HWA Case Study # 2 Update – How I trebled my Affiliate Commissions in 20 short days…

OK folks, so here is another update on the last case study. I applied my own advice (that I discussed on my last video below here).

And results have been pleasing so far… In 20 short days, I have trebled the affiliate commissions from this time 20 days ago.

If you did this on various money sites, you could raise your income pretty dam fast!

Below is the income screen shot that I snapped today.

(Click Image For Full View)


As you can see, that’s pretty much treble the commissions (in the same time frame) as the last update. I didn’t even do much at all, other than a little bit of smart strategy that quickly multiplied the results.

Unfortunately, for future case studies that I reveal over on this blog – I’m probably not going to be showing the site URL anymore. One of my subscribers has copied one of our featured websites (word for word), and although I don’t really care about that as such…

This image below shows my true feelings on the matter.

HWA Quote Of The Week

It’s perfectly ok to go after the same products as other affiliates. It’s OK to even use the same themes and so on… However, it’s unethical and just morally wrong to copy another affiliate’s work – word for word. Rant over. I try to no longer dwell on these things and just move on. Of course, if something negative happens to you in business or in life – you should always try to go back to the very now, and move forward accordingly as best as you can.

Anyhow, here’s just another run down of what I did to treble the affiliate commissions from this particular campaign…

I naturally implemented multiple buying intent keywords, and other highly targeted niche related terms (in to the current blog posts.) I added ONLY 2 new blog posts and blended in about 20 terms in those two blog posts alone.

Remember to group your terms in to related themes for each new post. You don’t need to make a new post for a similar term, especially when you can cover multiple related terms on one quality blog post…

Here is a quick example below from my campaign:


how to bulk up muscle fast

how to bulk up muscle mass

how to bulk up muscle for skinny guys

how to bulk up muscle in 2 weeks

how to bulk up muscle in a month

Personal note – to do next



how to gain weight quickly

how to bulk up muscle without weights

how to bulk up muscle teenager

how to bulk up muscle without protein shakes

Personal note – all added blog – done


Key terms:

gain weight

gain weight fast skinny people

gain weight fast

Personal note –  all added to blog  – done

As you can see from my snippet above, I still have various groups of terms to add to this blog. I’m pretty sure as I progress that I can treble the commissions earned again. I could also implement a newsletter to start capturing leads – and start preselling those leads via well researched emails on the back end.

Capturing emails isn’t the fastest way to make a ROI and create an income stream, but it will build a potential super asset – and at the same time, make you money MUCH LONGER TERM that just a standalone website.

That’s it for today guys. I’ll be back in touch with more case studies as we move along through the course of the year.

If you want to learn how I build these types of assets, you may want to check out http://nichesiteformula.com

I outline the blueprint I use to create multiple streams of income – all through health niche SEO affiliate marketing.



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