“I tried it and it didn’t work”


Weird subject line, right?

“I hope this will work”

“I’m going to give it a shot”

I tried it and it just didn’t work out…

These are thought patterns that come from a weak minded person. If this is how you think right now, then I’m NOT sorry… You need a reality check and you also need to hear what I’m saying right now.

You see… I was once exactly like this myself. I was broke, miserable, living in a shit hole – and generally bitter at life.

How did things get this bad I used to ask myself?

Most people “try” things online, or they “give it a quick shot”, but they never REALLY DECIDE that they will be successful. I mean, they never tell themselves deep in their hearts and soul that they are going to make it, NO MATTER WHAT.

It’s said that over 90 % of start up businesses (or a self employed person) fails in the first year of start up. That’s a scary number, for sure.

When it comes to online marketing – most people come into this industry with the wrong mind set, the wrong attitude – and all they want to do is get rich quick (and they don’t care about much else)…

There are some unique people who do make it quick, but I don’t see it often from the years I’ve been working online.

Some of the people you follow right now (including myself) may often make this all look super easy, but here’s the REAL truth… It takes sweat and tears, and the sweat and tears we put into the business prior to what you see now.

I was as broke as a person can be, ($80.000 + debt) and I literally had no choice but to make this business work. I was that low and messed up mentally at one point, I was even considering ending my life out of severe depression and an imbalance in brain chemicals.

I remember clearly sitting up late at night on my own glued to my laptop trying to learn anything and everything about marketing online. I was hooked to learning, but this was not a good position to be in. I never applied anything long enough. Sure I read about other people’s success stories, sure I read about how to make money online… But my follow through was pathetic. I was lazy. I suffered from major procrastination. A recurring theme you hear about in this game, right?.

I was stuck in that buying mode where I just threw money at (the next greatest biggest thing) hoping that this was it – this something was going to work and turn everything around – super fast.

After blowing through thousands of dollars and getting away from a girl who was clearly bad news for me, I decided (literally overnight) that I was a winner and so my journey began.

I stopped “giving things a shot” and decided if I was going to start a project, I was going to FINISH IT – regardless of the results. That was the first step, and that helped shaped my mindset to become successful later.

If you’re going into any new project with the “I will try mentality” or “I will give it a good shot” thought pattern – you’ve defeated yourself before you even make a start. The way I look at it now is like this… You either do, or do not.

Most people I talk with online have no real backbone. When things start to get tough, they whine like little baby’s. As soon as they realize what they bought into takes a whole lot of work, they quit and tell themselves this is not for them.


This is a business, just like any other business. If you don’t treat it like a real business, you will car boot sale money. In other words, pocket change.

If you FOCUS YOUR MIND – and you dig deep, things can change fast… If you put in the work, you can start making what people work in a month in one single day. I’m not the only one who can pull off four or five figures a day (and I’m only just getting warmed up in reality), many have done it before me. Many will do it after me, too. The internet has boundless opportunity, but it all means nothing if you can’t learn to focus your mind…
You won’t make a thousand bucks overnight, not right away anyway. You see, it will take some dedication – some GRUNT work and it’s NOT going to be easy, either.


Now when I look back, I wouldn’t trade a thing. See, for the past 3 years – I have been able to watch my oldest son develop from birth. We are as close as a father and son can ever be. When he looks at me, he sees a hero. He shows me a deep sacred kind of love. That’s not something money can buy, only devoted time – love and care. For the last 2 years, I’ve been able to be there for my youngest son (Kai). I’ve been with him during his ongoing battles – and I’ve seen him come through it all and glow just like a beautiful sun rise.

All of this has made me grow up, it’s gave me structure, it’s even made me learn REAL discipline. Working online has also made me learn to see things through, not just quit out when things don’t go my way. Don’t get me wrong, even with NSF there has been times when the problems have got on top of me and I have just wanted to quit. But I’ve powered on through for you, I’m bet you glad I did too.

All of this has made me a tougher person, it’s made me face deep adversity, and in some ways… it’s helped me to come out of my comfort zone. I mean I am shy on video, I hate doing them. I get nervous, but I do them anyway…

Working online has taught me about sacrifice. And best of all… I’ve became a better business man, a better father – a better partner, a better human being – and much of stems from the ongoing venture of making it online.

So stop pissing about my friends. Stop just trying and start doing it for real!

No matter how many failures come your way, no matter how frustrated you get – no matter what happens – keep on keeping on. And if you want to cry, CRY. And if you want a shoulder, you guys know where I am 😉

You can make this all work, but only when you DECIDE that you’re going to make it work for YOU!

Your friend

John Gibb



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