Our HWA Keyword Advantage Review…

Hey guys,

Some of you have been telling me that you really want a good keyword research tool to expand on our asset data pack research, and to help you create topic based articles for your niche blogs… I’ve already shown you the type of articles that help you to rank for multiple “buying intent” and niche related key terms… However, it really helps to have a good keyword research tool to dig out those golden tier 2 terms for your articles.

Well a few a day’s back… one of our recent members (and someone who is becoming a good friend of mine) Steve Haase, wanted to review a keyword research tool that’s better than probably any other keyword tool on the market right now. What I really like about this one is the fact it’s only low onetime fee. I’m talking a onetime payment of well under $40…

This is the alternative we need, and the software I’m going to feature inside NSF and all of HWA.

I’m using Steve’s affiliate link here, simply because he has not only taken the time to be-friend me, but he’s offering helpful insights and giving back his experience within our private NSF mastermind group. He’s a great guy and I’m proud he’s one of my latest friends. Steve has put up a detailed video review for us, which you can see here over on the HWA blog.

Steve has kindly offered to put all commissions earned from this promotion in to our CHD fund for children with heart defects. We currently have two new children waiting for surgery, and we only need another $350 to have raised enough to fund another operation. I’m pretty sure the commissions on this one alone will raise that money.

A personal message from Steve Haase…


“I’m not a bandwagon jumper. I don’t promote the flavor of the day. I only promote what I know works and I only promote products I use. I had heard about Keyword Advantage but I was never able to get my hands on it. I would hear its name mentioned now and again by other marketers for being one of the best keyword tools on the market, but it was never available to the general public, until now that is…

I recently purchased Keyword Advantage and have been putting it through its paces ever since. This software is nothing short of AMAZING! The depth of information it provides and the simple interface it uses make it a very easy tool to master (and quickly).

Check out my full review video below…

I have been somewhat of a keyword tool junkie over the years and currently own numerous keyword tools… Many of those tools are complicated to use and have a steep learning curve, but are very good once you get the hang of them. Many are online SaaS (Software as a Service) tools that are very expensive to use with monthly fees ranging beyond $97 a month!

With Keyword Advantage though, it’s a onetime charge and you own it. You install it on your computer and it is written in Adobe Air so it works on both MACs and PCs.

Keyword Advantage smokes all those other tools! Without even looking at the training and documentation, I was able to figure how to use it easily. The interface is highly intuitive. Just hover your mouse over a field and out pops tool tips that explain what that particular feature of the software does. The interface is well thought out. I would imagine this is due to the maturity of the product.

Other features that I like are that you don’t need proxies or decaptcha programs to use to make it work. On top of that, it will not get you blocked by Google like many of the other tools I have used do. Moreover, this particular bit of kit runs quickly, however… the more keywords you analyze – the more time it generally takes.

When the tool returns your results, it rates the keywords based on search volume, average page rank of competing sites and even lists the top 10 competing sites for those keywords. You’ll also see the average cost per click for those keywords, and it also gives you the estimated traffic to expect if you rank for that keyword (in any of the top 3 positions on Google.) And if all that weren’t enough, Keyword Advantage shows you a colour coded final rating going from dark green (jackpot or easy to rank keywords) up to red (highly competitive).

Last but not least, they also provide live case studies in the member’s area showing a real site and how Keyword Advantage helped to get it to rank for top money keywords on the first page of Google. The case study is very thorough and will even show the newest marketer how to get top rankings.

On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 sucks and 5 is AWESOME, I rate Keyword Advantage a 5 plus…

The price is rising every few hours so if I were you, I’d jump on this opportunity now! It is an indispensable tool to have in your war chest. Just get it, you’ll thank me later



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4 thoughts on “Our HWA Keyword Advantage Review…

  1. Thank you Steve,I fully concur with your comments.
    I purchased this two days ago for $28.00 and have been reading the PDF’s and videos which accompany the software.
    The case study proved most helpful and I have been putting that into practice today.
    After assessing the software I was also going to post it and let fellow members about it.
    I have purchased a lot of keyword tools in the past which only confused me and were a waste of time but this one really works well and is easy to use.To me this is the best possible keyword tool on the market and the best thing it is a once only price.
    Terry Bramich recently posted…Home Remedies for Heartburn and GasMy Profile

  2. I like this stuff you’re sharing and your insights overall… did you try FB ads or what’s your opinion about paid traffic to niche sites?

    also which aff. networks do you recommend nowadays? 😉

    • Hey Jim, I feature all of them inside nichesiteformula.com

      There are so many now.

      working on facebook adverts more this year, so will have more information
      on all of that as I improve with it all.

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