NSF Student Q + A…

“Hi John,

Circumstances oblige me to outsource virtually everything.

Since you are in a kind of beta launch and you’ve been writing over a protracted period, some loose ends, contradictions, ambiguities etc. are unavoidable and I’ve been trying to organise the various things you’ve written re NSF into a coherent whole, the better to understand the total NSF system.

So, before I put the pedal to the metal and drive off in all the wrong directions, may I just clarify some points?

Please correct me where I go off track.

Roughly 30 days seems to be regarded as Phase 1.”

Yes, that’s correct.

“My first, and all subsequent websites will be given the full, 4 tier SEO Warrior Commandertreatment for 3 months (90 days), included in the $127 price. Right?”

No, only the first website will go on my package with seo-warrior. If I was to put every website on the full package for $127, I would go bankrupt pretty fast!                        

“At regular SEO Warrior prices that’s $600 worth so we are getting an incredible bargain. (Even if I’m wrong, it’s still a bargain anyway!)”

Again, you get the SEO-Warrior plan on the first site only.

“The 3 months does not start until Phase 1 is more or less complete.”

Yeah, you need a natural base of comment links BEFORE I start sending your website links from seo-warrior. I may even limit this deal to the first 50, or 100 people only. The top package alone is normally $297 a month, so it’s a good deal regardless, your right

“I don’t use SEO Warrior until Promotion Phase 2. Right?”

Yeah… Again, you need a natural base of comment links BEFORE going more aggressive with the tiered link building (SEO-WARRIOR.ORG)

“Looks like I shouldn’t use them until your 90 day Commander work is done, so it’s month 5 before I start with SEO Warrio myself. Right?”

On the first site, depending on where you are after around 4 months – you may choose to run an SEO WARRIOR plan of your own for maintenance reasons (and also to push rankings up further.)

Just be aware (depending on the nature of the niche and competition) that sites can get de-ranked often.) The key is a rotation system that can cope with all updates, which is basically what NSF is designed for.

“How can I earn money before that then?”

You can earn money in your very first month, if you pick the right product (that has traffic and small competition.) You could also launch ten websites at once, there is limitless potential.

“So Phase 3 wouldn’t begin until month 6? Right?”

Phase 3 is month 3… The phases are designed to be rolled out over a 3 month period per new website. You seem to be getting majorly confused here… The links I give you on website one are bonus links to help get your site some linking love and hopefully some initial rankings.

Also, on all websites you order after the first website receive one way links by Lang and my team over time (using our huge HWA network), but not from seo-warrior.

“Can you please specify which of Rank Crew’s services I should use in the first 30 days?”

I would use their blog commenting service, and article/web2.0 services only.

“Rank Crew offers spun articles. Brian Cook (Hub Pages) says Google penalizes them. Therefore I should provide Rank Crew with original, quality articles. Right?”

I try to do everything unique, but then again Google can penalize anything these days. For the sake of link building, spinning still works from my own test results.

“I can use Backlink Booster for (more) powerful results. However, we’re not supposed to be too pushy or unnatural so how much is too much?”

Backlink booster is not a link building tool, but a service that will send some juice to the links ALREADY pointing to your website. Doe-sent really matter how aggressive you go with this service…

“Round about the 30 day mark I send you my URL and 10 well researched, buyer related keywords. I can use Keyword Canine to help with this.

You will use these keywords to provide some link love.  Is that via the HWA Affiliate network?”

No, via SEO-WARRIOR. The health link will consist of general one way links to help with link anchor text link diversity.

“No affiliate links until after Phase 1. Right?”

Up to you on this one… I am starting to get mine up after a few weeks now. There is no set way – you just have to test what works best for you. Just like life, one way for someone might not be the same way for another. The core may be similar, but you might have to adapt some things for your own way.

“As always, I shouldn’t be too aggressive at first.”

No, try to keep it what Google considers the normal side of things… To much links at the start could raise a red flag.

“Directory Maximizer  is good for phase 2 of HWA link building.”


“There was no reference to the term “HWA link building” in phase 1 so I presume we are speaking in terms of it being the combined phases 1 and 2 – and not related to the HWA Link Network.”

Yes, many of my followers from my old HWA service. So, HWA link building is phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3. I’ve always broken the steps down in to 3 phases.

“SEO Warrior Hercules is for Phase 3”

Yes, if needed. And be sure to rotate websites as they rank for optimal effect and ROI. So, when a website is ranking – put a new one in and so on.

“Additional firepower available from:

Linkitpro hpr-squared

HWA Link Networks

Linkitpro Aztec  

Linkitpro Giza

Link Emperor

I’m desperate to lay out a clear path to follow. Your response will be very helpful.”

Yes, depending on the competition for the terms you are going after…



“P.S. It’s refreshing and encouraging to find someone as dedicated to his followers as you are, John.  I expect to be with you for a long time.”

Thanks. It’s tough… Lately, my emotional health has taken a serious hit due to some past personal issues. However, if we learn to connect with the core of all what is – everything can be overcome. And when you learn to love yourself, helping others comes naturally. I need to get rid of some websites/projects and so I am only doing one project at a time. You were right, I am doing too much – baby steps make for bigger steps later  – no matter the project

Hope you can apply this insight to your own life/business.




I am currently revamping our flag ship service for the new year…I am going to try make the steps easier to follow, explain things in more detail where needed – give more videos… and generally just expand with an advanced SEO section. I will be making detailed videos on how to build your own rank networks and more.

I will also be updating the entire master chart with an easier navigation structure. On top of that, I will go over the keyword groups to get the latest data in terms of search volume and ease of rank on the search engines. Some of the data may have changed since they were complied so it’s time for the yearly update J

I am also starting to link to current member NSF websites who put their order in via email t o the que system. I will be sending a dose of HIGH PR themed links INSTEAD of what I had planned with a lower quality tiered package. I am doing this to give these websites an extra BOOST for you guys.

NSF membership is currently closed due to all slots being full and while I work on the revamp. I am also updating the entire website design (to make it more user friendly), which you will all see soon. You will be able to login directly from the website instead of having to search through emails each time you want to login etc.

There will be a journal section, and I may add in a private forum so we can share results etc and get to know one another as a private community. The mastermind on SKYPE did not work well. I think SKYPE is ok for calls, but it’s not good for a mastermind or overall interaction in my opinion.

For anyone who is on my newsletter and interested in joining our private membership, we will be offering a package at $497 with one free website and a dose of one way HIGH PR links bundled in. We will also be offering a $297 package with limited data packs and no free website or links..

You still get to use the HWA networks and access to 100 data packs. However, you won’t get a free website or one way links on this package – and you won’t get the full master chart. Nor will you get new opportunities added in each month…

I wanted to offer 2 packages for those who may not be able to afford the $497 option.

I will keep you all updated and let you know when NSF opens again via the newsletter.

The Health network and order website section is working VERY WELL at present, so those will stay as is for now… Some of you are starting to send in your unique articles and get your aged themed links now.

For those of you who joined but have done nothing for whatever reasons, I urge you to give the system a try. We are seeing some INCREDBILE results right now. I’ll be doing some more case studies to help motivate members in to action. More update on those soon.

Finally, I will be adding in a script that will tell you that each website order went through ok , but that’s about it for now.

Back to you all soon…



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