Ranking number 2 in 7 days for a 27.000 monthly search term…

If you want to know how I got a brand new domain ranking number 2 in 7 days, this newsletter is for you…

The domain is currently fluctuating between position 2 and 6 on Google UK and rotating between numbers ten and five on Google USA after 7 days. I only just registered the domain!

The term I’m ranking for gets searched for around 27.000 times a month on all the search engines, and makes me sales every single time I’m in the top 3 for it. Yes… It’s one of those golden buyer keywords that I class as guaranteed return on investment.

I was ranking for the term before, but the website was slapped on the latest Google update. I’m pretty sure it’s partly because I was bragging about it on my sales page and publically revealing it on my blog too.  All it takes is a Google Employee or someone to report that I’m blatantly able to manipulate ranks, and it’s gone.


I don’t really care about that since my main goal online is to help others. If I lose income in doing so, that’s the choice I made a few years back. I’m happy with that choice – helping other people is far more important to me than money.

Anyhow – the term is “hidden this time around” I did however write a case study on the money terms a while back – hint hint J

Here’s the thing…

The website was squatted to oblivion after the latest Google update.

But now – I’m back in the top ten on a BRAND SPANKING new domain after 7 days. I’m not going to reveal the domain this time around, since this is an awesome case study on how to bring dead websites back (in short order).

So in conclusion, this basically demolishes a TON of theory on how new domains can’t rank – they can and they do!

My partner Lang is finishing up a small video course on it. I was originally planning on charging $67 for it, but then I thought that’s expensive for a short video course – even though I feel the information is extremely valuable right now.

So here’s the deal… If you want to know how to get slapped websites ranking again fast – It’s going to be FREE for all NSF members. I love you guys – enjoy J

If you’re not an NSF member and interested in learning this, I’ll charge you just $17. Email me through the contact form on this site to say you’re interested – and I’ll send you the payment link.

I’m working on a big promotion for NSF with my friend. The price is now $497 to get inside. I’m also improving the member’s area each and every week. If you wanted in and missed out on the lower price, sorry – that’s the way the cookie crumbles I’m afraid…

For the amount of data I am providing – even the current price is too low. As I said, this is going all the way up to $997. Now, we’re at $497 for another batch of 50 students!

Be in touch again soon. Working on loads of cool case studies for the free HWA membership portal… stick around and you might learn a thing or two.



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