The Art of SEO without Doing SEO…

Today, we are going to talk about getting traffic to your blogs without even focusing on SEO at all. As you know, I build micro blogs where I do focus on SEO for those types of sites, but there is another side to what I do with HWA marketing – A side where I don’t really focus on SEO much at all…

Google keeps preaching (via Mat Cutts right now) about creating nothing but quality content (that serves your end user, and their end user) and in doing so, you’ll be attracting organic links naturally. And although I think most of this is not the reality of how you’re going to get rank at present – when building large blogs – premium content on a regular basis will result in traffic. But only if… you spread the word about your website!

Of course, by blog commenting and guest posting – you’re spreading the word about your website/brand in a natural way. To me, that’s not the same as aggressively link building from mass sources to manipulate your page rank, but of course – opinions vary and the topic is always up for HUGE debate.

If you want to check out the latest video on where Google is supposedly headed, you can view it here:

HWA Step By Step Process For SEO without Doing SEO

Your first goal is your readers, not Google or any other search engine. When building your long term website, think of the person who will be coming to your website and reading that page. Don’t worry about getting that page to rank, or even where it’s going to end up. For large blogs, that’s a strategy for failure. Write relevant content for the key term, but don’t cram keywords in your article just in the hopes you’ll get rank. If it doesn’t fit the article and makes it read like spam, leave it out!

Go buy some books on the topic of your website and spend a few weeks just reading. If you’re creating a website on natural health supplements for example, your aim is to educate your reader and provide them with the natural quality solutions they’re looking for. Do so, and you’ll win the respect of your reader (for showing you care and are passionate about your work).

Remember, if you write for your visitors – you’ll stand a much better chance at converting those visitors in to sales. Compare that to a website where the focus is primarily SEO… And, I guarantee much of the content will lack that quality edge.

Research Your Market

Before writing your content, research places like YouTube – yahoo answers, other web 2,0 platforms – and look for the type of information people seek  ( so you can learn the solutions they seek.) Tie that in with your presell angle towards the bottom of your articles. Do so, and you’ll make sales…

Find industry related problems on the subjects you are witting on. Again, this will help your presell really stand out and enable you to convert your readers in to hungry BUYERS!

Don’t just use regurgitated content from other sites in your niche. Let’s face it; there are SO many spammy ads on these blogs that do nothing more than repeat the same old content?

I don’t see many blogs that go the extra mile. More people need to step up and give out working systems, teach what to do how they do it (and in a step by step fashion).

Watch Matt Cutts’ latest video on SEO over at Google. Penguin 2.0 is apparently going to penalize websites more and more for this type of stuff. It’s amazing many of those sites preaching “30 days to $10,000” etc get any traffic at all.

Read websites like seomoz to keep you updated on the latest SEO trends, now that’s a quality website!

Change Your Game Plan

There are many blog owners who have made their money before through simply putting up rehashed content (in their own words) but it’s now time to up your game. SEO is tougher than it used to be, but that just means fewer competitors for you. Let the quitters quit. If you are serious about this business – you will not only adapt, but learn how to deal with any change faster than you ever thought possible.

For your keywords, think about how you can provide value on that term. Again, don’t just go to Google and rehash up the same old stuff. Stand out as unique and have YOUR OWN voice. Value stands the test of time. In fact, value can withstand any update or search engine algorithm change. It’ll attract links naturally, and if it goes viral – that could be a storm of traffic that becomes very hard to stop!

Spend time on your titles. Don’t just throw up the keyword as your title. That’s another strategy for failure…

Create a center hub on your site where you give out truly exceptional information. I do it here on the private membership page. In fact, the private membership portal is free to anyone that signs up for the newsletter – and I update it regularly. I just made some small changes yesterday, but the point is, it’s a value driven work in process. You can do this for any website, just learn about the solutions people want that are relevant in the niche you’re working on. Now get to work on providing solutions within your premium content.

You don’t have to become the next seomoz, but up your game plan starting today – and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition!

Value first, Link Building second…

If you’ve focused your website around value, you’ll find attracting links is going to be a whole lot easier. As you gain momentum and traction – other blogs in your niche will start to notice you. They’ll read your material. Something magical will happen and you’ll start to attract links naturally from dozens of industry related websites (and it can be ongoing).

On top of that, when you go for themed directory listings – getting approved will be a whole lot easier than if you have a website where the main focus was SEO. Value driven content is your first step in link building, since it’ll not only stand the test of time, but you’ll be starting your spider web with a solid foundation.

If you want a step by step system for health niche affiliate success – sign up for the HWA NEWSLETER here. You’ll become part of a free membership portal, and be given a free 96 page eBook. On top of all that – you’ll get ongoing courses and guides on how to make money passively with HWA marketing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this. SEO is a huge debatable topic, so let’s take discussion further and share ideas 🙂



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9 thoughts on “The Art of SEO without Doing SEO…

  1. Great article John. The thing is that even if you do manage to manipulate the search engines and get a lot of traffic, they won’t buy anything or come back if the content is poor. So you are right in saying that you should write for people.

    I like to use my own voice and my own experiences so that what I write is unique. It has to be unique because it’s in my style and about what I’ve done. Some people will like my style and some people won’t. That’s fine, and is far better than just rehashing the same old text book style content. I don’t believe you can ever build a successful blog like that.
    Jon Rhodes recently posted…Comment on Should You Link To Your Own Websites? by Jon RhodesMy Profile

    • “Some people will like my style and some people won’t”

      This is exactly the same for me. Some people will like it, some won’t. If you’re trying to help a certain group of people and do it with passion and from the heart – then trying to please everyone is not your goal anyhow. For example, with this blog – my main aim is to help people who are interested in health niche affiliate marketing. I may branch on to other topics, since I envision the blog to grow in to a huge resource for helping others create passive income online.

      With another blog, I might be aiming to help people who want to buy a home garden hot tub… I know this is radically different, but if you write for your target audience (and have an idea of your potential buyer’s mindset) – good results will follow…
      Loved your comment, very well said and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      PS – Thanks so much for posting my guest post – you rock. Keep up the great work with your blog.

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