How I went from page 3 to rank 5 By Increasing Site Load Speed…

A few days ago, I told you about a course that shows you how to improve your site speed correctly. If you haven’t checked that course out, go here now. I highly recommend the course… Everyone who bought through my link has given me good feedback so far.

Anyhow, I’m applying this to my own sites. A few weeks back – I implemented some of the suggestions to one of my own micro sites…

Look what happened on the picture below…

(Click Image For Full View)

Increase site load speedSo what this tells me is that site speed load times, as well as on page factors probably have more weight than ever for ranking a site right now in Google. Go here to buy the course I am using here. The course is really low cost and can make a significant difference to your ranking and conversion.

Stay tuned for my next article where I show you why link building in some buyer segment markets may be harmful, and in fact could even be completely over kill. Since I am always launching new campaigns, I learn through my data what works and what doesn’t across multiple buyer related terms…



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5 thoughts on “How I went from page 3 to rank 5 By Increasing Site Load Speed…

  1. Well, this is really eye opener. A couple of question John, if you don’t mind:
    1) Is this increase in rankings ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY because of the improvements in loading speed and nothing else??
    2) Did you just apply some changes explained in the course, or did you actually had to change to another hosting company??
    Thank you.
    I’m just back from a looong vacacion visiting relatives, and now I’m ready to take my health affiliate sites to the NSF level!!

    • Hi Jorge, this is purely just based on increasing site speed. I was even shocked myself on this one to be frank.

      I never changed host, and the site doesen’t even have that many links going to it. In some markets (in fact many now), links may not even be the best way to rank…

      MORE is not always better now. Depending on the competition, you may only need a handful of QUALITY links to do very well.

      • Thank you very much John.

        Increasing site loading speed without changing hosting?? This is really groundbreaking to me.

        I just love to be part of HWA and NSF!! Your information and advice is the best out there for affiliates like me.

        Thank you John. I’m already looking forward for your next post! =)

  2. Thanks for sharing this John. I tried this myself and it works. My site is loading much faster now. Btw, what platform do you use on that screenshot ?

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