Pinterest for Business: Expert Advice from 20 Social Media Consultants and Pro Bloggers


You’re here because you’re looking to use Pinterest for Business. Nothing more, nothing less.

Imagine tapping into this 70 million user channel and funneling traffic back to your site.

Can you already see your business getting fresh, hot leads, long-lasting clients and raving fans – day in, day out?

There are people just like you and me, doing this already. And they can show you how.

Like for example, discover…

  • How a business coach uses Pinterest to rank on Google, page #1, and how she was able to build a six figure income and sell her service to clients all over the globe.
  • When is the best day of the week to post content to Pinterest
  • How a niche blogger doubled his traffic with Pinterest. The method is simple, anyone can implement it.
  • Who are the largest communities on Pinterest (pro blogger reveals the answer)
  • How a social media consultant turned one of her Pinterest boards into a “media kit” and drive relevant traffic to her business.
  • The social entrepreneur who has built a 4.4 million follower base on Pinterest.

We have interviewed these social media consultants & pro bloggers and gathered  their best Pinterest insights for you right here on this page:

Pinterest for Business- Expert AdviceAdel de Meyer, Anna Cadiz Bennett, Ashley Faulkes, Daniela Lazovska, Donna Moritz, Gloria Rand, Holly Homer, Jason Miles, Jenny Frances, Judi Bonilla, Karen Leland, Keri Jaehnig, Lisa Mason, Lorna Sixsmith, Marc Andre, Mary Lumley, Mitt Ray, Paula Coop McCrory, Sue Anne Dunlevie, Vena Jensen Blitsch, Zac Johnson

I thank them all for their insights and wish everybody who made this content possible the best in their life and business.

Think about this social media platform as your opportunity for…

Unlimited business growth. Unlimited profit potential. Zero capital risk.

Let’s dive in and hear the experts answering our question:

What role does Pinterest play in your own (or client’s) business and what are your top #3 tips for bloggers and social media consultants looking to take Pinterest seriously?

Here’s the first response (all are great, so don’t skip any)

Anna Cadiz BennettAnna Cadiz Bennett // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Power influencer. Pinterest marketing expert. Owner of White Glove Social Media, co-founder of True North Marketing.

I live and breathe Pinterest daily!

Pinterest has helped my business rank on the first page of Google. Of course the ranking gets my phone ringing with people asking for my services.

That has directly related to me earning a six figure income. All by harnessing the power of Pinterest.

One of my most important business goals is helping my clients grow sales. Most of them want two things from Pinterest – more traffic and more sales.

I guarantee it because it’s what I do best. Once businesses sees that their highest source of referral or social traffic is coming from Pinterest they can’t deny this is a platform they need to focus on.

Pinterest is the centerpiece of my marketing efforts for my clients.

In fact I have helped a number of them go so much traffic from Pinterest that it has literally saved them 10’s of thousands of dollars because they were able to stop paid ads on other socials that didn’t produce any results.

The results clearly show on their Google analytics. That’s where the proof is.

TIP #1 Do it properly or outsource

Most bloggers and social media consultants will most likely fall under these categories:

  • They are a beginner on Pinterest and don’t know where to start.
  • They have some knowledge of Pinterest but don’t know how to maximize their results.
  • They know Pinterest pretty good but have a hard time keeping up with the changes or learning new ways to really supercharge their results on Pinterest.

What I say to people all the time is if you want to earn more you have to learn more. If you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting the same results.

So if managing Pinterest yourself isn’t working you better change something. Get seriously educated, commit a serious about of time consistently or contract the management of your account out to an expert like me.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have someone on your team who is qualified to create content and pin on a consistent basis?

In what way have they become qualified? Have they gotten anyone on the top of the search engine rankings? If not, I see a red flag.

  1. If you decide to outsource are you looking to hire the cheapest person you can hire or someone who has produced a result?

Again have they gotten anyone to the top of the Pinterest search engine or the Google search engine with their most important key words?

I recommend you seek proof of that and if they don’t have it…keep looking.

Type the words Pinterest expert or Pinterest consultant into a Google search box.

Notice the results. I know the magic formula. What this means to you is more qualified traffic to your website. If you want more sales first you need much more traffic.

If the people you want to hire cannot get themselves to the top of the Pinterest search engine or onto the first page of Google’s organic search using Pinterest what makes you think they can help you rank any better?

People who rank highly know what they are doing, people who don’t, don’t. Or they’d be there right?

Has the expert you are considering proven that they know how to use Pinterest to rank high on Google or not?

Do you really want to work with someone who claims to be an expert yet can’t demonstrate that they can use Pinterest to get themselves on the first page of Google? Avoid wasting your money.

TIP #2 Learn how to use Pinterest the right way

Do you really know how to use Pinterest?

The answer for most business people and marketers is no. It is a blend of science, art, and business acumen – it changes all the time.

