HWA Case Study # 2 – Only 2 weeks of link building equals “page 2 rank” and “2 sales!”

So I’m about to roll out 100 HWA Style Micro blog case studies over the next 12 months. I planned to do this earlier, but personal stuff got in the way.

Here’s how it will work…

I will broadcast message my subscribers when a new case study is up.  I will reveal the website and rankings, but ONLY if you share these case studies with your friends and followers on FaceBook, twitter, or Google +1 . So if you want to see the URL and the website with current ranking report, simply like the page, make a tweet or Google + 1 it with one of the buttons on the page of that particular case study.

When you hit the like button and share with any of these platforms, it will reveal the images you need to see for each case study I put up on the blog here, nice and simple…

I am going to be completely upfront here and tell you why I am doing these over seven main reasons.

Reason no # 1

I want to presell my affiliate service “niche site formula.” By showing you my system working live over multiple websites, it will show you in the best way possible that NSF rocks and is current.

Reason no # 2

I want to link to these case studies from inside your free HWA Membership portal, so that you always have something to look back on for reference.

Reason no # 3

I want to show you that affiliate marketing works just as well as it ever did with SEO and simple little affiliate offers that sell.

Reason no # 4

I want to presell my private SEO team over at http://seo-warrior.org/services showing you that they rank websites regardless of change. Showing you that they can rank websites over and over again – regardless of the latest search engine updates!

Reason no # 5

I REALLY want to show just how possible it is to get website ranks back when and if they get de-ranked on one of the search engine updates. Subscriber’s who like and follow will get a free video on how to do that!

Reason no # 6

I think it will be fun to roll out so many websites in such a short space of time live on the blog here. Most people only do one case study every so often. I feel one hundred websites over a one year period is a new and exciting challenge.

Reason no # 7

Only people who like my case studies will get access to the important information like the actual website and URL!. This is another way to get people on to my list by you guys helping me to spread word socially. And on top of that, it means I can potentially help more people, make more money, and therefore – save more children.

HWA Case Study # 2 – OK! The second website of the HWA case studies is…


URL: http://weightgainsource.com

 cb1-weight gainer


Research Phase

For these websites on all of the case studies, I will be using products and data packs that I and my research manager have already researched as potential ROI winners.

However, I will show you a place on a video soon where you can get a good idea of products that are selling in the market place. This is based on other super affiliates already putting up reviews of the products (using a dedicated review website) for those offers.

Setting Up the Blog

I simply used the NSF build Service to have the website created. If you want to build websites yourself, we have videos inside the free HWA membership portal on how to do that.

Created all the Content using the content team I feature inside NSF (Only 5 Articles so far) I paid $40 for all 5, and your price would be around the same.

Started link building to this website around 2 weeks ago

So far, I have used rank crew (the new website package for $45). I have used their article marketing and social bookmarking service. Cost around $20 for that.

I can’t recommend rank crew highly enough right now. You can get links to websites quickly. They know how to rank websites. You don’t need much money to get started. In fact, some of the packages are less than $10. And, you don’t need to pay monthly. Whenever you have some spare funds, you can simply use one of the services to blast some links to your site – really cool service that I am using often now.

I have also linked to the money site for this case study from 100 indexed articles from my health blogs to get the traction going.

Total Time & Money Invested

I have spent about 4 hours working on the site promotion and I have invested $85.

The domain was $9.00 and the hosting works out at about $10 a month. I am using a huge unique IP account so I get a bulk buy discount. The hosting I use for my blogs is revealed inside niche site formula.

Rankings so far

You can check out a screen shot of how this is ranking so far for the money terms I am going after. Plus on the image below, notice how the site is already high up on Yahoo’s search index. People often forget about Yahoo and Bing, but that’s where these 2 sales came from so far!

Click Image for full view

[wpsharely]CB1-Weight gainer ranks high[/wpsharely]

By the way, I use this piece of software here to track my rankings across hundreds of websites. This tracker is absolutely fantastic and I HIGHLY recommend it. You literally just put in your website, copy/paste a bunch of your keywords you want to track – and job done. It will track every keyword rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing, plus – any country you want to select. This is the perfect tool to use and not time consuming at all!

Income so far:

2 sales so far after only 2 weeks of starting… Check out the screen shot below to see:

Click Image for full view

CB1 Sales

What’s Next for this money blog?

We will keep sending links to the blog until it moves to the top for the target money terms. If this blog shows to be a nice little earner (early sales are always a good sign by the way), I would probably build it out with multiple articles around the gain weight niche. Since the product is a proven seller, we can presell on all related niche key terms confidently.

I would also consider linking to the affiliate product with some  YOU TUBE videos, web 2.0 properties and press releases. We do this to go for the top ROI on the proven money terms around the product. We would also send links to all these other web 2.0 platforms as well of course. You should build out some web 2.0 properties in phase one if you are following my NSF system. I am just mixing things up here for these case studies, but all of what I do is in one of the NSF phases.

Remember, you will rank web 2.0 platforms quicker than a mini blog, and then you can link to your mini blog from that web 2.0 site…


I will also consider a newsletter POP UP with an email follow up on the back end if the product turns out to sell extremely well. Only sending more traffic and getting top ranks for the money terms will tell me that though.

I will now put this website on the top plan with SEO WARRIOR and that will probably push it right to the top. Couple using SEO WARRIOR with several more links from the HWA network sites that can you can post to inside Niche SITE FORMULA, and that should be enough to get the money terms where I want them to be. I will put this website on SEO WARRIOR today and do another update in a few weeks with more results.

HWA Summary:

Obviously, I will update you guys on this case study. I will refer to this money blog as HWA case study # 2 when I do.

The idea here is to also to do a big HWA summary telling you about all the income the one hundred websites made after the twelve month roll out plan.

The site has earned around $40 so far, so it won’t be long until I get actual ROI. When I go above that, it’s all pure profit.

Even 100 websites like this making just $40 after just 2 weeks is still $4000. It can be quite costly to roll out 100 websites though, but as you make money and re-invest – you can scale up very nicely. You can even scale up VERY quickly if you outsource. If you could give someone $50 and make $100 back, would you do it?

The same applies for HWA marketing, it’s similar… It’s all about ROI.

Sometimes, you might make back ten, fifty, or even one hundred plus times your expense back. Sometimes, you may just make the initial the expense back. Other times, you may take some losses. However, with more experience – the losses on campaigns become less. You can start to tell if a product will convert and a campaign will work, even BEFORE you go out and do it for real.

Stay tuned for my next case study on another health product coming very soon. That little money site has made even more sales after only 2 weeks…

The key to get sales quicker is to go after terms that have lesser competition, are easier to rank for, yet still have enough search volume to make a viable campaign.



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