Rule For Success: Don’t Lose Focus No Matter The Pressure…

Focus – The Key That Unlocks Your Affiliate Marketing Treasure House!

Read this if you’re an affiliate marketer.   Stay focus for success

A lot of things will try to distract your attention from the core, when building your online business.

But you must not  allow those things to take root.

When I quit my day job, I went in search of a better opportunity online. I invested heavily on seminars and one-on-one coaching.

I needed to learn and there was so much I didn’t know at the time.

Believe me, those were my learning curves, which have brought several joys into my life as an entrepreneur.

I learned discipline, integrity and focus. But the greatest as far as building a profitable business is concerned is FOCUS.

The rule of success is FOCUS!

I’m convinced that all you’ve read so far from this blog and several others, including books and other materials have impacted your life tremendously. If you’re still looking for ways to make extra money to support your family, I’ve a word for you today. STOP!

Yes, stop searching for ways to make money online. If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, then you should know that affiliate marketing is what I preach. I also practice what I preach.

The rule that successful people live by is FOCUS. There is no greater edge in life than for you to pursue a definite goal and achieve it.

Sure, at times you might be under pressure to try new business models or business opportunities. Well, there is nothing wrong with having multiply streams of income.

In fact, I preach that as well here, but not when you’re still struggling to breakthrough in your current business or project.

Start with one idea and run with it. If you fail to achieve the goal, it doesn’t mean that the goal is too hard; maybe your strategies are too weak.

Take a walk down the street. Think about what you’ve ever done in the past that brought you joy. Once you can recall that, use the insights to plan again. You’ll succeed. In other words, change your approach, but not your goal.

Who do you think you are?


who do you think you are


Oftentimes, affiliate marketers don’t know what’s best for them. They chase the next traffic loophole, looking for ways to make more money when they’re sitting on goldmines, unknowingly.

If your 3-year old girl should come to you and ask, “Who do you think you are,” what would your response be like?

In case you don’t know… When you’re marketing online and promoting affiliate products, potential customers want to know why you’re doing this. Is it for the money you want to make, or because you care about them?

If you promote affiliate offers, then you’re an affiliate marketer, right?

Well, not so fast. We need to look at it from the buyers’ perception. Most of the people who would purchase your products aren’t internet savvy. In other words, they’ve not come across the phrase “affiliate marketing” before.

They had a problem, which requires immediate attention. And since the internet is the best platform to research and find solutions with the click of a button, they had no other option than to use it.

They’ve heard about Google and its usefulness in extracting web pages that are relevant to what they typed in.

So, they searched and got to your website. To this potential customer who came through the search engine, you’re a solution provider. They’d see you as someone who has the right answers and has created a website to offer them.

Therefore, your title might be an affiliate marketer, but your real identity is a solution provider for whatever product you’re promoting. You make the world better by writing valuable content, which your target audience can benefit from.

And in the process, you recommended a product that truly works – this is content marketing at its very best.

It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting as an affiliate; whether digital products like ebooks or physical products e.g wrist watches, smartphones, kuvings juicer, T-shirts etc.

Focus on the #1 marketing asset

Every successful entrepreneur, blogger, information marketer or business coach who made it online had a database. Bear in mind that every marketing activity you employ SHOULD be geared towards adding qualified leads to your email list.

If you’re a member of any discussion board, don’t be carried away by the conversations. If you’re not building your list, you’re virtually wasting time online (and in no time), your online business would suffer for it.

When I interviewed several pro bloggers, the majority of them lamented that if they had known from the onset, they would have made list building the #1 priority.

As an affiliate marketer, don’t send a potential buyer to a salespage instantly. Capture his or her email address first.

Offer a valuable short report or membership access for free, or whatever would entice visitors to optin. Don’t allow blogging and networking to divert your mind from this truth. You need a list – start one today.

Have you got any challenges?

I’ve made a lot of money from affiliate marketing. It’s still one of the easiest and legitimate ways to make money online, but it requires hard work, smart thinking and more importantly – FOCUS.

Take a stand to stay on course. Yes, Google Panda, Penguin and EMDs might pose as a threat to your blog’s growth, but don’t relinquish your position as the CEO to any system.

You’ve all it takes to dazzle potential customers and make money online. Share your best knowledge. Withhold nothing from prospects. It’s the secret of building a 6-figure earning blog…

Treat prospects like Kings and Queens, because they truly are. And, when next someone asks, “who do you think you are?” Give them a firm handshake and say, “I’m an affiliate marketer who provides answers that work.”

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