Why struggle trying to figure it out on your own? Avoid the frustration of trial and error and lost sales. I have already created a proven step-by-step, blueprint on how to have success on Pinterest?

Reality check, you can’t follow every blog out there and think you can master Pinterest? I know because I have spoken to 100’s of people who have tried. They all told me the same thing. It didn’t work.

I’ve spent over 4,500 hours creating the Pinterest Marketing for Business course and I’m constantly updating it because Pinterest is always making changes to their policies, tools and features.

If you’re just starting on Pinterest get the free lessons in Chapter one from my Pinterest Marketing for Business course.

Then ask yourself, for $97 wouldn’t you be much better off buying a proven course with the blue print than trying to wing it? Work smarter, not harder.

TIP #3 Figure out your keywords before you start pinning

Being clueless about your keywords is a costly mistake. You have to figure out from the very beginning what keywords you want to rank high on in Pinterest’s search engine.

Don’t even think about pinning if you’re if you haven’t figured this out yet.

What keywords do people use in a Google search to find your type of products? Think how search engines think. Pinterest’s Guided Search tool is an effective search engine for a lot of things that Pinners are discovering.

Pinterest users are using Pinterest to discover projects and planning for their future. The Guided Search tool lists keywords that are top of mind for users so leverage that to fit with your products and services.

If you know this ahead of time you can garnish these keywords in specific areas of your Pinterest account so you get found on the top of Pinterest’s and Google search engine.

If you want more Pinners to see your pins, stick with two keywords for at least six months. If you’re not sure what the best keywords are for your business contact me here.


Pin with a caring heart.

Ashley FaulkesAshley Faulkes // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ WordPress Web Designer and SEO Expert.

Pinterest is one of the biggest drivers of social media traffic today, because Pins have such a long shelf life compared to any other social media platform.

I encourage all my new and existing clients to get on board when we discuss social media. Even those who think they have nothing to offer on this very visual platform, can be shown that Pinterest works for almost any niche.

Take our niche, online marketing, it is not inherently visual, yet we all get traffic from there nonetheless!

For anyone looking to get started on Pinterest, or perhaps take it to the next level, there are 3 things I recommend they do:

1. Get serious about visuals (after all, visuals are the new black).

That means learning to find exciting images online, creating custom graphics with something like Canva or Pixlr/PicMonkey and adding them to all your posts. And do it all the time.

It might be hard at the beginning, but visuals will not only boost your Pinterest results, they will boost your brand too.

2. Pin regularly. 

I know, I am telling you that you need to be constantly active on Pinterest, but you also have a limited amount of time each day! I get it.

So I recommend making the most of scheduling tools and get your pins up for the day (or even week) all at once.

You can use something like BufferViralTag or TailWind to schedule your pins and make sure you are (or at least appear) active on Pinterest all week long.

3. The real booster for me came when I started using group boards.

I have written a detailed post about it here, but here are the essentials:  

  • Find boards that are in your niche, are active and accept members.

Approach the board owner in a nice way (finding their contact info can be hard sometimes, but worth it).  Getting on other people’s boards will quickly expose you to new and active audiences, and grow your following fast.

  • Host your own group board, which is another option.

Invite lots of people on to help, but make sure they are active, relevant and not just helping themselves.. By hosting boards you also get exposed to new audiences.

Both options (hosting, and membership) with group boards are one of the fastest ways to Pinterest success!

Combine these three things, and you will find your Pinterest traffic grows very fast. 

Daniela LazovskaDaniela Lazovska

Site // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Pinterest Consultant, Social Media Manager

I live in Europe but Pinterest increased my visibility. People from all over the world follow my account for tips and infographics on Pinterest and all marketing related topics.

It has helped me connect with marketers and manage accounts on the other side of the world, mostly in Mexico.

The only way to see results on Pinterest is if you take it seriously. You won’t see results overnight. Patience is the word that best describes Pinterest marketing. Pinterest takes a lot of time and lot of research and work.

These are my 3 tips:

1. Make your website Pin-friendly.

Add the pin it buttons to your website.

These little red buttons encourage people to pin your content and your products to their Pinterest boards and recommend it to their followers who can repin it and share it with their followers.

Make sure you have vertical, attention-grabbing images on your website. Avoid using white backgrounds instead try intriguing lifestyle images of your products.

Implement the rich pins that have to do with your business.

There are 6 types of rich pins at the moment: product, article, recipe, movie, place, and app pins.

Product pins are the most important for e-commerce sites, they include the price and availability and also sends a notification when the price goes down and all the pinners who repinned it get an email which helps increase sales.

Article pins are very important for bloggers.

They include the name of the author, title, short description and a favicon. Rich pins appear higher in search results and they stand out on mobile (80% of traffic from Pinterest is on mobile devices).

2. Don’t use shortened links.

Keep your short links for Twitter. Pinterest marks shortened links as spam.

A lot of people are not aware of this. If you upload your images, don’t forget to click the edit button and add a link that leads to more content related to that image.

