HWA Case Study # 3 – Top Ranks Across The Board And High ROI!

So, here’s the 3rd case study of my 100 niche website challenge.

I’m pumped up right now because HWA Case Study # 2 website just made another $90 + over the last 30 days 🙂 I now have my ROI back.

I haven’t been working long on that website, so it just shows that with even ten little micro sites launched like that one, I would have a really nice cash in. In fact, all of the assets would have paid for all the expense to get these all up in the first place!

This little site I’m going to talk to you about today however is currently doing over $500 a month sheer profits. The site was launched in September 2013, so this one is a little older. It’s also a student website. However, we built this one and I also linked to it personally. So on that note, I’m still including this particular website in my “100 websites in 12 month challenge” here on the blog.

This one has turned out to be a real winner for what it is. Plus the asset data is invaluable data… The student now knows these terms are selling live in the market place for sure.

DE-RANKING – Search Engine Index Updates…

If the site here takes a hit or whatever in one of the future updates, the student knows those terms will make him money again. So, it’s worth investing in a new campaign to get these terms ranked again, or perhaps even running a VIDEO marketing campaign around them too. Also, if you know what you’re doing – you can actually get away with bidding on branded terms on Bing PPC.

So, if you can master the art of ranking, plus making more than you spend with PPC – you have a real nice system for making multiple profitable ROI campaigns.

Not all affiliate networks will allow you to bid on brand/product and trademark terms however, but some will…  In fact, if you show the companies that you are generating multiple sales each week or month – you’ll be in a better position to negotiate.

On top of that, there are some neat tricks to get around this problem (more on this later on a new course we have coming out later in the year).

First Step:

The student picked the product and keywords from our huge master chart inside niche site formula. This huge chart is expanding and growing month by month for under the radar and more and more profit potential opportunities…

He then set up his hosting account and installed WordPress.

Built Website

I put in an order through my NSF system for the website to be built for the student.

The student entered in on the form (inside our membership service) his domain name and the WP login details, which is what we need to login and build the websites for students.

Link Building Process – Stage One

When the website was built, the student built 50 comments manually -costing zero…

I then sent a round of links from SEO-Warrior for 30 days costing $67

Website Ranks:

The website has pretty much top ranks across all the search engines for targeted terms, job done.

See picture below:

(Click Image For Full View)




Website has been ranking for around 4 months now. That’s a nice run for a small campaign like this. When I don’t make my websites and campaigns public, I can rank under the radar for months and sometimes even years at a time!

Expense So Far:

Domain name – $10

Hosting – $47 a month for ten Unique IP website Hosting.

Seo Warrior – $67

Income for this particular mini website so far:


See some screen shots below:

(Click Images For Full View)


Nov 2013

Dec 2013

Nov 2013

So for spending just over $100 – the site has made back $1959.20 so far. This student is now running a PPC campaign for this particular website and spending a grand total of $5 per day. I guess it’s safe to say this is an asset, an asset that was created inside niche site formula.

How many of those assets you want to make is entirely up to you. Just know that once you know the data that makes you money, there is no limit to what you could potentially earn as an affiliate…

Exciting times!

If you can tell me somewhere where you can invest $100 and make $1958 back (plus the return is growing higher as I type on this particular campaign), I’d like to know about it please…

For the doubters and SEO haters – and everyone else who continually puts down search marketing now – this is just one example of many. One example of many more where the ROI goes way beyond the 100 %… This by the way… is classed as high in traditional investing…

So what is this type of ROI classed as? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Over and out my friends…


Coming up on the HWA Blog next!

I’m going to be talking about affiliate product trends for NSF students (and what to be aware of.) I’m also going to be talking about how to get an idea of what you need to do to outrank and beat your competition (for the product related keywords) that you may be going after. I’ll also be writing a post on a quick update about HWA Case Study # 1 soon too.

Just before that website was shuffled down a bit on the last update, the website made over $3000 in one single month – WOW 🙂

Yet another example of an insanely high ROI campaign with HWA.

I now personally know that these key terms are pretty dam hot to run an SEO campaign on, a video marketing campaign, or perhaps even a PPC campaign, especially if you know what you’re doing…

This is all VERY important info guys. If you are playing blind folded when trying to rank or running your PPC campaigns, you could be losing hundreds of dollars. When you have a good idea of exactly what you need to do to get top ranks for the terms on the search engines (and beat out the competition), you’ll be able to aim, shoot – and hit your targets! 🙂

When you have winning formulas online – scale those baby’s over and over!

Speak soon.



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3 thoughts on “HWA Case Study # 3 – Top Ranks Across The Board And High ROI!

  1. Thanks for the valuable case study. It still looks like the site is ranking top 2 for synaptol and synaptol reviews, so it has survived the latest Google updates.

    So the only linkbuilding done to this site was 50 blog comments and 1 round of the $67 scout plan from Seo Warrior?

    • Hi Bryan, not all sites will survive. But if you link build in a natural way (or what looks natural),
      plus put up helpful content that are extremely targeted and related to the user mind-set of what they are typing in, you can rank for a long time.

      That being said, SEO affiliate marketing is all about the data that gives us guaranteed ROI. Play it any other way, and you’ll probably lose more than you make.

      On some of my sites that I don’t and will never reveal, I have ranked through every single update Google has thrown at me. Yet, they are small micro
      sites too… I had some big sites tank, which is why it really is all about the data that guarantees ROI.

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