The Most Surprising Reason Why You’re Not Making Enough Money Online…

codrut-turcanu-1I don’t know you.


I cannot guess if you have a blog, or plan to start one.

I cannot guess if your site will make $100 a month, or $1,000 a day.

I cannot make predictions.

I don’t know if your niche or product will be a hot seller.

I am not a magician. I am a marketer. A writer and blogger… I can make estimates based on what I see. I will need to take a look at your web site. I will have to interview you. I’ll have to brainstorm along with you. I’ll have to check your web stats and split test different offers and web site layouts. We call this “consultative selling” and “conversion split testing”. People get paid to do this. That’s one way to make money online. You turn your knowledge and insights in the industry into results for clients.

You Lack Knowledge – Understanding is the KEY to all Success

Years ago I wanted to learn how to install my WP blog. I heard there’s money to be made with niche sites, so I wanted to create my little online empire. I thought one blog wouldn’t suffice. So I started to create my first one. I took an online course. I took YouTube as my professor and other relevant blogs. I was reading through a dozen of how-to articles and video tutorials.

Long story short, 3 weeks later and I knew how to install WP on my web host through their cpanel option and everything about it (the most basic stuff, and some advanced things). In a minute you could install the blog on your server, on auto-pilot. I’m not talking about manual stuff which takes hours even if you know what you’re doing. The hardest part comes from installing your plugins and editing their settings.

First of all, you need to learn which plugins to install. There are SEO plugins, commenting plugins, security related plugins (to protect your site against malware, viruses and hacking attacks), affiliate plugins, link management plugins, etc. There are hundreds of potential plugins you may want to use for your blog, depending on how serious you want to blog and how functional you want your site to be.

This means you will have to spend days looking to see what other bloggers are using on their site. Which plugins are the best, which are free, which cost money, and compare the pros and the cons… There are articles available that you can read online for this, ask in the forums or get coached by a pro (someone who once used to be a complete beginner and now knows the game).

Knowledge is essential online. That’s why Google is the biggest search engine on the web. It provides quick access into the largest available e Library. You could reach hundreds of sites at the push of a button and learn about everything.

Specialized knowledge sells best

What does “specialized” mean”?

Specific. WordPress is specific. Blogging is general. Pilates is specific. Health exercises is general. If you’re specialized in a skill or field, then you have specialized information and knowledge that you could easily sell.

What does “sell” mean?

Selling is everything. When you read this article, you’re selling me your attention. That’s why I’m using clever headlines and banging intros – to attract your eye balls. I’m ethically luring you in to get you by the hands and teach you something. I need to create specific scenarios and paint certain images in order to make my point come through and give you the best advice – so you implement the ideas, quickly and easily.

So, if you want to make money online, then you need to “Sell” your knowledge. Whether you do it through free articles or paid courses and coaching programs, it doesn’t matter. Selling is a 2-step process, but first you need to win the attention of the reader. That’s the first selling. Second selling requires you make them take action (buy your course or enroll for your next lesson via email).

Here are further reasons why you’re not making enough money online.

You Lack Results

You may have specialized knowledge, yet you lack results. Or at least, you aren’t proving your experience and skills on your web site. Create a portfolio. Showcase your experience. Share client testimonials. Reveal before and after photos of you getting rid of fat, removing those embarrassing acne scars or quitting the smoking habit.

See how John is writing these niche case studies. You cannot ask for more PROOF than that.

‘Show don’t tell’ is a marketing concept I’ve learned many years ago. Proof sells, end of.

You Lack Passion

You may have insights and knowledge and proof on your site, yet your writing or way of presenting your offer (maybe you’re using audio or video) and passion.

For example, you may review an affiliate product and showcase other people’s testimonials (Amazon user comments); you have a video display from the official site, then you have another page with proof (how it worked in your experience), yet your writing is lacking passion.

Solution? Inject some drama and excitement within your content. Spice it up. Look at the best reviews and comments and articles on the same product. Take notes. And beat their write ups.

You Lack Time

The reason some people don’t make enough money online is because they don’t have… you guessed it… enough time!

Solution: outsource. Find passionate writers, and embed your proof, your knowledge and your insights within their content. Your objective would be to give some proper writing instructions and guidelines based on your notes, and then edit the content once you receive it.

Today’s action exercise:

1. Turn your knowledge into “specialized” information

2. Create and share proof.

3. Write or talk with passion.

4. Outsource your content.

5. Rinse and repeat.

You’re one step closer to building your web site empire. Taking consistent action on a daily basis is the only way I know of making dreams happen.



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