How to Start Your Profitable Niche Site in 3 Quick Steps… Build a Large, Stable and Growing Affiliate Empire

Let’s face it! Making money online is EASY, but only if you know what you’re doing. For the last decade, I’ve built a large, stable and growing affiliate empire myself…

I own 200+ mini sites and related niche blogs. I’m not telling you this to boast about my accomplishments, but to show you what’s possible when you’re passionate about your work (and dedicated) to what you’re doing.

How committed are you to online success?

I can now enjoy more time with my family and kids, or even travel the world if I wanted. Freedom is the greatest thing in life, don’t you think?

For example, I can take a full week off or more from the business, yet I’d still have money being deposited into my bank account, barely lifting a finger.

My main motto in life and business is… winners never quit, and quitters never win!

I eat, sleep and breathe (health industry) affiliate marketing. But things were never easy in the beginning, and I struggled for a long time.

I was the guy who struggled with $80k worth of debts, yet I managed to make a comeback from that financial mess. Anything is possible in life and business – there are ups and downs on a daily basis – the key is to overcome all challenges, no matter what.

Recently, I was hacked across 300 different websites – all websites were deleted and completely pulled down.

Did I let that stop me or give up?

Sure, I had to cut back my main staff… BUT, it just means I’ll be paying them more in the long run. I’ll create a more secure improved system going forward and that means ill earn more, and so I can pay my staff more. You have to be prepared to come back against all odds, dig down deep and take everything as a lesson – even all negative circumstances.

Everything you’ve read so far is the same principles I apply to my niche sites today. For now though, let’s see how YOU can start your niche site affiliate empire in 3 quick steps…

Step #1

Niche Research Essentials

If you’ve tried building some niche sites yourself or if you’ve dabbled with affiliate marketing before, (and made no or little money), then there’s a high chance your keyword research approach was at fault.

The standard way of doing keyword research (or niche finding) is through the Google AdWord’s tool. That’s where you input a main word or key phrase and wait for keyword suggestions and ideas. That’s what everybody else does.

Google won’t tell you much about the top 10 competitors. You won’t know much about a certain keyword other than some basic hints like “low”, “medium” or “high”…

The “low medium or high” often refers to competition on their adwords network, so it’s not a good place to judge competition off anyhow.

What I do is different… First of all, I use a professional tool called Keyword Canine. This particular tool checks the keywords for overall competitiveness (and gives a score) based on how easy a term is to rank. Before you even start your website, you’ll know which keywords are worth the effort and which aren’t. On top of that, the software also gives you access to a few modules where you can discover hot affiliate products and current keyword trends.

In other words, Keyword Canine is an advanced and comprehensive keyword research system.

And you know what? All my new niche sites (in 2013) were built with the data I found from it. I’d say KC is now responsible for 80% of my current niche site affiliate empire success. It’s like having a sniper (on my side) that’s dam accurate at hitting all targets.

Here’s another niche method I use (my favorite) which enables me to find niches & keywords with NO competition.

If the first method requires you to compete with other sites and affiliates in the search engines, this one right here gives you the unfair competitive advantage. You’ll be amongst the first to promote a product, rank on top of Google, get traffic, and rake in the cash, while others struggle with the traditional methods… and still wonder why money is not coming in!

Enough talking! This method is called MEDIA research, and I’ve written an article about it here entitled: How To Find In Demand Health Products.

In short, you’ll be able to find out about products which get featured on popular TV/web shows like Dr. Oz or Oprah – and be quick to build your site on these items. You’ll be miles ahead of competitors. Most affiliates will probably hear about the product months later through a network, or once Google reports the query volume within their database.

Do you see why I love this under the radar keyword research method, and why it works so well?

Imagine you’re ranking at the top for multiple products with multiple sites at once. Your empire will grow like never before. That’s why it is essential you get keyword research done right from the start, or anything else will fall flat…

If you want to learn about even more branded product research methods for finding health related products, you know (the type of products) that you can rank for and make money on with little traffic – then I highly recommend my friends eBook.

Affiliate passive commissions Reloaded will cost you only $27, and it perfectly complements HWA 2.0. In fact, Austin (the guy who created the course) is able to churn out tiny little health sites and earn up to $500 per day by doing so. He even shows you live videos (on his sales page) where he is logging in to some of his affiliate accounts. Impressive stuff I say…

I am putting my name behind the eBook, not just because it’s only $27 and more than affordable, but there really is a ton of value inside.

There’s a basic up sell, where Austin will even show you how he bought a website on, got it earning 1k a month shortly after – and then flipped it for $10k. He did all this in 3 months too. He also offers an  done for you website as part of the OTO deal… There is no reason why anyone else can’t do the same and emulate the 100’s of other success stories. In fact, it’s in simple – do this, do that instruction format with no fluff what so ever…

He’ll also give you 70 health products that are pretty much guaranteed to make you money, all tested by both Austin and myself by the way. We know these products sell, and that’s why we have mini-sites promoting them. If you load your blog with unique articles on the long tail buyer related keywords (around these health products) you’ll make easy passive income month after month, just like us 🙂

Seriously though, it’s impossible not to find $27 worth of value here. If you can’t make any money after reading this, you’re in the wrong game my friends…

So you all know, my affiliate model does not consist of building AdSense sites. You’ll have to generate 30k+ unique monthly visitors to make $300+ with these types of niche sites… I make more with less traffic!

