Improve Your Niche Site Ranks – HWA Rank Boosting Tweaks…

Hey friend,

I’ve been making a little tweak to my niche sites these last few months.

I started by just listing some authority websites on the side bar of my blogs. See one of my examples here:

But then this tweak led to me embedding a contextual link within my topic article posts to an authority website on the topic. Google is loving it and this has consistently shown significant rankings improvements across over 100 + of my latest niche sites. I’ll be telling students of mine to do the same inside NSF within our onsite check list section.

I’ve known since 2003 that it’s helpful for your site visitors to link out to other authoritative sites in your niche. However, there is a huge SEO benefit to doing this if you play it smart, too.

You are telling the program behind Google that you know what a quality site is within your niche, and it shows them that you’re not afraid to send your visitors (or link out naturally) to better sites that are way more informative than yours. This is what normal natural websites do in the grand scheme of things because they want to provide as much value to their readers as possible. Even the biggest most authority sites do this practice themselves.

However, my latest testing has showed that the way you link out to one of these site has led to huge ranking improvements across the board.

My own niche sites (as well as some of my students) with those links set in the right way on their blog posts have consistently improved ranks (and long term).

Go and do this as ASAP on your niche sites, higher rankings await you…

Pick a piece of themed on topic content of yours (from one of your niche sites that you want to rank higher).

Look for natural position within your on topic content where you could natually link out to another authority site that’s both extremely informative and authoritative.

So let’s say your article is about a weight gain supplement, and it works by slowing down your metabolism. Where you mention this within your article you would link to a related article on a site like CNN,, huffington post,, webmd, etc – as an example…. This would be considered an external link, no affiliate link, just a straight shooting natural vote.

You want to isolate two of these types of sites in an article of 1000+ words. That’s approximately one outbound link per 250 words. If your article is 2000 + words, I would go with 4 at least.

Use relevant themed anchor texts that are no stupid silly long. So for my own niche site example, I would use the anchor text “slow metabolism, or natural weight gain”. This will look extremely natural and will serve the purpose of helping your site visitors too. If the article is about gaining weight, your anchor text link should reflect that.

Side notes: Some people are saying to set these outbound links as no follow, but I disagree and am NOT doing that. You can still get the benefit of these links while passing your pagerank to them. This is an each to their own option, but I will tell you what I am doing at the time of my writing.

Set your links to point to a new window. In wordpress, simply make the links “target” to be “_blank” – If you set your links as this within your dashboard, the link will open up in a new window. So, your site visitors can keep your site open and potentially come back to your article giving you a new lead or an affiliate sale (without losing that visitor to a different site).

I am starting to do this on my main home page pre-selling page as well. I do that even if I am not specifically trying to rank my home page. Your home page is usually getting the most spider activity on your site so it will help your site overall.

Rinse and repeat for various different articles and sites you own…

Expect to see rank improvements over the next few weeks!

Important Note: If you site is horseshit and has spam back links, none of what I teach or show you will work in the current search engine climate. However, do what I say right – and you will nail it!

There is no time to waste…

Higher rankings, more targeted visitors and more affiliate sales for a 5 minute job… There aren’t many things that can improve your ranks so quickly, but this is one of them that works well today.

I hope you’re enjoying our latest updates, and do let us know if there’s something you want us to wrote about or even video!



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8 thoughts on “Improve Your Niche Site Ranks – HWA Rank Boosting Tweaks…

  1. Thanks John!!
    This is in fact a very nice trick.

    Let’s say I link to 3 different authority sites on the right sidebar of my blog… that means those 3 links are going to show on each one of my pages and post, right?

    Well… If I add two authority site links to a post…. plus the 3 authority site links already on my sidebar…. that would count as 5 links….

    Is this something “ok” to do…. or the 3 links on the right sidebar are good enough, and I should just leave it like that and don’t add more authority link INSIDE the post???

    Thanks my man!

  2. WOW! I was doing that anyway just naturally. I didn’t make the links no follow out of being lazy and in a rush most times I didn’t know that actually helped my rankings. For once I screwed up and got it right! 🙂

  3. Hi John ive been on you list for ages now and love your advice, I checked out your site and went to your blog page here I saw your authority links but when I clicked on them they didnt open in a new tab or window but took me off your site altogether on the same tab i had to click the back arrow on my browser to get back on your site you might need to check that site and adjust your setting cheers Andrew

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