What Are My Favorite Most Profitable Affiliate Programs…

What Are My Favorite Most Profitable Affiliate Programs to Profit from Long-Term?

Johnny G - Affiliate Coach

Healthy Wealthy Affiliate Mentor

My favorite niche is the health industry. There you can find the most profitable affiliate programs and money-making opportunities. I have also dabbled with technology in the past, and the affiliate marketing/online marketing niche lately, but I feel like I am 100% addicted to the health niche for reasons you’ll find next…

At the bottom of this article, I will show you how you can find some of the best health affiliate programs I use, so check that out too.

Why Health Affiliate Programs

I’ve been in the game for more than a decade now, and I am always on the look out for ethical health companies offering the best affiliate programs that I believe will be around for the long term.

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Another main reason I love to play in the health affiliate industry is because I know how to market companies that pay affiliates on a lifetime commission structure.

Once I make an affiliate sale, that customer now becomes “mine” and is tagged to me for “life”.

When customers come back re-ordering the product or any other product from that company, I am paid another repeat commission – without me having to lift a finger. Does passive income ring a bell?

This is the smart way to do affiliate marketing…

You do the work once and get paid over and over again for your initial effort. I think this should be the standard in the industry. I feel like top sellers put real time, energy and money to promote the product, so they should be rewarded for the lifetime of the customers they bring in, don’t you think?

Stats from my top converting natural health products show something interesting: around 35% of customers come back and re-order in the following months…

It gets better! Many of my customers return to add even higher volumes of the initial product, and sometimes, various other health products too.

The biggest advantage here is that once you have generated your first sale, you have a high ratio of receiving repeat orders in the coming months.

In other words, you are creating a long-term business from repeat customers and repeat commissions. It’s the best investment you can make online.

Don’t you think this is the wisest way to promote affiliate products, as compared to wasting time aiming for one time sales?

Note – Some offers are so hot and so in demand that you would be a fool NOT to promote them, no matter the commission structure. I talk about that more on my blog on posts like this one.

Types of Affiliate Programs

Like I’ve said before, you have different associate programs that pay for the lifetime of the client, bringing you commissions for everything the client orders with that company. Over the years, a single customer can make you thousands in affiliate sales.

There are also other types of affiliate programs:

  • Pay per Sale programs (like MoreNiche, ClickBank, Plimus and other affiliate networks).
  • Pay per Lead programs that pay you when the referral you bring fills out a web form, requests a quote, or downloads a program.
  • Recurring programs that pay a monthly commission for as long as the client you refer stays subscribed with that membership or whatever you’re promoting.
  • 2-tier programs which pay not only for direct sales that you bring in, but also for the sales of your referrals (on the 2-tier level) – income adds up and you can build a small army of loyal affiliates, all “working for you”.

If you want to generate a small living online, then turn that into a system that builds a long-lasting self sustaining businesses. I highly recommend you enter the health affiliate niche, and promote the programs and products I’m already promoting that are already proven to make me money.

Inside your free HWA 2.0 portal, I reveal some of the best health affiliate programs I use and can vote for personally. Stay tuned for HWA 2.0…



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