A Simple Way to Create Jaw Dropping Content: Help the Sufferer in Pain…

Content Blue MarkerI used to think it’s the length of the article that makes readers go “WOW”. I mean, isn’t writing “top lists” a good link bait idea?

I learned the hard way about what makes good content great. It’s not the tips shared or the word count.

It transcends that…

It’s the GIFT you hide within your content that does wonders.

For example, a guest post I wrote a while ago taught affiliates how to blog comment for traffic and leads. You can read it here. That article got 92 comments and 55 Tweets, and more comments are coming in as I type. (For some reason the blog owner deleted all the helpful comments, crazy I know, but some blog owners are crazy 🙂 )

By the end of the article, readers were hit with a list of the top 30 Industry Blogs they can comment on. They didn’t expect it. It was like air for asthma sufferers or sight for blind people.

Help the Sufferer in Pain…

Are you writing to boost your ego or to get paid like most others?

I write for the struggling man or woman looking to solve a (stringent) problem, or overcome a (major) challenge in his or her personal or business life.

Research plays the most important role here. Without proper understanding of the audience you’re writing to, your content will fall on deaf ears. Most people skip this step, thus, they’re never able to help the reader, which translates in wasted time, lack of traffic, anxiety and frustration.

Why is research so important?

I remember the first time I met my spouse. We didn’t know much about each other. We barely had subjects for discussion or things in common.

Isn’t this the same with all couples?

Spend quality time together, and you’ll discover things that connect you together and that turns into an enriching relationship.

The same happens with your target audience. You don’t know much about them. They don’t know much about you either. You have to take them by the hand, and get to know them.

Your target audience can be your spouse or significant other.

What does he or she like reading or talking about?

What are his or her current (major) obstacles, challenges, wants and needs?

You’ll do anything to find more about them before you offer to help or find a solution, right?

Most writers are bad advisers, quite lousy “gurus”. They don’t listen to their audience. They don’t ask about their struggles. They just talk and talk and talk, (waffling on) often giving advice that wasn’t even asked for…

Don’t be like that. Don’t pretend you know everything. Don’t pretend you understand your audience. You cannot, unless you read (often and with passion) about the challenges they’re facing or the problems they need solved. And If you have never tested something for yourself, don’t try and teach it. That’s just misleading people, and the road you take people down is the road that should give them hope and light at the end of the journey.

I see people who have never made $1000 a month, yet they teach people how to make $1000 a month. I see people who have never ranked a website, yet they teach link buildingon their blog. I mean come on… We need to keep it real based on your own experiences, continual testing and RESULTS.

Only then can you write to help. Only then will your advice be the best gift they could receive from you, and that my friend – will make a BIG difference in their life.

Here’s my gift to you now…

A collection of 30 links that gives you some incredible insights on creating content that clicks with your audience. I’ll appreciate your feedback. Enjoy and spread the love!

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I’d love to hear from you now… what are the things you can share from your writing experience that will make a difference to somebody‘s writing?



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