3. Build relationships with your followers.

Always answer their questions and respond to the comments pinners leave on your pins.

Start a conversation, ask them questions so you can learn more about them.

A lot of brands and businesses forget to use Pinterest as a customer service channel which is a huge mistake.

Not responding is like ignoring people and they will do the exact same thing when you want to sell them something.

Check if and what people are already pinning from your website. Visit Pinterest here.

It will show you pins from your website, you get to see how people feel about your content and products, what descriptions they use, etc.

You can comment on their pins, say Thank you, you can invite them to a group board to pin with you, give them a shout out in a blog post or you can give them a follow.

Pinterest works for all types of businesses but it won’t work if you are all about “Me, Me, Me!” or “Here, this is what I sell, now buy from me!

Pinterest is about educating and entertaining your followers.

Create content and boards that will inspire people not just to click the follow button but that will inspire them to repin, click and buy.

Donna MoritzDonna Moritz // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Socially Sorted Founder. Social media marketer.

Here are my Pinterest tips if you are ready to get serious about the visual web 

#1  Clean up your own backyard first

Before you jump into your fancy Pinterest strategy, do a little backyard clean up.

Visual Marketing and Analytics Company Curalate found that 85% of visual content shared from websites to Pinterest is shared by users, not by brand. So it makes sense to look at your blog or website first and do a mini-audit:

  • Check that you have a pinterest-ready image on every major page and post on your site (portrait size is best or at least longer than the image is wide). 
  • Add header images – images with text overlay that provides some sort of context is more likely to be clicked on by users on Pinterest.

These are particularly share-worthy when added to your main blog posts. 

Do a “source” check to see what content is being shared from your domain currently – you can enter where mywebsite is substituted for your own domain.

You will see a scrolling screen of all the images being shared from your site.  What is resonating with users?

What information can you gain from this? What is working and not working?  What can you post more of based on visual content that is already being shared by users? 

#2  Use a scheduling tool

Nobody likes to see  “pin dump” on their newsfeed, yet that’s what we do when we are busy – go on Pinterest and pin a heap of pins, filling up the newsfeed.

By using a scheduling tool like TailwindApp you can not only avoid the pin dump by sharing pins at intervals, but you can benefit from the analytics of Tailwind, which tell you the best times to pin and pre-schedule them for you.

There are so many things this tool can help with, from finding content to analysing your pins being shared – check it out with a free trial and start getting more savvy with your pinning! 

#3  Encourage users to visit Pinterest from other platforms

Don’t be afraid to cross promote – some of your fans on other sites may be Pinterest users too!

Link back to Pinterest from other social sites. Post your favourite boards on Pinterest to Facebook.

Share pins or links to pins to Google Plus and Twitter.  Share your popular boards.

Get creative about sharing your content on Pinterest.

Gloria RandGloria Rand // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Internet Marketing Expert, Speaker, SEO Copywriter

I use Pinterest as a lead generating device. I pin images from my blog articles that deal with social media marketing.

When those images get repinned on Pinterest, it’s a way for me to attract new followers to my website.

My top 3 tips for getting the most out of Pinterest include:

#1 – Follow the right accounts to get followers.

If you want to use Pinterest effectively, you have to grow a following.

The more followers you gain, the more opportunity you have for these people to repin your content, read your blogs, watch your videos, and become your customers!

Pinning eye-catching images is a start.

The next step is to follow accounts that share the same demographic that you have. These can be your competitors, since they have the same customers and similar audiences.

Hot Tip: Follow accounts that have at least 1,000 followers, so you can leverage the audience they’ve already generated.

#2 – Comment on pins in your news feed.

Many Pinterest users still don’t realize or just don’t bother commenting on pins. Commenting gives you an opportunity to stand out, attract attention and gain new followers.

Remember, this is a social networking site, so be social!

Besides, when you comment on pins that belong to accounts with large followers, your comment will show in the news feed of everyone who follows that pinner.

Don’t just say the image is pretty. Add value in your comments to spark engagement with the pinner.

#3 – Use contributor boards.

This is a group board that you and anyone you invite can pin to.

When someone accepts an invitation to your board, that board now shows up on their account.

The potential for exposure across multiple accounts is enormous if you can get someone with a lot of followers to contribute to your board.


The reason this happens is because when someone comes to a person’s Pinterest page that contains your contributor board, and they click “Follow All”, they are now following your board.

Holly HomerHolly Homer

Kids Activities Blog // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Kids Activities blogger and author

I came kicking and screaming to Pinterest in the early days because I didn’t think I needed another social network! But Kids Activities Blog was receiving so much Pinterest traffic, it couldn’t be ignored!

My biggest tip for Pinterest is to pin amazing things as often as possible.  I pin a LOT and it has helped me grow to over 135K followers.

I also believe that if you have a board that you rarely use, you should remove it.

Pinterest is all about consistency. And if you run a collaborative board, delete underperforming and ugly pins – you shouldn’t have to host those on YOUR board!

