The Super Affiliate Marketing Rolodex for 2014 and Beyond…

codrut-turcanu-1I love goodies. There are a bunch of them you can find online. Use these resources to help run your Internet business with ease and for a BIG profit. The problem is that most of these items are garbage.

For example, it may sound too good to be true to hear something like: you don’t have to pay for autoresponder accounts with a professional 3-rd party service like AWeber or GetResponse, just install a free script onto your web server, and you’re good to go.

Yeah, right!

I even came across some solo advert advertiser on facebook a few days back. They were advertising 500 guranteed opt ins for $100 – whatever!

Look at the comments and you’ll  see no support, no delivery – and no remorse!

Or another example… you don’t have to pay for dedicated web hosting for your business, just go with a free, ad-supported service. While I highly recommend you buy and test paid products and services to run your web site smoothly, securely and more profitable, it MAY be a good idea to go with the free alternatives first – particularly if you’re on a shoestring budget.

The problem is that most of these alternatives are hard to find, at least the best ones, so it takes tedious time to go through an intensive research process. I’m fixing that up for you. I did the ground work on your behalf.

So, allow me to reveal to you some of the tools which I personally use to run my online marketing activity. This is what I call the super affiliate marketing rolodex. Others call it ‘tools of the trade’ or simply ‘resources’.

Enjoy and tell me what you think – which of these products and services are you using the most and do you know of other alternatives as well?

Domain names

Most web hosting companies offer a 1-year free domain name registration with your purchase. I like NameCheap per general rule of thumb for domain names –  with 1-year free privacy protection as well.

You can also find a lot of coupons for cheap domain registrations on GoDaddy, HostGator and other big registrars you can take advantage of.

I have yet to find an offer for 100% free lifetime domain names.

Web Hosting


I used to test BlueHost often. I’m still a DreamHost fan due to their fast and reliable customer support.

Free web hosting:

FreeHostia claims to offer ad-free web hosting. Haven’t personally tested them yet…. Worth trying though… It gives 1 FTP account and 1 MSQL database, so you could probably only install one web site or blog, or multiple sites/blogs under sub-domains (e.g.

Here’s a list with other free hosting sites:




These companies offer nothing but auto responders (unlimited mailing lists, follow-ups and broadcasts and full tracking and split testing). They host and back-up your database onto their servers and provide prompt customer support. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save your mailing lists in a secure place yourself. This is far better than hosting your list on a web server or through a mailing software…

Free auto responders:

Haven’t tested them yet… You may want to give them a try.

Keyword research

Keyword Canine

Long Tail Pro


I’ve tested and love all of them. They’re more than just keyword researching programs. You also get to check for ranking competition (how hard or easy it is to rank for a particular key term), or find niche ideas and hidden products to market (like in the case of Keyword Canine).

Free tools: (This one is my favourite as it lists all suggested keywords searched by in Google). (A good one which also helps find niches).

Sales Letters & Graphic Creator

Free tools:

Affiliate Banner Graphics

Free tools for almost everything an affiliate can create

You can create professionally looking banners for your affiliate campaigns and skip paying others for the service.


This one looks amazing. If you don’t want to pay $35 or whatever per ecover (as most graphic designers charge) then you could pay $99 a year or $15 a month and create unlimited eCovers yourself.

Free tools

Royalty-free photos

I pay $1 per royalty-free photo. And I don’t need to give a credit author link as I do with Flickr for example. These are the best quality photos I’ve seen online at this pricing – and they have a large and growing database.

Free tools: free favourite platform).

Photo editing

Free tools: (my favorite).

Video creation

Camtasia (for screen capture)

I did lots of tutorials for my Internet marketing coaching programs and outsourcing team with this tool.

Free tools:




Password managers:

For a guy who joins lots of programs and services and needs to remember all data, a password manager is not an option. I used to go with RoboForm until I found LastPass

Free tools:

Haven’t tested these myself… I recommend you go with the free version of LastPass.

You now have the right toolbox to go to war with affiliate marketing. Who’s going to stop you?



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