SELF DISCPLINE – Discover How To make extra money working from home…

Can you make money working from home?

Of course, I’m living proof!.

As are many others…

However, many people will try and sell you on how easy it is to make thousands of dollars online.

We’ve all read all the stories before.

From zero to hero…

From rags to riches…

“How I made $30,000 in ten days” and on it goes…

The truth is, it takes a certain breed of person to earn good consistent income online. It’s not as easy as many will have you believe. It can be done, yes. It gets easier over time, yes. BUT, it can be a VERY frustrating and head banging process trying to earn that first $100, never mind the first $1000.

The next milestone of aiming for $1000 a month is tougher again. The good news is, once you reach that $1000 a month mark – you have normally developed enough skills and knowledge to vastly up your game. When you up your game, the income inevitably follows.

You could build out a huge blog and become the go to blog of your niche, think

John built an incredible online business through just one mammoth blog. Granted, I’m sure he worked his ass off in the beginning, but now he makes it all look so dam easy. It will be easier for him now, but I bet it wasn’t like that when he first started trying to make his first few dollars online…

John has an incredible success story – he writes on all sorts of topics nowadays, but he started his blog with the notion of teaching others how he grew his own blog (and showing how much he could get that blog to earn.) A simple, yet smart idea that paid off for him in the end…

That’s one way you could begin your journey – aiming for a huge blog that you never stop growing and blogging with (posting new articles too).

Another way is to run multiple niche blogs, an empire of blogs – all aimed at promoting products that people are ALREADY searching for in the search engines. Think niche site formula.

Then there is Pay Per click advertising models – FaceBook advertising is a method I am currently learning right now. You could also master Bing pay per click, or even Adwords if you’re prepared to spend a lot at first. Adwords is the most expensive of the networks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money with it, especially if you’re prepared to get educated and test (apply your new knowledge).


The Key to Consistent online income…


Check out one of my latest questions from a new potential student of mine for a moment:


“Hi John

I am interested in joining AV 2.0. I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time.

I am not new to this model of affiliate niche mini sites and targeting product names/buyer intent keywords. I have made a few niche mini sites, earned commissions etc.

I followed Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate course so learned all the basics.

Now, the thing is that I already know what needs to be done and perhaps what’s left is just some tinkering… but I have not been able to consistently churn out site after site (even though I have a lot of keywords and niche data left hanging around…) and make it more like a business rather than having a few hundred buck from affiliate commissions come in here and there.

I NEED to make it consistent…

It’s only until these last few days that I ponder upon why I made the mistakes that I made and manage to identify ‘invisible’ scripts that are holding me back. Now I’m ready and am really impressed with how much you know. You offer so much and it’s exactly in line with the expansion direction that I should be heading towards.

I see that the links on your AV 2.0 sales page are not working and, the niche site formula website too. So, do let me know if you are still taking in people. I really need/want a mentor to guide me towards expansion and stabilizing this as a real affiliate biz. I am willing to put in the 6 months of hard work to get this all started too.


Now if you read these notes carefully, what has been missing here is self discipline – that’s the magic word. See this is the type of potential student I will happily guide. He ALREADY has the skill set needed. He knows how to build a blog. He knows how to get traffic to that blog. On top of that, he already knows how to make an affiliate sale.

What’s missing here is self discipline. With self discipline, he can create a routine and systemize everything he has ALREADY done and scale it…

He already knows how to choose a product that will likely sell. He already knows how to build a website. He already knows what it takes to rank a website – he even knows how to close the sale, so he obviously understands preselling too. Although, I am sure I can improve on his skills in that area. 🙂

Anyhow, what I will try to inject in to him is SELF DISCPLINE. We can build the sites, we can even link to them, but a person must follow through with instructions and apply it religiously. An empire is built by routine, step by step through a system of what has already worked.

So let’s say this guy comes on to a $497 a month plan with me. We build 2 sites a month for him, and give those blogs some HIGH PR themed links (and periodically send more links).

HE will still need to do work. He will still need to send extra links. He will still need to work out how to beat sites that are ranking at the top for certain money terms. He WILL still need to improve on the websites and presell the products in the best way possible.

He may even want to learn how to build a follow up email sequence and apply that on winning websites for even more results. You get the picture here… We can build the core of the empire, but if you teach a man to fish – he will NEVER GO HUNGRY.

So with a working scalable system – self discipline is the KEY to any potential ongoing success. In fact, self discipline is the reason I am able to pick myself back up and keep moving forward – regardless of what is happening around me. Self discipline must be applied. When you start pushing yourself – it will grow and it won’t fade out so easily.

Without self discipline online, you will fail. There are many distractions – it’s easy to just read all day and do nothing. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to work multiple systems at once.

Where shall I start?

What model should I master first?

I bet most people try different systems, yet master none of them. I once said something like this…

Who would you fear the most? The man who practiced 1000 different karate kicks, or the man who practiced one deadly karate kick over and over again until he had COMPLETE mastery of it.

Food for thought my friends…

And remember this – Success breed’s success!



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2 thoughts on “SELF DISCPLINE – Discover How To make extra money working from home…

  1. Hi John,

    I read in this article that you’re working with Facebook PPC now.

    I have dabbled a bit in Facebook PPC (paid course) to build a big fanpage a while back. However my advertising account got banned by Facebook after a bit of investment for no apparent reason. I’ve emailed Facebook with no useful feedback.

    As my search for getting myself unbanned, I noticed many marketers have face the same issue of having their accounts banned for no obvious reasons. I still have no access to advertising until this day.

    When you set out to write your course, it may be helpful to your students what are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to Facebook PPC. If I knew my account could get banned so easily to begin with (the course provider didn’t mention this), I would think harder before I started building my Facebook fanpage.

    • Hi Janice,

      I won’t be in hurry to release facebook course…


      I don’t have a right to release one yet. I would need to get have made significant money to even attempt to teach it, otherwise youare just a fraud.
      If anything, I would put a course on Bing PPC before Facebook. I find that easier for the type of affiliate marketing I do as well.

      That being said, I would (and will) personally use FaceBook to build newsletter lists and get them in to email funnels. I don’t want a page of fans, I want
      ROI and want to make money 🙂

      No idea why you got banned. I guess I have all this to come 🙂

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