Jason MilesJason Miles // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ CEO at Liberty Jane Clothing, Pixiefaire Co-founder, bestselling author

Pinterest plays a significant role in our business as the 2nd best source of social traffic to our ecommerce site –

It also serves as a fantastic curation tool allowing our fans and followers to see inspirational images of our work. 

The top tips I’d recommend for those who want to take Pinterest seriously would include:

Conduct An 80/20 Audit Of Your Website:

Look at your website’s top 20 product pages, (or top 20% if it’s a very large site), and ensure those pages contain very Pinterest friendly images that can be used by Pinterest users to share your work with their friends.

Chances are you receive more than 80% of your site income from those pages, so having them be very well equipped with Pinterest friendly photography is crucial.

Continue The Shift To Visual Content:

The massive user preference for visual content is undeniable.

Users want quality images including infographics, videos, and step-by-step informational images.

Adding that type of content to your website, then sharing it on Pinterest, will position you as a key resource in your niche or industry.

Find And Share User Generated Content:

New tools, like give you the ability to find and then share User Generated Content, (UGC). Including it on your website, sales pages, and social media platforms provides fantastic sales content.

UGC delivers interesting imagery, a fantastic source of 3rd party credibility, and a frequent stream of positive endorsements.

Pinterest is deceptively simple.

Don’t be fooled. The opportunity to find and cultivate prospective customers is real – you’ll have to decide if it is worth the time and energy required to set it up properly for your business.

Many website managers are finding that if they take the time, the benefits are well worth the effort.

Jenny FrancesJenny Frances // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Pinterest Expert, and Owner of Social Bees Media, a Social Media Agency dedicated to helping businesses with their Pinterest Marketing

Ultimately, as with any social media platform, the aim of my clients’ Pinterest accounts is to drive traffic to their website, and increase sales of their products or services.

And with a recent study showing that 87% of regular users purchased an item because of Pinterest, it is extremely powerful for retail and ecommerce businesses.

Pinterest is also unique in terms of its visual impact, it can serve as an introduction to the business in pictures, and can put a ‘human face’ to the brand.

For anyone wanting to get results with Pinterest, you need to create quality content, attract people to that content, and then send them where you want them to go: simple!

Here are my top 3 tips to achieving that:

1. Images

Pinterest is a visual platform. You can get away with poorer quality, wrongly sized images on other platforms, but not Pinterest.

Make sure all your images are good quality, and optimized for the platform. You will see a lot more interaction and re-pins!

Here is an article all about creating successful Pinterest images.

2. Sociability

The way to a pinner’s heart is by giving them what they like! Attract people to your page by focusing on the interests of your client profile. Pinterest also helps you out with this.

Their new analytics feature has an ‘interests’ section, so you know if you have attracted the audience you were targeting, or even to find out the interests of your followers, so you can target them more.

3. Action!

It is all very good adding great images and appealing to your followers, but if there are no keywords and links back to your website, then you have wasted your time.

Make sure you include the following three in all of your own pins:

  • Keywords in pin descriptions
  • Calls to action in pin description
  • Links back to your website, both in the ‘source’ and the pin description

Judi BonillaJudi Bonilla // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Gerontologist | @BeHIPGive Fellow | #Entrepreneur | #Podcaster

How Aging Expert Judi Bonilla Uses Pinterest

Pinterest is Easy To Use For All GenerationsTeaching Aging Adults.png

Community Building

Pinterest is key to influencing our followers in the niche markets of health and wellness and  within the multigenerational aging space and includes our brands:

Advocates For Aging, Brain Fit Now,  Judi Bonilla, Latino Elders, and We Get Around!

As social entrepreneurs our goal was to identify platforms to connect with our targeted caregiver audience:Tips For Older Drivers.png

Caregiver Demographic

  1. Female
  2. Age 25 -60
  3. No or low cost entry


Using Pinterest we are able to easily share information with our followers and establish ourselves a subject matter authority.

We have also integrated Pinterest in our various in person workshops and training in three innovative ways:

  1. Curate field trips from planning and preparation to photos of the event
  2. Classroom search to identify resources for brain health information & resources
  3. Using shared board for professional resources and data curation

Awards & Recognition

When Pinterest came on the scene we were keen to secure an invitation and were part of the secondary roll out.

Combining Pinterest and Twitter we have been able to stand out in our niche market as leaders in social media winning the Social Media Rockstar Award and increasing our Klout Score to an above average 62.

Strategic planning has been our priority for the first half of 2015 and the second half will be dedicated to doubling our following in each category to share our message of health and wellness.

Karen LelandKaren Leland // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Best Selling Author and Branding and Marketing Strategist and Implementor

The demographics of my business don’t make Pinterest the best social media site for me to invest in.

I mostly use it for personal enjoyment. However for my clients where the Pinterest demographics make sense it can be an invaluable promotional and customer engagement tool.

