Healthy Wealthy Affiliate System – Your Road To Success!

Here are a few testimonials from HWA Students…

I would first like to thank John Gibb for sharing this system. At first there was some doubt because I’ve been through the run around of buying one program after another only to be disappointed.

Not this time , I was made a guaranteed by John to make a sale my first 90 days, well I’ve made 6 so far. I believe in this system because it’s foundation is built on solid marketing principles which makes it easy for anyone doing this to be successful.

But by no means is it going to be easy. It takes a lot of work but once you get the ball rolling and get that first sale you’ll know then that this is the real deal and the sky’s the limit.

So if you want to make money online with an easy to perform system that will make you money Healthy Wealthy Affiliates is the one if you work it. Plus you’ll be working with John every step of the way, without him I would not have made my very first affiliate sale.

Now I’m a believer…
Hamilcar Crosby


I’m very satisfied with the HWA service and the reason is because of the psychology behind Johnny’s system and why it works.

Before joining HWA I’ve been jumping from one get rich quick seo scheme to another. Johnny’s system brought affiliate marketing down to the basics, and that is “value”, what value am I contributing to the visitor that will make her want to click on my affiliate link.

There’s no blackhat, no gimmicks that won’t work, this is a longterm strategy. And the fact that all methods that are in the system, and that Johnny has personally gone through is a big bonus.

To achieve any goal you need three things:

Psychology, Strategy and Implementation.

Johnny provides the psychology , by changing the way I thought about making money online, he inspired me and made me believe that it is actually possible to earn a good income online.

Johnny provides the strategies that he developed over the years, so that we don’t have to go blindly into it.

All that I had to bring was the Implementation, which means actually taking action and following the system. Yes, there were some doubts, but as Johnny is very helpful, he has helped me back on the path, so that I’m continuing
my efforts.

This is a real business and not a get rich quick scheme, so if you expect to do nothing, and earn thousands, then this is not for you. But if you are open to learn and have the drive and passion to succeed this service may be something to look into.

P.S. I’ve already made 3 sales from my site.

Lang Ngo,


Healthy Wealthy Affiliate does exactly what it says it

It provided an average person like myself with minimal
online marketing experience and even less technical expertise an opportunity to build my own successful online marketing business…and to make some good friends along the way.

The HWA membership provided me with all the tools I needed including an exceptional line of products that virtually sell themselves. There’s absolutely no need for me to go looking elsewhere – what a breath of fresh air that
was for me as I’ve belonged to other programs where you were required to purchase additional tools over and above your monthly membership fee. Not with HWA.

The HWA blog is active and constantly buzzing with activity. Its community members (we’re a real growing community!) are quick to lend a hand or share their expertise when needed.

Johnny takes a personal interest in everyone too and is always easily available PLUS he actively participates on the blog as well where he openly shares his expertise freely.

I encourage anyone who’s sceptical or even sitting on the fence to test out the offerings of HWA for a month… I believe they’ll be pleasantly surprised as I was.

Annie D’Angelo