Promoting Keyword Targeted Health Products…

Discover My Strategy For Promoting Keyword Targeted Health Products…

When promoting the brand type of products that I often call “in demand health products” for HWA (healthy wealthy affiliate) marketers’, there is a system I use that has been working well for me for many years now. (Yes, this still works for 2013, post panda/penguin.)

You can use the same promotion techniques I reveal in your free membership portal by the way…

However, you need to target the products a little differently when going for product brands that are already known (even offline.) The reason for this is because you want super related traffic (visitors that are already in buying mode) for the actual product search terms.

This blog post will go over this concept and give you a few live examples. If you have any direct questions relating to this – you can post them on the comments below and there will be an ongoing discussion via the comments if it’s needed.

One Product Per Mini-Site Model

Let’s take the well known affiliate health product “proactol” as an example.

For the one product per mini-site model, our home page would be on the key term – “proactol” or something close to that term that has decent search volume.

The rest of the mini-site will have blog posts that are related to this keyword.  Here is a classic example of such a keyword -“does proactol work”

In fact, you will often find that these types of keywords have lower search volume than the main product keyword, but have way less competition. These are what I often call “golden long tail keywords” because we can get rank for them much more easily.

As you build out more websites and learn more about affiliate marketing, you will realise it doesn’t even take much traffic on these types of terms to make a sale. This is how I am able to convert some of my visitors at a ratio of 1 in 5 on some of my past websites!

The idea here is to then grow this website out with as many related keywords that attract related traffic to this product term. (I have multiple hot buying keywords in your upgraded members area for many of these types of health related products.) Since I am building and promoting products (and new ones) full time, I wanted to share what I use and what I do with all of my loyal blog readers here 🙂

If you want to send articles to the website to help get it indexed and get the HWA process started, we can promote this website using general weight loss terms around the niche. (This will avoid rejections from web 2.0/article  directories for part of phase 1.)

We can also write articles on a mix of both general terms and the keywords that are directly related to the product for the blog… This will all become clear when you have been in your free membership area to study my process for each new website I build.

This is what I personally do when creating websites going after a single product. I start sending one way links using the product name keywords (and variations) as anchor link text. By doing so, I can normally rank for many related terms around the product.

Side note – Remember to mix up your keyword anchor text to stay within the “Google norm”… You don’t want a bunch of links using the same keyword anchor text anymore. Google won’t just penalize over optimization on your web page, but on your off site external factors too (Link building).

By doing the above, I can normally get rank for the product keyword itself on the major search engines…

Sometimes, it may not be the home page that I get the rank for, but as long as your pages are up there and getting traffic, you’ll make some sales. (Provided you have good preselling content and are providing value on your websites).

Since competition is often low on many of the key terms around these types of products, it’s an easy way to make an income online fast.

In fact, you can be profiting in as little as month 2 after registering the domain name if you work this right. When I say right, I mean don’t over optimize in your link building and on page factors. (100 links a month is more than enough for the first month for a new domain.) Anymore, and it could well be considered too aggressive and unnatural for the new ranking algorithms. Although, just test it hard baby… I’ve had new sites rankling in the top ten in 7 days!

So you know, I normally send 50 links in the first month of the website going live (using blog comments), and then I send as many links as I want or need after that period… However, I am trying to give you safer advice, since I am an aggressive affiliate, and often use all hats (white, grey, and even black) when it comes to my SEO…

Consider this… if you build out twenty of these websites, and they all start to make a sale in month three, four, five and six (very normal) you can make some BIG dollars and really start to see the power of HWA (healthy wealthy affiliate) marketing.

As you can see, going after direct branded product searches is probably the smartest way to do affiliate marketing, since people are already telling you what they are about to buy!

Domain Names

To avoid copyright issues and trademark problems down the road, I would recommend using a general domain name related to the niche… However, I have been using the product name like this as an example – “” for years.

I have never had any problems, but I don’t want anyone blaming me if they ever get in to trouble with this stuff. The best thing to do is just reach out and ask for permission from the merchant you are promoting, or even the affiliate network you are in. Ignore the rumors about EMD not working, they still work (at present) and you can see this for yourself if you type in some health product names.

Live Mini Site Example…

Here is a live example of an old mini-site of mine promoting an in demand health product :

As you can see, the home page is targeting the keyword – “ageless male” with a sticky blog page. The other pages on the website are for other search terms related to the product in that niche (that obviously get some buyer search volume per month).


Four of the articles on this particular website are written on the buyer related key terms…

So, as you can see here in this example – you would have the main page as your main product or niche keyword term, and then the other pages/posts of the website on keywords that are directly related to the product/niche search terms.

Again, your promotion articles ON THE WEB 2.0 SOURCES can be more general, since you are aiming to get rank for the articles on your website for these types of products…


I recommend a strong home page presell, maybe a No BS review. Keep all the articles unique and the preselling as natural as you can too. See my blog section here for preselling advice –

Remember, on your websites it’s about providing value and gaining credibility too. You need to provide as much educational and very helpful information as you can. (The more value you can give the better).

