Probably the Next No 1 Residual Income Affiliate Program in the Entire Health Industry…

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Maxalife ended up with multiple internal problems and closed  down in operation…

I made over $100,000 in commisions from this company during the short life span I promoted them for. Sometimes, you have to jump on an opportunity in the affiliate game, even if it doesent last long term. Comanies can die, campaings get pulled and so on… Remember, the name of the game is diversification!


You’ve heard of tier 2 affiliate marketing by now if you follow my work, but have you heard about tier 4 affiliate marketing in the health niche?!?

Want to make passive money working from home and get paid in passive earnings that can grow month by month?

Then you have to hear what I have to tell you about perhaps (potentially) the most up and coming residual income affiliate program in the entire health marketplace.

When I started online marketing ten years ago, I made a commitment to myself to promote mainly reliable offers (and build a long-term business).

Sure, I do promote products for ROI, and sure I do promote some products that I wouldn’t use myself. But, my main business model for affiliate marketing is about promoting stuff I do use, or would use. I’ve tried to make quick cash before, and lost more in a heartbeat. I learned my lessons the hard way!

The only true long term ethical way to make a profit on your business, any business in fact, is to look at it like a garden. You don’t plant the seed today, and the next morning you wake up, or even the next week, crop the fruit, and taste that glory, right?

You have to first cultivate the earth, feed it water, let the sun do his thing, and repeat, on a daily basis… until, one day, months further, you can bring the crop home, and benefit from all your hard work.

That’s how businesses are built. Online or offline… The principles are the same. Whether you’re promoting affiliate programs or doing MLM, network marketing, AdSense niche sites, blogging, and so on – there is a time when you work hard (not just smart) to cultivate the earth (add content to your site/promote your brand), and a time when you take the crop (generate commissions/sales).

An Up And Coming Residual Health Income Affiliate Program Exposed

I know you’re curious about the program. Before I let the cat out of the bag, let me tell you a bit more about why residual affiliate programs rock.

First of all, when you run with a residual associate program, you get paid multiple times for each customer you bring to the vendor.

Imagine you’re promoting web hosting…

Customers nowadays usually buy multiple offers and run with more than just one webhosting company. Prices are cheaper than they were many years ago and competition is stiff. For this reason alone, you could make a comfortable living and generate residual commissions just by brining 10 customers to 10 different web hosting providers.

Or, you can bring 100 customers to two or three web hosting companies, and still diversify your residual income portfolio. Always promote more than one offer, if one doesn’t make (much) money, you have other offers to fall back on.

It’s easy to make money with residual affiliate programs in a niche / industry where there are multiple/lots of similar products and services because you can review and compare two or more offers (and get paid on all deals) that make you a commission.

If you happen to promote webhosting and get $5 per sale, 100 sales in a month would bring $500. Within a year, you’d be making $6,000 in commissions.

You work hard for weeks or months, then sit back, relax, and see money roll-in… $500, and up, each and every month, into your bank account.

Remember, the initial effort is always the hardest, whether you’re promoting residual offers, or whatever, and that’s why 98% of all affiliates are not making any money whatsoever. They jump from one program to another, thinking that’s the secret to cashing in. They just forget to feed the seed with water (hint – bring quality targeted traffic to their site).

Secondly, when you run with a residual associate program, you usually get paid for the lifetime of your referral. If they buy other related items, you are credited for those sales as well. Your commissions will increase like never before.

Now you understand why I prefer (in fact, I’m super addicted) to residual programs.

Here’s my favorite right now:


In a few short minutes you’ll learn why this is the best affiliate deal ever in the health niche…

Before that though, check out this post here to see a recent screen shot of some of my weekly earnings. Now, you’ll understand why I’m starting to get passionate about this network, since they keep sending me payments – week after week!


Lifetime commissions

Earn 23% commissions on all orders…for life, regardless of whether your customer joins the loyalty program or buys any of their daily discounted special deals!

*** Yes, you heard it right! Commissions are lifetime – so each time your referral comes back for more products, you grow your bank account…. Even on phone orders!


Two-tier riches

Earn 10% on Second Tier Sales – so you can make money not only on direct referral sales, but on referral affiliates that sign up via your unique ID. Refer other webmasters, affiliates and bloggers. Let them do the hard work, and snow-ball your commissions!

Here’s where it gets really interesting… If the affiliate you send recruits an affiliate – you also get paid on that affiliate. So, that’s tier 3 affiliate marketing.

But get this… If that affiliate who came from the first affiliate you recruited also recruits an affiliate – you still get some credit of any ales that affiliate makes! Now, we’re talking 4 tiers deep. Amazingly powerful stuff for health niche affiliate marketing, trust me.

And just so you know, this is not MLM! It’s affiliate marketing – only 4 tiers deep. (Certainly a different approach to the norm yes, but way more powerful).

The new affiliate team over at maxalife is dedicated to listening to its affiliates. Taking action on improvements and requests affiliates may want).

“We have a public mission: to always improve the site to increase your conversions and customer loyalty. This means more money for you, more money for us, more and better products added to the pipeline.

We don’t treat you with any difference between a beginner and a pro affiliate. Plus, unlike other companies, we don’t see affiliates as another number, but real respected long term partners in business. We strive to treat each affiliate with the respect they deserve and always acknowledge their hard work and efforts.”


Hard-hitting weapons

“We call affiliate promo materials, weapons. Because they’re dedicated to explode your commission rates!

Our sales letters are crafted by professional copywriters – to maximize customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Banner Ads are proven to get the click through, and add credibility to your own website, at the same time.

With Maxalife, you are free to build future cash flow – instead of starting every day from scratch; think of it like building true equity that grows month after month!”


Top offers Network

If you’re curious to see some of the top residual health products, which you could be promoting for a cash windfall, take a look here…

New products are going to be periodically added, as well as health products that have branded search! Check out some of their latest new products that both have strong branded search (backed up by the super famous DR OZ show)…

And now, here’s what one of their new affiliates are saying…

“I’m a hard worker and the Maxalife affiliate network rewards my efforts…way more than any day job could ever offer! In addition to this, they’re constantly giving me advice whenever I need it and best of all, they pay me on time without any hassles like other affiliate programs.” I like how they pay weekly. I’ve seen no other affiliate program ever do that before!

– Michael T, Maxalife affiliate


If you want to join this tier 4 residual associate program, let me know. Today is the day!

Build lifetime customers by promoting all sorts of natural health products – Sign up for the opportunity here.

Your affiliate manager – “Steven Frank”, is an affiliate manager they recruited who’s been making sales as a health affiliate for several years. I know this because he was once one of my students, way before HWA and way before I was even known on the internet for being an aggressive health affiliate. He’ll help you as well if needed, since he has a great passion for the affiliate game, just like me.



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  1. Hi John,

    I also interested with the tier 4 residual income, can’t wait to know what is the secret affiliate network

    Btw, thanks for let me know about Maxalife, I have just made my first sale of green lipped mussel, targeting GLM for dog’s owner. I become more motivated to promote all other network you recommend, and become a super affiliate just like you! 🙂

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