Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Learn How to: Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing In 2013 and Beyond…

Learning how to make money online with affiliate marketing is like learning how to write. It’s a skill you’ll be using for the rest of your lifetime – an advantage that will enable you to go from poor to rich, from zero to hero.

Affiliate Websites DiagramIf making $5,000 a month means online riches to you, congratulations! If that’s not enough to live quite well, then increase your goal. Leverage your affiliate marketing plan and take it to the next level. It can be done. I am one great example. In fact, my newsletter gives details on how I’ve generated 109 sales in one single day…. (I’ve done even more than that recently).

Do you think I achieved this the first day I woke up to learn about affiliate marketing?

Do you honestly think I’ve managed to obtain this type of revenue, without building a mailing list of hot prospects (that trust my websites) and my product recommendations?

You cannot expect to make this type of money without building a strong business foundation first:

  • your brand (site/blog)
  • your mailing list (of loyal fans and buyers)

Before you build your site/blog, ask yourself these key “branding” questions”

1. How do I want to “stick” into the minds of my prospects and/or customers?


“I want to be remembered as an ethical marketer who tests products before he promotes them”.

“I want to be remembered as a genuine copywriter who writes from the heart, regardless of how much he gets paid”.

“I want to be remembered as a blogger who only talks from personal experience, and shares nothing but true stories and inspiring facts”.

2. How can I turn my response into a USP (unique selling proposition)?



John Doe,

Ethical Marketer

“Never promoting hype”


John Doe,

“Writing from the heart, always”


“John Doe,

“I blog to inspire you to inspire others“


3. How can I build my site/blog around my USP?


Create a content marketing strategy and focus on writing nothing but red-hot content.

  • Strive to write your best 10 posts (minimum 700 words) in your first month (and replicate that each month).

You want to make this content the foundation of your official website or blog. You could create 10 separate articles, or a series of 10 pieces. Even better, why not create the ultimate guide for your niche/industry?

You’ll have the best guide (7,000+ words) on the topic, and you’ll position yourself as the go-to-guy on the subject. In fact, it’s what I am doing for health niche affiliate marketing. It works; companies are starting to come to the HWA brand for exposure!

The future of online marketing is branding YOU. Brand your websites, brand your name – write for the people and build multiple leads.

  • Write 20 hot posts (minimum 600 words) for other people’s sites/blogs (aka guest posting).

That means you have to get out there, make connections with like-minded marketers and bloggers in your industry, and propose to write for their audience.

There are blogs that are expressly looking for guest post authors (I am one of them), thus you’ll see a page at the top of their site that usually reads “Write for us” or “Guest Post”. (you will see this working live on the HWA blog revamp update.)

Some sites may feature that at the bottom of their site, or it is buried somewhere else. Your mission is to run a Google search for your niche and find these writing opportunities.

E.g.: “your niche” + “guest post” (“Internet marketing” + “guest post) as an example for the internet marketing niche.

Social Media Affiliate MarketingWhy even bother to guest post, shouldn’t I just be adding to my own site?

Simple, because publishing content on other sites (in your niche) is a not only a strong themed back-linking strategy that helps give your website a boost in your search engine rankings, but you will also get direct traffic/leads (from visitors reading YOUR quality content) at the same time.

This back-linking method is not new, nor is it black hat. Obviously, you need to research and look for highly-relevant sites in your industry and propose to write something which they have not already covered before (from a particular angle you have an in depth idea for.) You also have to deliver truly amazing content (potentially better than the posts from other guest authors) to stand out and attract even MORE visitors.

And, guess what happens once your post is approved for just one big blog in your niche… Other top blogs will want to feature you and your content! And from there, you create a snowball effect that propels your site into new and even bigger audiences that before.

Some of the top affiliates I talk to (I am also now doing this) are using this method with great success and never look back again. This is how to really explode your article marketing efforts. Forget those over used and saturated article marketing directories, and think big with your marketing plan. (I will be updating my HWA material to reflect my new strategies in the coming weeks.)

Here’s how to make money online with affiliate marketing through guest posting

  1. Build relationships.

Before you pitch your content idea, ensure you have at least read the blog or site you want to get featured on. Analyze the latest 7-10 posts. Read other guest posts. See what they cover, and notice how. Understand what makes the top posts get comments or referrals. Do so for a few days with 5-7 top blogs in your niche.

Within a week you’ll have an idea for new topics/subjects that you will want to cover.

Before you pitch the ideas, you BETTER leave some great comments on previously published posts. That’s one way of attracting the attention of the blog owner, and some of its audience. When you know what has been already published on the site, and when you’re already someone who not only reads the blog, but also comments on their post, then you’re more than welcome to send your content pitch.

In fact by doing the above, you’ll save a ton of time and effort as you will skip the introduction part (e.g. Hi, my name is X, and I’ve been reading your blog for weeks/months… I wanted to ask if you’re open to guest posting).

Nah! That’s not how you approach someone that has seen your comments and name before, is it?

You might want to start off in a different way…

Hi “X”, “Y” here…

I noticed you’re not covering “Z” topic on your blog, and wanted to ask if you can let me talk about it. I have an idea for 3 different titles (you list them) – which one do you think will work best?

 Thank you,


You can create your own introduction / email. That’s what I highly recommend. In fact, If everybody is using the same formula, overtime, it will become far less effective. And remember, top affiliates always innovate or emulate and improve, never directly copy!

  1. Take social media seriously.

Can Facebook and Twitter help you make money online with affiliate marketing?

Definitely, if you know how, and know how to do it right. Sadly, most affiliates do not even use social media. (My new material will cover how to make social media work for you.) Not to mention, the ones that try it, quit before they start to see results. And that’s because they do it by themselves, without proper guidance or a WORKING system in place.

I won’t talk about systems just now. But, what you do need to understand is a simple principle: social media, just like blog commenting is all about human interaction…

Help people. Ask questions, answer inquiries. That’s all you have to do. Share links from time to time. Give (more often) links to other people’s helpful sites. Give (less often) links to your site/affiliate promotions.

80% of your content will be (where you ask and answer questions) and 20% promotions (links to your sites/affiliate promos/other sites).

That’s a formula that works wonders, and I learned it from others only recently. This year, I’m about to take social media to the next level with the help of an expert on the subject. I will become actively involved in the social media game because I am a serious and DEDICATED affiliate. We have to learn, adapt and apply. Never think you know it all, or are to big to take advice. There is always someone around the corner who knows MUCH MORE than you!

You cannot really go on the affiliate bandwagon like that. First, I study the best practices, and then tap into the water.

What’s your affiliate marketing strategy for 2013?

How are you using social media?

What about guest posting?

What works for you? What do you plan to do differently? Why?

I’d love to hear your comments…




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