With large websites (blogs) on these types of products using the HWA system, and the one way link building techniques I will be training you on – you can get many sales on these health products and affiliate offers…

In fact, for those affiliates on my list that are prepared to put in the initial effort – these types of products really are a no brainer…


If you are building these out on your own host, I recommend you do a private registration with your domain register and host each website on a completely unique server with a unique IP address, thus making them an independent website entity.

There is one company I use that I reveal inside NSF (without having to use several hosting companies) and it still works well, regardless of what people say. Remember, my advice is based on present results, not speculation!

Down the road, when you have a portfolio of websites built up, you can point some of those previous websites you built to boost a new website Of course, you may want to start a new website on a new keyword targeted health product to expand your affiliate empire…

Important – You do not want to cross link your websites PERIOD – the search engines are always cracking down on mini-site networks so be very careful on how you do this. (I will be writing about link network building later, and will offer a video course on how to do this inside niche site formula).

What you can do (and this works well too) is create some three way links with other website owners. An owner of a website links to your proactol website for example, while you link to a completely different health website that they own. Again, this works (and is part of my set-up over at – There is no cross linking going on with this type of process.

Remember to always keep it real and to keep it natural! There is no harm in a website that is providing value that links to a related website on the same theme (that is also providing value).

Look around, the web is built for this (so we can put this to our advantage here) and make the web work for us. Also, think of your link network as a hub for sharing good information on one theme. Those public mass linking networks are spam networks, and not the real concepts of a true themed network anyhow…

Multi Product Website

Another way that you can work the branded keyword targeted health products model is to promote them in batches of three, (or even more on the same website).

Again, you can even do more on the same website, especially as NSF introduces multiple related bodybuilding and various other types of health related (and fitness) products…

A perfectly legitimate business model would be to build out a huge website reviewing all the affiliate health products you can find. You could write blog articles on the long tail niche keywords, as well as all the buyer related keywords on each and every product!

Check out this article that I wrote here that details the process involved.

This method above works extremely well. In fact, a website such as this can turn in to a five figure monthly earner for you. However, only if you put in the work and go through the hurdles that you must overcome in the process!

Live Example

Here is a quick example of a website promoting all three popular weight loss products…

I normally have a section for each product on the left for these types of products. You can make this type of blog in to a huge website promoting all 3 products – using tons of buyer related (and long tail keywords) around this niche.

The weight loss industry is huge. Even if you can tap in to just SOME of that traffic using the long tail keywords (when you dig deep with your keyword research), you can make healthy ongoing profits.

By the way, we will still have blog posts on the actual buyer related product keyword terms for larger blogs, and our promotions will point to these pages using many different variations of the buyer product keyword term…

I know this is a mouth full to take in, but you could use the term “is capsiplex any good”, and point that link to your page on “capsiplex” and this still works well for theming your blog and your link building, especially if you keep spreading out your keyword anchor text ratio around different, but related terms.

Note This is an advanced strategy and more for the serious super affiliate, but this method can work very well over time too.

Promoting The Websites

When promoting these websites using phase 1 of my HWA system, you may run in to trouble from the article directories if you use product related keywords…

For the reason above, I recommend using general terms around the niche for phase 1 promotion, however – point those articles to your web pages using a variation of product keyword related text links… (When I say general terms, I mean keywords around weight loss that do not have product names in them.)

On phase 3 of the HWA system, where you build even more links – you can normally “get away” with still using product related keywords on those one way links. Although, if you want to rank longer term in 2013 and beyond, you need to vary up your link anchor text…. Remember to use multiple naked and general links to avoid any SEO penalties from penguin 2.0.

You should point links to your inner web pages and the home page as well to mix things up. Remember, you want a portion of your links to use related terms in your “keyword anchor text”” that are around the actual keyword you are targeting. Use no more than a 10 % ratio to be safe and to rank long term as I do.

In fact, if you use product related keywords within your website well, your theme will become very tight. You will find that you will start ranking for the product related keywords naturally.

However and on that note… don’t point all links to just one page/post of your website. Like I always say, mix it up and keep it natural – link to inner pages on your websites as well (using different keyword anchor texts.) Use naked links too (nothing but your domain name in the keyword text link.) This is natural and how people often link to sources online.

If you think about the above deeper, would every single person link to your website using the same word?

You need to think logically and mix it all up. You could have around 10 % of your links using your exact keyword, then the other 40 % linking to keywords around the product using  “Product keyword reviews” etc.( I am sure you get the idea).

The rest of your text link anchor texts can be naked links (direct domain name) and even some random linking texts like “check this weight loss site out” etc etc.


Here at HWA, I will be giving more examples on some the keyword targeted health products inside your free membership portal. I will introduce more high converting health products, and give more advice like this post when I can.

Again, if you have any questions – post them on the comments below and we can keep the discussion going on these types posts. This will help turn the HWA Blog in to a huge knowledge base for everyone who is interested in health niche affiliate marketing).

Thanks for reading guys, and I’ll be back in touch soon with more blogging 🙂



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