How to Understand Your Site Visitors with Your Soul, Not Just the Brain – and Why Does It Even Matter…

codrut-turcanu-1People are selfish by nature. They often buy through (or because of) emotion and justify their purchase through (or with) logic.

Imagine what a dad thinks in his mind… “I want to buy that large and relaxing apartment because I need extra room for my massage chair and pool table”. When his wife asks him why he spent that much for the apartment, when there were other alternatives, he may just say: “You know how we talked about this before: we are doing this for our kids, they are growing and need their own room. Plus, we got $XX.XXX in savings that we could use to buy some new furniture. What an amazing deal”

In this example, the reason why dad spent a small fortune on that apartment was not because of the discount. The pretext was the kids’ need for a new room (that’s the logical after-purchase reasoning). The pre-purchase drive was actually emotion. Dad probably fantasized about playing pool with his friends, and relaxing into his massage chair after a long day at work.

This often happens in real life. Any purchase is made after two main reasons: number one, is emotion, that’s the pre-buy reason, and logic, usually, an after-sale thought. Both reasons can also exist before the actual purchase. What I’m trying to emphasize is that you, me and everybody else is thinking with their heart, not just with their mind, even they may be cerebral per se.

Imagine you were building your niche site or content blog and lack conversion. You’re not selling as you expected. Your affiliate commissions are static.

How could you give them a jolt?

How could you write content that strikes a cord with your readers?

The answer is simple, yet most people overlook it:

You have to think with your soul and put yourself into your visitor’s shoes.

You see, your visitors buy via emotion. Just like in our example with dad.

Why they buy X it’s not because a discount, although that may be the final trigger. You’re looking to discover what the main or primary trigger is in fact… Most people buy an item (for e.g. a weight loss pill) not because they want to loose fat, and not because they can buy one and get one free. They buy it because of emotional drive. Maybe they’re so obese that they cannot get out of home because no clothes fit them. That’s a very annoying, depressing and even frustrating feeling. A constant feeling of lack that’s drives them nuts…

They are already in desperate buying mindset. In fact, that problem is bigger than the fat in itself. They’d probably do anything to get out, meet with their friends, have fun and eat some juicy burgers, rather than care about slimming.

When you understand these facts, and the hidden reason why your target audience needs a product, you’ll be able to write your product reviews and blog posts in ways to emphasize this, and not the final trigger or want.

Think what’s the most important need – why would your visitor want to buy your recommended product? Yes, it may be because they want to achieve a result or stop a bad habit, but let’s not forget about the hidden reason, which you’ll have to search for yourself.

*** When you understand your visitors with your soul, you connect with them on a deeper, more intimate level. It’s like the difference between talking with friends online via Skype or email, and meeting them face to face. That’s a big difference, agree?***

How to understand your visitors with your soul (without reading spiritual stuff, although it may help) and write stellar product reviews and presell recommendations…

You have two big sites to help you with this…

Amazon. Check the customer reviews section for the particular product you’re referring to or find a similar product/category. That’s where you’ll be able to see complaints from real users, and benefits real customers got as a result of testing the product. You’ll even be able ti fond the best sellers in your chosen market easily on this site… Writing is not about guessing, you want to know with 100% accuracy about your target audiences most secret wants and needs, and their personal experience with a product and brand.

Overlook this aspect, and you’ll rob yourself from the profit your site and reviews could be making. Look, it’s in your interest to listen to your audience and serve them correctly. Your soul at its core wants to help them. So your interest should be to help your visitors make an informed buying decision and compare all the benefits and advantages (the good, the bad and the ugly) within an item.

Each product has its good and bad parts, regardless. Emphasize the good, and expose the bad. Customers who don’t understand how to use a product properly will go online and complain. Often it’s not the product’s fault, but theirs. They lack understanding. There are a few legitimate complaints where the product is at fault, and usually it’ll be removed from the market, or improved at least.

And so you all know, I’m talking not just about the health and fitness industry, but in general. All products are created by other people, some who are more specialized than others, but not all perfect. Thus, mistakes can be made, and upgrades are often required. Answers –

This is a web site that I’ve started to make use of more recently. It’s a gold mine, as it acts like a message board for the Yahoo search directory. It’s like a mini Google version where you get to hear about other people’s answers and their experiences with a product, skill, service, challenge or whatever.

If you want to hear what others think about or have experienced with product X, then you write in “product x” and Yahoo will provide you with the answers. Real answers from real customers, real problems, and real solutions… Some people will recommend product alternatives or different methods for treating the same issue or problem. Your objective as a blogger and affiliate is to jot down everything, brainstorm, learn, and expose the pros and the cons within your content.

Amazon and Yahoo are great competitive tools. You’ll gain insights about your audience that your competitors will probably never get to find out about, simply because they’re busy with other stuff or researching countless keyword research tools. These tools can only provide you with what readers type in into the search engines, but they don’t share the user experience nor the consumer complaints, nor the side effects, nor the ingredients, and so forth…

There’s also Voices

This is another free service by Yahoo where their 600k contributors create content in the format of . It’s a great combo. Use it wisely to gather new information that could be helpful in your competitive research.

Here’s an example to give you an idea:

What New Pharmacists Really Think of Alternative Medicine

Usually, the content is of better quality when compared with any of the article directories available online because these contributors are paid. In fact, they are often specialists in their field, such as doctors or nutritionists (if we refer to the health and fitness industry).

Now that you understand how to better tap into the mind and mindset of your target audience, make this your everyday content publishing mantra.

It’s your inner soul that’ll help your visitors overcome their biggest challenges and achieve their ultimate goals, not just your brain and emotions



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