The three tips I recommend include:

1. Blog A Popular Pin Topic.

To give your blog a boost from Pinterest try blogging about the most popular topics on the site.

A 2012 report by RJMetrics showed the following categories are most popular:

• Arts and Crafts
• Style/Fashion
• Food
• Inspiration/Education
• Holidays/Seasonal
• Humor
• Products
• Travel
• Kids

Write and pin a blog post that focuses on any of the above topics and it’s a logical leap from someone visiting your Pinterest Board to reading your blog.

2. Add Calls To Action.

By adding calls to action in your pin descriptions – such as read this, take this quiz, download this ebook, etc. – you can increase user engagement.

Don’t forget to include a dedicated URL where the reader can find an expanded blog post on the topic the pin covers.

Just remember that businesses are clamoring to fill their Pinterest boards with interesting images, so by…

  • placing great images with your blog posts
  • pinning your best blog posts
  • putting in easy pin mechanics such as Pinterest “Pin It” and “Follow Me” buttons
  • and reaching out to like-minded pinners

.. you can increase the flow of traffic to your website and visibility for your blog.

3. Create a Blog Think Tank.

Bloggers are forever clipping articles, studies, posts and pictures and placing them in an idea folder.

One smart use of Pinterest is to create a private board for your “Blog Post Ideas and Inspirations.”

Use this board as a placeholder for images, videos, quotes, etc. that you may want to blog about in the future but just don’t have the room in your brain — or time on the books — to blog currently.

Keri Jaehnig Keri Jaehnig // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Social Media Manager, Content Marketing Optimizer, Entrepreneur & Mentor

Pinterest For Idea Girl Media

For my business, Pinterest is where I curate content into categories. Image content is more and more popular. It is absorbed by the brain quicker, and people engage with it more online.

For fans and followers that are visually learners, this is where they may gain the most from my social media tips.

Since I am my brand, I have made the decision to have only one Pinterest account.

In turn, followers of my boards see both business content and personal content – Additional insight into me. This really has worked well and I have seen no disadvantage.

For others this may not work – It all depends on brand, strategy, and target market.

Regarding group board invitation, there really needs to be a strong interest in the topic for my business or myself.

If this is not present, I do not accept, as the board would not bring a reward for myself, my business, or my followers.

It’s really about our followers, is it not? So I weigh that factor highest, and I would encourage others to do the same.

Pinterest for Idea Girl Media Clients

Most of the time, Pinterest is a place for content curation for Idea Girl Media clients as well. However, there is an element of engagement that must go hand in hand with curation to provide the most value in a social media strategy.

Some accounts have certainly seen increase web traffic from Pinterest – Exactly what we wanted and intended.

Pins can lead to specific web pages, sales pages, and also content that leads followers through a trans-media campaign, in turn resulting in product or service sales.

Really, options are only as limiting as you let them be.

There are multiple ways to use Pinterest, and include it in a social media strategy.

Top Three Tips For Optimizing Pinterest In Your Social Media Strategy

If you are reading this, you probably already know it is best to pin your content and others’ content at an optimal time, include the source link, and use hashtags.

That is the simple stuff.

Lets talk about options you may not have considered to take you to the next level…

  • Brand Forward – Post imagery that best amplifies the visual assets of your brand.

For example, if you visit my Pinterest profile, you would see that several of my boards feature purple on the cover – The main color in my logo.

The language in my posts also reflects my brand voice, and the hashtags I use do as well.


You can use branded board cover graphics, but I feel it covers up the personality of the business or organization.

  • Cross-Pollinate The Public – What happens on Pinterest does not have to stay on Pinterest.

This also goes for other social networks. Use your opportunities to grow your brand awareness and grow the followings on your social properties!

Much of the time, Pinterest content is “evergreen” content. Include links to your Pinterest boards and pins in your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ streams.

This allows you to re-purpose some of your best content and re-affirm the visual re-call with your audience.

In turn, occasionally link pins to your other social accounts. A good time to do this is when pinning a photo testimonial from a fan that posted to your Facebook wall.

Or use an Instagram link if they tagged you with a share there.

Do not forget your main goal is to get people to your website, but also remember your other social outposts.

  • Create Resource Galleries – Let your Pinterest host resources for the segment of your audience that is most likely to be inspired on Pinterest.

After all, one of the big benefits of Pinterest is that it allows you to curate notes and ideas by category.

Remember, you want to put your most important content at your website.

However, making some resources available on specific boards is a great way to help people digest your content, and also gain their trust so they venture over to your website.

Some ideas to consider:

  1. How-to tip videos
  2. Quotes from your latest book
  3. Real estate properties from a specific geographic location
  4. Infographics
  5. Themed interior designs
  6. Recipes
  7. Magazine covers
  8. Materials from Facebook Groups activity

Anything that can showcase your brand in a visual way.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.27.56 PM

In the visual above, you can see the presence of my brand color purple. You can also see two galleries of social media tips and treats.

