HWA Case Study # 2 update – How I went from page 2 to rank 6 literally overnight…

Check out the image below to see the rank jumps. This has happened in literally 24 hours…

(Click Image for full view).


 affiliate ranks


The website has already netted another 2 sales at a commission of $14.99 each – sweet 🙂

I have now put the website in this case study on SEO WARRIOR. I have also started to send some more links to it from health websites in the HWA network. By the way, in 2014 – you’ll get access to not only post articles on these health sites, buy you’ll also be able to directly buy links from these health sites – all inside niche site formula.

Yes…  Without even needing to send in unique content…

If you’re feeling lazy and have the extra dollars to just outright buy links for your sites, this is for you 🙂

As you can see, as I continue to send themed links – ranks continue to shoot right up.

You only need one good month across multiple products to cash in BIG time. Even if your websites are de-ranked or whatever on a search engine update – one good month and you can change your life… I’ll say it again – all it takes is one good month if you plan out your NSF business correctly.

Because I actually test what is working and do what I teach, I can get the money terms back ranking again regardless of updates. I’m just trying to show you that the asset data you gather is so dam powerful in affiliate marketing, regardless of the traffic method you use.

I prefer SEO right now because it gives longer term ROI when done right for health products, and it’s still the highest converting source of traffic. I still think PPC is awesome though and we’ll be revealing more on that traffic method in 2014. I’m really excited about facebook ppc marketing at the moment. I’m seeing some phenomenal opportunity and will be playing around with it in 2014.

Once I have a formula that gets excellent results, I’ll be scaling up and possibly teaching PPC much more in my services as well. If you can master SEO and PPC, plus build lead funnels – you’ll do well online in 2014 and beyond.

Let’s picture this for a moment…

If you have 100 small micro sites, and they each make from $100 to $1000 in a month (very possible and the norm for me), that’s a VERY possible $10,000 to $100,000 cash in – over one single month… You can literally make a year’s salary in one month, especially if you work and plan the NSF system out correctly.

For a long term business with free search traffic, I would recommend building a large blog with a following that you can perhaps brand. Build a newsletter and a social following, just like I am starting to do here on this blog for example. The smartest thing you can for long term yearly income is to build a newsletter and collect leads.

However, I am still a BIG fan of cashing in on products where there is buying intent search volume -regardless of whether I use a newsletter or not. If you know you can beat the competition that is already ranking on the top spots – you know you can make money.

And if you think everyone is playing fair, think again…

The website that is number one for the term I am targeting here is using a bunch of VIAGRA websites to link to this website. This website has been ranking for months on end at number one – ever since I checked the product out in fact. Maybe over a year ago!

There’s nothing that great right now in this little market for these terms to rank (other than the merchant, a few authority websites that aren’t really targeting the term anyhow  – and a few crappy affiliate you Tube videos that are easily beaten anyhow).

Google has to rank something. The more untapped you go with your products as far as competition goes, the easier and longer you’ll generally rank for.

On my next post that I’ll be putting up in 2014, I’m going to talk about trends for my NSF students. I’ll be discussing what you should be aware of when looking through all of your data packs (asset data).

Before I talk about that, I’ll be introducing 2014 with a nice goal related blog post. There’s nothing better than starting a new year with a definite purpose. Well defined goals with the means to meet those goals are the key to potential success in anything you do.

See you all in 2014!



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