hashed item. Most people set out to build a website to make money first.

Don’t fall in to that trap. Your primary object is to build a following, and build relationships with your followers.

Remember, once you have the trust, you then have the potential sales. If your web content isn’t up to par, forget it. You might as well go back to flipping burgers.

8. Not Making Social Media Work for You

Most affiliates are not even using Facebook or Twitter at all.

How do you make that effective?

Simple… reference others when posting tips and links of interest to your fans/followers.

If you want to share a post on blogging, check out the top bloggers on Twitter and select one. When sharing the link to that blogging article, include the Twitter username of the pro blogger you’d like to get the attention of. Overtime, your name will sound to their ears and that’s how you make yourself known in the marketplace.

Social media is not for direct selling or even direct traffic generating, but it can be used extremely well for relationship building, brand name awareness, and info sharing.

9. Failing to Respond to Your Emails

If you’re offering free items, and have an open relationship with your potential customers, then you need to be available by email, or whatever method of communication you prefer. Stick to a regular schedule. I recommend you reply to all emails/messages within 48 hours. If possible, respond within the same day. That’s how you’ll make a long-lasting and positive impression.

10. Not Taking Business Offline

I cannot believe how many marketers stay (for up to 10 hours) on their computer, doing more play than work, yet, when there’s an amazing opportunity to advertise offline, or even to chat with fellow marketers and like-minded entrepreneurs, they are not interested.

I highly recommend you take your business offline at some point. Brand yourself there too. Local businesses will benefit from your online affiliate experience. Their customers are online as well. These businesses need content to promote their local business on Facebook. They need product reviews, and more than probably, someone experienced to help them with this whole online marketing thing, (which is new to most of them anyway).

And that’s where you can come into play, and develop MORE new income streams.

Now that you’re aware of the ten worst mistakes in Internet marketing, you know what to avoid, and what to focus on instead. Go make it happen, and let me know how it goes. I’ll be here at HWA, standing by your side. I’ll try and support you with my skills, knowledge and vast experience.

To Your Success.



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3 thoughts on “The Top 10 WORST Mistakes In Internet Marketing

  1. John this is a great article! I see people all the time abusing their list and it is basically dead weight. You are so right in that you need to avoid hype. Lots of people are just numb to that sort of stuff and turned away by it! It’s also very important to learn how exactly to market online. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Braden,

      thanks for the comment and your feedback. I want to stand out to be as UN-HYPE as possible. I know that’s different because most sales pages are written for hype. I think the internet will change and those who provide ultimate VALUE won’t just win customers – they’ll win lifelong friends…

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