These galleries were from a popular countdown to the Christmas holiday that I used to do on my Facebook Page.

Pinterest offers so many options and opportunities, these three tips should help you build upon what you have already done and take your efforts to a more advanced level

Lisa MasonLisa Mason // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Content Marketing Specialist. Social Media Fitness Coach

Pinterest plays a big role in mine and many of my client’s businesses. It’s one network that I failed in the past to really leverage the full potential of.

This year, I have made a commitment to improving my visual branding online so revamping my Pinterest was top of the priority list. It’s been a great deal of fun.

Some quick tips that I would recommend about taking Pinterest seriously are:

  • Choose a nice cover image for all of your boards and include a board title on the image.
  • Be very specific in your board titles so people know exactly what it is about
  • Use hashtags on Pinterest. Don’t use more than 2-3 per pin and keep it relevant
  • Verify your website and add your Twitter handle. This creates authenticity
  • Use correct board and pin categories so it’s easier for people to find you and so you remain relevant
  • Collaborate – take advantage of the shared board feature.
  • Pin your brand’s blog posts.
  • Pin your articles and newsletters.
  • Take time to interact with others on Pinterest, too. Be a giver and not just a taker.
  • Display Pinterest on your website
  • Always fill new boards (at least 5-10 pins) so they are not empty on the overview
  • Think outside the box – be creative and think of new ways to use Pinterest and to help your brand stand out.

Lorna SixsmithLorna Sixsmith // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Social Media Consultant / Writer / Public Speaker

I use Pinterest for a number of purposes:

  • to drive traffic to my three websites
  • to increase sales of my social media eLearning courses and my books
  • to increase brand awareness and engagement
  • and as my ‘pictorial’ résumé or curriculum vitae.

Top 3 Tips

#1. Using Highly Searched and Relevant Keywords

Many Pinterest users are now using this platform as a search engine rather than searching on Google so it is of utmost importance that your pins and your boards are all optimised with relevant keywords to attract your target audience.

Beachcomber Jewellery, a small Welsh business, making jewellery from recycled silver, hasn’t been using Pinterest very long but found that within two weeks of opening her account, she was followed by a lady planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Within three weeks, she had ordered a wedding ring for her groom and went on to order silver bangles to wear at the wedding.

As Kerry’s target market includes brides looking for something different and environmentally friendly, the keywords of ‘recycled’, ‘wedding ring’, ‘ethical’ and ‘handmade’ are going to be effective, as you can see in this pin.

#2. Use Group Boards Effectively

Group boards can be used in many different ways and contributors can number into the thousands.

If you create and moderate a group board of outstanding quality, you will be viewed as an expert in your field as well as using it to network and collaborate with others.

JoAnn Hines has multiple group boards with her Packaging Pick of the Day group board having over 90,000 pins and 700 contributors.

JoAnn moderates the board closely and interacts with her contributors on a regular basis ensuring she is seen as a curator of high quality content and an expert in packaging.

You can find other group boards to join by searching in Pingroupie and monitor their effectiveness (once you join them) in Pinterest analytics.


#3. Résumé Board

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media platform you can use as a curriculum vitae.

Have you considered using Pinterest as a ‘pictorial’ résumé to demonstrate your achievements, showcase your publications and/or emphasise the press coverage your business has received?

Creating a board entitled ‘xxx in the Media’ or ‘xxxx in the News’ means that you can impress your target market without being too pushy as it is just one board amongst many.

I use my own ‘Lorna Sixsmith in the Media’ board to share my publications, print press coverage and photographs from radio and television interviews

Lorna 2

My top tip:

Use your social media platforms to have a two-way conversation with your target market, not a monologue.

Marc AndreMarc Andre // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Internet Marketer and Blogger

Pinterest plays a significant role in my business right now.

My main website is in the photography industry and I use Pinterest at least 5 days a week to pin images from my blog posts and to pin items from other blogs as well.

Pinterest is the top source of traffic to my site and it is far more steady than the traffic sent from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Tip #1: Organize Your Boards

Many people who follow you will only follow specific boards that interest them rather than following everything you pin, which helps to keep their stream more relevant to their own interests.

Make it easy for them by creating boards for different topics, giving them clear names, and sticking to only pinning relevant content to each board.

When other users view your profile they can scan your boards quickly to see what interests them.

Tip #2: Take the Time to Create Quality Graphics

Pinterest is obviously extremely visual and the success of your pins depends on the graphics and images that you are pinning.

The most successful pins tend to be tall or vertical since they will occupy the most screen space.

Browse through related topics on Pinterest and look for images that stand out to you, or look for the ones that have hundreds and thousands of pins.

I actually have a file of images I have saved as examples of good Pinterest images, and then when I need to create one of my own I can browse the examples for ideas.

You could even create a private board where you pin items that stand out to you.

You don’t have to be a great designer.

