Niche Site Formula Updates…

So I’m updating Niche Site Formula right now.

The biggest job I am doing right is updating all of the data packs and making a new improved master chart (with the most up to date data.) As you know (or even if you don’t), the search data changes on a month to month basis… However, over the course of six months to a year – the data can change significantly.

I’ll be updating every single data pack with the most up to date information (coming from keyword canine), the keyword software I use for my own niche affiliate marketing…

I’m also adding in new keywords (to each niche product pack) that are niche related (still very buyer targeted), but help to make the websites more natural. I have seen websites ranking for a VERY long time when just adding on five or so natural related niche articles (not targeting your product term in anyway).

I have been working on a completely new design with my designer. We are making the entire website more user friendly in terms of logging in and knowing where to go etc. I am also revamping the inside membership area to improve on certain sections – adding in more, and generally just improving every area I can.

I am making a follow John section where I will show you STEP BY STEP what I would do if I had just joined as a member. I will order a website and show via videos EXACTLY what I do – and then I will show you the website making money when I am done. I will show you HOW to create an asset on several campaigns step by step…

If you guys have any feedback, let me know now. I aim to have NSF live again (ready to take new orders) by the end of this month. There will be a new 50 slot cap. We are running a $497 offer where you get everything – al data packs, (and ongoing new data packs added), plus on top of that – a free website and a round of one way links sent to that website (from one of the services I use).

For current members, I am sending your websites (for you guys who put your link build orders in via email) a dose of HIGH PR themed links to help get them going for you.

I am also opening up a private section of the membership where you can order HIGH PR Themed Networks, and also directly buy links without needing to send in any articles!

I want to help you guys as much as I can, so please log in and check out all the new stuff when I make the announcement 🙂

Here is a checklist I made to help make your current websites rank and rank much longer term…

On Site Check List:

This is a checklist you can use to make sure your websites rank longer and are set up correctly. There are some tweaks that you really should make on your money blogs for optimal results. Remember, this is the system I personally use every day for affiliate profits.

When you receive your NSF websites, or even if you build your own – there are some tweaks you need to make for optimal results. If you want to rank for a good length of time on each of your campaigns, you MUST apply these tweaks – sooner rather than later.

*        On Page SEO

I have tried to limit the main page keyword to 3 times on recent websites. These are ranking extremely well right now. Once in the headline… once in the first sentence or first paragraph at minimum,… and once more towards the end of the article…

See my updated on page SEO guide here:

The sidebar for NSF Money websites can make on site optimization difficult at times.

In a very few instances I have been forced to have 5 keywords on the same page, but this is now the maximum that I will ever have.

I STRONGLY recommend that you add in some niche related articles that do not mention the product you are promoting on the post title or anywhere else.  The most recent posts will come up on your sidebars and so it will not only help your website be more helpful to searchers, it will bring all the keyword density naturally.

On some of my mini sites, I target product keyword long tial keywords and niche related articles from the start. Here is one I am currently working on:

Notice how the keyword density is perfectly natural and not in any way over used. The niche related most recent articles on the side bar are helping keep the main key term density lower on the page.

I NEVER link to the merchants using the main page keyword or the product, as this may indicate to the search engines that these pages are more important than our own page content – not what we want to do.

I ALWAYS make the front page Google Title (and all blog post Titles that get listed on the search engines) more clickable and to improve conversion click through and potential sales conversion. (Using All-In-One SEO PLUGIN)…

Here is a video I made on how to do that for your home page titles:


*        No Index/No Follow

For the Privacy, Contact, About Us and Disclaimer pages etc… I have made sure that the No Index and No Follow boxes are ticked. I try to vary these pages per site and make them unique in some way.

*        Contact Us Page

Where this page has not been included on my sites, I have put one in (a contact page) and the linking of that page should be mixed up between top menu and bottom menu per site, or even the side (for variation purposes).

About Us Page… Should this always be included? I would always have an about us page on ALL of your websites. It makes your websites look like they were built by humans (which they were) and made for your potential visitors (which they are).

*        Related Sites – Linking to authority websites in your niche

I have included related or useful information links for the reader linking to authority sites in the sidebar. Check out my example on

*        Check Your Flow on all YOUR Articles

I ALWAYS read through the individual articles to make sure there is a natural flow and grammar structure. If there are flow issues, grammar issues or blatant typo errors mean (and where there are obvious errors) You will need to correct them ASAP.

*        YouTube VIDEOS

Try to include a link to a YOUTUBE video, or make your own and add it to your websites. I Find websites rank better when I do this too.

I am also making a new section inside NSF to show you how to rank videos for multiple campaigns as well. Videos can rank faster than websites, but I still prefer the niche site model (for several reasons) personally.

I am writing this out for you guys because I want to see those of you who work the system to get results. I would also like to see you to get the best from your campaigns and rank for as long as possible. All of this will help.

I am not writing from theory, but from ACTUAL live trial and error. I work this system myself daily. When I ever update or tweak something, I will let you know inside this membership.

Just because you DO NOT see much interaction here, doesn’t mean the system is old or outdated. What do you want a chat room, or a system that can produce results…


I hope your New Year goals are in place – are you on track?

Are you following your goals you made? Or have you slumped out. If you have, give yourself a kick up the ass and will yourself back in the game – YOU CAN DO IT.

Up to now, I’m proud of myself because I have kept up with my goals that I made so far. I’m pretty tired, but I’m taking power naps and forging on ahead.

For me, back to learning some more Face book advertising education for tonight. When I have put in an hour there, I will read some more of the new book I am reading

“The Power Of Now”


How about you?

Hope you are on track with your new year goals too.



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6 thoughts on “Niche Site Formula Updates…

  1. Hi John

    Thanks for the detailed update.

    To me, these 2 future updates stand out the most for me:
    * follow John videos
    * order HIGH PR Themed Networks without sending articles

    Now I will be off to working on my sites as you have outlined in this article.
    Janice Chiang recently posted…Where To Buy African MangoMy Profile

  2. I really went to school here – thanks for putting this up! In addition to applying this advice to new sites, I will go back and touch up existing ones. I see I have made some boo-boos, especially linking to merchants using my keywords, and not putting in enough links to authority sites! I see how the Recent Posts, if left there add to the over-density of keywords on a webpage. I have linked to many Vimeo videos on one website (the pages they link to show PR9) – I suppose Google/YouTube frowns on that.

    You didn’t mention how to or not to use Adsense, but I see it on your sample site – what do you advise about using Adsense on the minisites that primarily promote one or a limited number of products? Helpful or not?

    I’m afraid I’m slipping on my yearly goals already. Need that kick alright.

    • Hi Bob, sometimes we have to dig down deep. If I can keep up with my goals and deal with two screaming toddlers, you CAN keep up with your goals.
      I want to hear that you made it through this year, so head up and tunnel vision!! 🙂

      If putting adsense on your money sites, put them out of the way. We are going for the sale, not the adsense income. I put adsense on because I feel it helps
      with the credibility of the website. It’s like the site is associated with Google in some way, and so seems to convert the sale better for me. Not sure why,
      but this is what I have seen personally. Other people may have different results.

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