Private Coaching Q and A Session…

One of my private students was eager to get websites up (understandable) and so started rushing me to find good potential products that would make sales when ranked.

Here is what I wrote back. I am putting this up on the blog here because I share some important insights from my affiliate marketing experience that will help you.

“Hi (name hidden for privacy request),

DO NOT RUSH me on this step.

It is CRUCIAL we get this part researched right.

We want to make sure you have good chance of making sales when you rank. Rushing things out blindly is not the way to make money online. Not only that, we want to go after buying intent terms that we can actually rank for.

Also, please cast aside your issues with free trial offers and your unwillingness to promote such and such and so on….

In this business, you have to go to with the market trends if you want to make money.

If people want to buy a product, they search for it. We bridge that gap… Some people will get results with the products, others won’t, but this is the SAME for ANY health item – including xtend-life products (which I know you are fond of) and more….

Some people will love them, some won’t. For us as affiliate publishers, we are here to make money providing the buyers with what they are ALREADY searching for. They are already telling us what they want!  If you become to picky, you are going to leave thousands upon thousands of dollars on the table. And to be frank, many people will like the products they buy – regardless of any negative stories you may read or come across. The picky affiliates in this niche make the least so you know…

Attached is product your selection, which I have taken time to analyse for you carefully.

I would suggest we add in broader niche related articles as well, (at least 3 quality unique articles or so for each site), but we will get to that part later.

Please let me know if these products are OK for you to promote (and take what I say seriously). I am a 6 figure affiliate because I know what works and what doesn’t for this type of marketing.

If you want to promote pure natural health ingredients, grow a large natural health blog for the long term. I will be teaching how to do this inside NSF this year.




“Hi Jonny,

Thanks for the product selections – they look good to me and I appreciate. Thanks also for your advice to not be too picky in this business. I will surely commit this advice to heart.

Regarding the domain names – would you suggest having the product name in the domain? Your expert advice will be highly appreciated.


(Name hidden)”


“Hi (name hidden).

I personally mix and match.

However, some of the companies may not want you promoting certain products using brand domain names in the domain name.

So, this is tricky, but not something that cant be worked around with a little common sense. To avoid all trademark issues – you can just go with a niche related domain name – and it means you can also branch the blog out that  way much easier too.

Here is an example of ONE OF mine:

It targets a product, but uses a niche domain name. That website is making sales now too. And, it would be easy for me to branch this out with niche related articles, build a newsletter follow up sequence and so on. I know the product is selling, so I know the people in that markets (who desperately want to gain weight) will buy this product.

For networks like market health, more niche etc (instant approval networks) – an EMD

(Exact Match Domain) is fine – but other CPA networks can be stricter with trademarks.

Also, you need to apply to these networks VERY carefully.

They are not all easy to get in too. They are for me, but I know what I am doing… I have been rejected in the past when I was new to affiliate marketing though.

I think I will do a video on this as well to help everyone inside Niche Site Formula.

I STRONGLY recommend setting up a large health blog. This blog will serve a few purposes and reason that relates to what I am talking about here… is that it is a great asset to help you get accepted on all networks too.

Getting accepted with just a new micro site with no traffic may not be enough (network depending).

Show you have experience in AM and be confident in your application. Show your best site – talk like you know your stuff – blag your way in if you have too. On some networks, you have to have a phone call too. However, if there is a golden opportunity it is A MUST that you do whatever it takes to get in to these networks.

Here is what I do and it works well. I do not apply to the network until I have my site bringing in traffic and well. When I am accepted, I can get my links up and start bringing sales faster. This looks much better than a dormant account just sitting there. Remember, it could take 3 + months to start making sales with SEO methods so keep that in mind when building your business.

We have to think logically and use our common sense. An affiliate business is built in logical steps, but always step by step. Baby steps make for MUCH bigger steps later.

I hope this helps.



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