You can use Canva for free to create quality graphics pretty easily, and there are even a lot of tutorials that show how to create social media graphics in Canva.

Another option is to hire a designer on Fiverr to create a graphic for you.

You can find free photos to use in your pins by browsing sites like Unsplash and Pixabay,

Tip #3: Get an Invite to Key Group Boards

Group boards allow multiple different users to pin items to the board, and there are a lot of group boards that exist on just about any topic you can imagine.

You can use Pingroupie to find group boards on your topic of interest.

Once you have identified some good group boards (based on the number of followers, number of times pins on the board are being re-pinned, and the relevancy to your content) you will need to get in touch with the board creator to request an invite.

The board creator will be the first avatar that shows up near the top left of the screen above the pins on that board.

Some pinners will list a website or email address in their bio. Others may list a Facebook or Twitter profile, so you could reach out to them through those networks.

Some will give explicit instructions for requesting an invite, like they may ask you to comment on a particular pin.

Once you have been inviting to a few key group boards you can get a lot more exposure for your pins.

My impact with Pinterest took a dramatic turn when I became active with using group boards. You can see more details about how I used group boards to double my traffic from Pinterest here.

Mary LumleyMary Lumley // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~  Pinterest Marketing, Consulting & Training | Pinterest blogger

The power of Pinterest lies in its capacity to drive traffic to websites.  On average 60% of social referrals to my site come from Pinterest.

The beauty of Pinterest is that content is never directly stored on Pinterest.  It ALWAYS directs users to content on other sites.

My Top 3 Tips for being successful on Pinterest:

1. Set your Pinterest account up for business.

You need to have a business account to benefit from Pinterest Analytics.  It allows you to track your Pinterest following and analyse what is working for you and what is not.

Verify your website to indicate that you are the legitimate website owner.

Verified Pinterest accounts have more authority in Pinterest search.  Don’t forget to apply for Rich Pins.

They pull meta-data from your website that is then displayed on Pinterest. They get a better search rank and are more visible in Pinterest users’ feeds

2. Include pin-worthy, eye-catching images on your website and in every blog post.

Vertical images work best, they must be of high quality and should include a call-to-action. Add attention-grabbing text to your images.

70% of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobile devices, so make sure the images are clearly visible on a mobile device.

3. Produce keyword-rich profile, board & pin descriptions

By giving your Pinterest content clear descriptions and by including keywords you increase the chance of being listed in search results.

Use a conversational tone to describe the topic of your pins and add a call-to-action to increase click-throughs.

The first three boards are most visible, so select them carefully.

Finally, one other essential ingredient to being successful on Pinterest is to pin regularly throughout the day, at least 5-10 pins a day.

Want to learn more about driving traffic with Pinterest? Visit

Mitt RayMitt Ray // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Founder of Social Marketing Writing.

Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to my website and has helped the infographics and other images I have created receive a lot of exposure as they get pinned and repinned repeatedly.

My top 3 Pinterest tips are…

1. Create eye catching visuals:

Bloggers can take advantage of Pinterest by making the images in their blog posts more Pinterest friendly. They can create tall Pinterest friendly cover images as they perform really well.

Mitt-Ray-Creating Images for Pinterest

But don’t make them too tall as a study by Curalate found that vertical images with aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 perform better than very tall images.

Also include other images like screenshots in your blog posts as some readers might prefer pinning these images.

Adding the pin it button above and below the post and to the images is important as well, because they remind readers that they can pin the image.

If you can create attractive visuals and encourage people to pin them, you should see a rise in Pinterest traffic.

2. Pin regularly:

You need to pin images at least 10 to 20 times a day if you want to get great results (repins, followers, ‘Likes’, clicks, etc.) with Pinterest.

I notice that many Pinterest users tend to pin all their images at once, but don’t fall into this habit. You should spread your pins over an entire day.

Leave a time gap of at least 1 to 2 hours between pins. You can easily schedule pins using tools like Viraltag and Buffer.

3. Use group boards:

An easy way to boost your Pinterest presence is by joining popular Pinterest group boards and regularly pinning quality images onto them.

Popular group boards with highly engaged followers can help generate both followers and website traffic.

You can easily find popular relevant group boards by using a tool like PinGroupie.

Make sure you follow all the group board rules set by the board owner as not following them could lead to you being removed from the group.

After you have built a loyal following you can create your own group board and add contributors and attract followers.

Paula Coop McCroryPaula Coop McCrory // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Social Media Influencer. Consultant. Artist.

With 4.4 million followers on Pinterest, Paula is a verifiable social media marketer and taste influencer.

Paula Coop McCrory 1Pinterest has become one of the leading platforms for brands to share their content to an international audience. 

Be authentic.

My mantra is I only pin what I love.

This may sound simple but when followed, beautifully curated boards result. 

Stay true to who you are and make sure that is reflected in what you pin and how you present your boards.

Make sure you represent all of your interests and what you find fascinating.

