Top 6 Ways To Make Extra Income If You Quit Your Day Job Now

Decide Now: Finally Quit Your Day Job and Change Your Life In 6 Ways!

The New Year is still very much fresh in our memories. Isn’t it?    make extra money

In fact, a friend of mine just sent me a lovely gift.

So many people have decided also, to quit their day job now.

If you’re making that move, have you made plans to start your own business yet?

Or are you skeptical about it?

This is very important because your savings can’t sustain you for life. You need a legit source of income.

In this post, I’ll share the top 6 ways to make extra income if you quit your day job now. Don’t be too hard on yourself – because you’re not alone.

Setting your own work hours and being the BOSS is fun, and much more rewarding if you make up your mind. Are you really serious, friend?

No matter what ugly stories you’ve read about small business owners, how they’re failing, your case can be different. Take a closer look at these six ways to earn income online:

1.       Become an affiliate marketer

Trust me, the easiest way to make extra cash online if you quit your day job now, is affiliate marketing. What is the role of an affiliate marketer? It’s simple: You’ll promote other people’s product for a commission.

The beauty of this business model is that you’ll not worry about product delivery, customer support, billing or refunds. Your primary duty is to promote the offer, and allow the sales letter and marketing team to complete the sale.

As an affiliate marketer, you’d earn 50% – 70% commission from a single product sale. That’s why you MUST register with Clickbank, paydotcom and other high paying third-party networks. Don’t settle for 4% commission rates.

Such meager rates could be a waste of time for you, when you’re just starting out. In all, affiliate marketing works – give it a shot now. See next line…

2.       Create and sell a valuable e-book

If you quit your day job now, the other profitable way to make money from the internet is e-book creation. It’s not so difficult to write and package a valuable e-book.

The demand for e-books is high, because potential buyers prefer instant downloads.

Hard copy books can take days to arrive at your home. But when you sell an e-book that could help your target audience achieve a “specific goal” – it’d sell like a hot cake. One of my e-books is a bestseller right now and that’s passive income for me.

A few days ago, I talked about earning passive income from home. With e-books, it can be possible but only if you get started now.

Don’t wait for your day job to wreck your life before you decide. Be in total control and become a digital author this year.

You don’t need to be an expert to create valuable e-books. You just have to understand what people want and then work towards meeting their needs. Isn’t that wonderful?

3.       Start a consulting business

start a consulting business

Did you know that you can assist corporate firms and SME entrepreneurs to expand their businesses online?

What every businessperson needs right now is buyer leads and more sales. With your consulting agency, you’d become the go-to expert in your niche.

For instance, you could become a SEO consultant. All you need do is learn keyword research, long-tail keyword targeting, link building and how to produce quality content.

This is the fundamental aspect of SEO that prospective clients can pay $1000 – $10,000 to get.

They want their websites to grow. Instead of whining and complaining how badly your BOSS has treated you, become a consultant today. Ideally, consult in your area of expertise, where your passion lies.

In other words, use your offline business ideas to help online entrepreneurs. As a consultant, you’re not mandated to do the real work yourself. You can outsource – which is a better way to succeed at a consulting business.

4.       Become a freelancer

When do you intend to quit your day job? You’ll need to prepare for challenges that lie ahead of you. But it can be minimal if you supplement your paycheck with earnings from a freelance gig.

I know guys and pretty ladies who are making 5 – 6 figures from freelance projects. This is no B.S.

A freelancer is an independent contractor. If you’re skilled at writing, designing, researching, consulting, speaking or what have you, why not turn the passion into a highly-sought-after online business?

It’s not as difficult as you think – in fact; you could get started in 24 hours. If I did it, you can too.

The simple advice I have for you is this: Start a blog and build up your portfolio first. Then start promoting your freelance services with content marketing.

That is, write quality blog posts. Create tutorial videos and upload to YouTube. Use social media marketing to reach your ideal clients.

Succeeding as a freelancer requires hard work. But when you finally kickoff, the sky would be your ONLY limit.

5.       Build niche sites for passive income

I love niche marketing a lot. In fact, it can be the only source of income that stays. Before I left my day job, I built my first niche website where I promote a fitness membership site.

Although, I made terrible mistakes at the time, but I’ve learned from those mistakes – It’s made me a better niche marketer.

That site generated a lot of money for me and I’m glad to share my experiences with you on this blog. Make sure you subscribe to my list for exclusive updates, live case studies and much MUCH more.

Why a niche site?

The goal is to research profitable in demand buyer related keywords and all related key phrases in a profitable niche.

This can be a hassle, but if you spend quality time with the right keyword research tool, which can generate search phrases that have 1000+ monthly searches globally, and less than 100,000 competing search engine result pages (SERPs).

With those keywords (I prefer to call them key phrases), you can write rich, detailed, helpful and evergreen content for your target audience.

The Google spider is craving for fresh content and if your niche site is updated regularly with engaging content, you’d attract free targeted traffic from organic searches.

And to make long lasting passive income from niche sites, promote recurring affiliate offers. E.g. health products, health membership – web hosting services, autoresponder services, membership sites, Private keyword research tools and monthly marketing courses.

This way, you’d earn income every month, especially when your referrals renew their subscriptions or buy new products.

6.       Teaching sells – start coaching   make money teaching people

On the internet, teachers are making millions. And there is no limit to what you can teach people.

Just like teaching is hot offline, it’s an ever-growing trend on the internet.

This is as a result of new people joining the internet league. You and I need to be taught or we would be fail in life. It’s the hard truth, right?

Teaching sells. Do you have any idea whatsoever? It’s time to take advantage of that to profit BIG.

If you’re a real estate broker for example, it’s easy to monetize this by teaching beginners and intermediate entrepreneurs how to buy and sell assets for profit making purposes.

Don’t just quit your day job now and mess about, blaming your BOSS for not mailing you a paycheck weeks later.

It’s obvious – you may have neglected the principle of life. That’s why you’re broke!

There is no magic to making money – once you can offer value, you’ll make money down the road – period!.

It doesn’t matter where you live or your background, money is the direct response to VALUE.

Do you want to quit your day job now?

The decision is yours to make. But to survive in this information age, you MUST be willing to teach and help others via your blog, your niche sites, as an affiliate marketer, an e-book author or as a consultant…

If you’ve wings, you can fly so high up – nothing is stopping you in this money making race.

Of course, you may not teach with a whiteboard and marker, you could teach with your blog posts and videos. Even a podcast can do the job perfectly.

So, get started right now with a professional blog. I’m with you all the way, right  to the top.

If you encounter any challenge whatsoever, contact me immediately and I’d fix it. Yes, I promise.



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