I see Pinterest as a visual diary into who I am. 

Paula Coop McCrory 3

Pin a little everyday. Stay current. Stay active.

Vena Jensen BlitschVena Jensen Blitsch // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Social Media Coach, Content Writer, Blogger, Project Manager, Business Consultant.

Pinterest is a highly profitable social media network for several of my clients. We can directly correlate sales with promotions and increased pinning.

We use it to reach out to our target markets and drive traffic to our websites.

My top 3 tips for bloggers and social media consultants looking to take Pinterest seriously?

  • Be very active on Pinterest.

Add at least 25 pins or repins per day – and more if possible. Use Tailwind or ViralTag to help you schedule your pins.

  • Take the time to write helpful descriptions and link back to your website to encourage pinners to visit your website.

Use keywords to improve SEO for your company.

  • Group boards can be especially effective.

Invite people to join your Group Board that add value to your target customers. Be sure to thank your group members when they take the time to pin to your board.

Zac JohnsonZac Johnson // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Entrepreneur. Branding expert. Nearly 20 years of experience in the online marketing space

There are currently over 70 million users on Pinterest, and while it’s not getting the same usage as Twitter and Facebook, it’s definitely sending a ton of traffic to the sites and marketers who are putting in the time and effort.

When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, it’s all about posting content that is likely to get shared while also being visually appealing.

In reference to my own sites, I’m using Pinterest to send traffic to my site properties through social sharing of infographics, case studies and entrepreneur quotes.

Here are three additional tips for bloggers and social media consultants on how to take full advantage of what Pinterest has to offer.

– Target the female audience.

Over 80% of Pinterest users are female… if you create content targeted towards their demographic and interests, you will get more shares, pins and traffic back to your site.

Of the 80% of females on Pinterest, 50% are moms — use this to your advantage.

– Decor, crafts, DIY, cooking, health and fashion are the largest communities on Pinterest.

If you can create unique content for your site based around these niche markets, you can find viral success on Pinterest.

Once created, be sure to integrate Pinterest buttons on your blog content to make it easily sharable and Pinterest friendly.

– The best day of the week to post content to Pinterest, is on Saturday in between the hours of 8pm-11pm (source: Fannit).

The peak time to post on Pinterest for fashion and retail related content is on Fridays at 3pm.

Struggling to find success with Pinterest or getting your content to go viral?

See what is currently trending on Pinterest and what content gets the most shares.

Create your own variation of this content, make it better and keep posting it to Pinterest til you hit a winner.

Adel de MeyerAdel de Meyer // @Twitter // @Pinterest

~ Hootsuite & Social Media influencer, consultant, speaker and trainer

I use Pinterest to help me build my personal brand. Pinterest is a great tool to reach a different audience than on Facebook or Twitter.

Pinterest is so successful because it is very visual and we as humans react strongly to good strong visuals.

My tips for Pinterest and building your personal brand are:

1. Create boards that reflect a bit more about you as a person.

All my Pinterest boards I created are around topics that are my hobbies or personal interest. This way my fans and followers get a better understanding of who I am behind the work titles.


2. Collaborate with others in the same industry as you.

Hootsuite created a board for the Hootsuite ambassadors to pin together. This way the board stays very active and creative as each contributor adds value in a different way.


3. Create a board that tells your personal story or reflects your work history (like a resume)

Creating a board like this gives the viewer a quick visual overlook of your story and journey in life and it is easier for them to relate to you and stay a loyal fan.


Sue-Anne-DunlevieSue Anne Dunlevie // Twitter // Pinterest

~ Blogging Strategist

I am a recent convert to Pinterest. I just started using it 3 months ago and have over 4,500+ followers.

Now, Pinterest may not have the most traffic of all the social media channels, but it brings in lots of referral traffic to my blog, and that’s what I care about.

And it’s easier to build a following than on other channels.

My best tips?

1. You want your images to be repinned.

On Pinterest, 80% of the action you see are repins. Repins get you traffic. So, create repinnable images by making them brand-worthy.

I only use red and blue (my blog colors) with white text.

I made 4 templates on and reuse them every week for my blog post pin.

2. Donna Moritz taught me to pin often, but not all at one time.

3 to 5 times a day is a great strategy for Pinterest.

If you don’t want to jump on Pinterest that often (because you love looking at pins of pretty handbags – wait, that’s just me, right?), use a scheduling tool like Buffer or Tailwind.

Pinterest is fun and it doesn’t seem like work. That’s the best recommendation I can give about ANY social media platform!



Take Pinterest for Business seriously.

Get in touch with your favorite social media consultant and pro blogger featured in this expert roundup.

Introduce yourself. Tell them you’ve read their Pinterest insights and how much you appreciate their wisdom.

Follow them on Twitter. Join their mailing list. Be active. Communicate.

Learn Pinterest by applying the tips inside. It will be well worth the effort.

If you have any questions or comments about Pinterest for social media success, do leave them below.



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