For example, one of my sites – makes $1000+ with less than 900 visitors a month.

That’s because the focus of my sites are on “buying” key terms and brand product items. I help people make a smart buying decision, not just look up information. It’s hard to make money on information seekers, and so we want to attract potential customers. Better yet, we want to attract people already ready to buy, with credit cards in hand!

So as you can see, I’m generating sales from associate programs that pay me a commission. Amazon is one example. Asseenonpcis another that I’ve been making money with consistently lately.

That’s all you need to know about this first step before you register your domain name and start moving on to the next phase of niche affiliate marketing.

Before moving on to step 2, make sure you understand how to register a domain name (see above link) and how to pick something that will work.

For long term health blogs, you want to go for branding and build a following. Remember, building a list and social presence hedges you against SEO changes. I am starting to do that here on this blog as an example. Think long term, since you’ll be blogging to that blog more often (and building it up for the long term.) Check out this article I wrote here on the power of building large health blogs (long term view.)

You should start off with small sites first and go for quick ROI. There are 2 sides to this business… creating long term health related blogs – and what I love to do the most – cash in on in demand health products with an empire of mini blogs! For those, EMD (exact match domains) work the best.

Example, “productnamereviewed”, etc etc.

When you have products selling, you should expand on those blogs and also rank additional web 2.0 properties for the buyer keywords that are converting. In other words, get the most income you can out of each winning product!

Step #2

Niche Affiliate Site Building

Once you’ve found your keyword/niche, and registered your domain name (I recommend you buy an EMD – which in short means, exact match domain name), the next step is to start building your niche site. Be careful though… A portion of the merchants will not accept you as an affiliate if you use their product names in the domain names. This can violate trademark agreements, so better to ask BEFORE you build your website and register the domain name.

Note – Generally, I mix domain names up with EMD and general domains. Companies are becoming firmer with trademark issues (and it can be a small issue) so keep that in mind when building your affiliate niche empire.

I fully recommend WordPress for your blogs. There are a ton of web hosts that make this option easy to install, so you can install a WP site in a minute or less. Afterward, you’ll equip it with all the essential plugins, create a logo, and add 5 keyword optimized pages worth of content (aka articles/blog posts.)

If you’ve never created a niche site before (aka WP blog), don’t fret. There are free YouTube tutorials available for each step along the way. That’s how I learned WP myself. I spent a few weeks to get the basics right, and then started creating my sites. I can now install a WP blog and add the required plugins, along with the 5 content pages in less than an hour.

To put you on the fast track, join my newsletter and get unlimited free HWA 2.0 access. We have a video course inside here that will take you step by step by the hand (until you have a live niche blog.)

Once you’ve joined my list, here is the login link to your membership: (HWA 2.0 Free Membership.)

The password will be emailed once you sign up to the HWA 2.0 newsletter (through the above link.)

I know not everybody is as fast at learning as I am. I also know not everybody likes spending, or should I dare say “wasting time on site building”. That’s why I’ve created a private membership – Niche Site Formula  – where I take on 50 students (in batches of) and build their sites for them (along with my team.)

That’s all you need to know about this second step. Next, comes the last and most essential aspect of niche affiliate marketing: turning your site into a profit (aka making money online.)

You’re probably on my blog (in the first place) because you want to make some passive income, or want to make some extra money online, so here goes…

Step #3

Traffic, Back-links and SEO

Some folks say affiliate marketing is dead and that traditional affiliate marketing is no longer viable. They don’t even have a site, they never test – they know as much about SEO as I do about trying to sing, hence I can’t… How can they talk about it?

Some experts even say SEO is dead. They’re not testers. Their SEO techniques are old, and they don’t care to keep up with the latest changes anyhow.

I, along with my SEO team test the latest Google updates/algorithmic changes, and see how our sites are doing. Then we take what we’ve learned, and apply that to new sites we build. We do this 24/7.

The bulk of my traffic comes from my SEO techniques. And the bulk of my SEO traffic comes from the fact I am able to get relevant and high quality back-links to multiple websites. Yes, you can rank in Google (but not for long) if you get non relevant and spammy links. However, my SEO model focuses on the opposite. Attract less, but go for themed (aka niche relevant) links, and you’ll do better than your competitors.

How do I generate my back-links?

I have my own SEO team, and I often use certain special link building services if I want a quick cash in (more on those soon.) Over time, I have built a small (but dedicated) private themed network hub of 300 and growing aged health domain names/sites.

I use this whenever I need premium contextual back-links… and I don’t pay for them!

My Niche Site Formula (Unique Health Niche Affiliate Service) students will be able to take advantage of my private hub of health blogs, (many of which are individually owned) and get relevant, high-quality themed back-links to their sites. That’s what will make them money, period.

There are other famous free traffic getting methods that will help your SEO efforts and back-linking strength. I’m referring to premium blog commenting and guest posting (aka article writing) on relevant niche sites.

While it takes time to comment and write on other people’s blogs, these methods are considered a wise investment for link diversification and long-term SEO success, that’s for sure!

There are also paid traffic getting methods like PPC, Facebook PPC, or video PPC advertising, however, my affiliate model is mainly free traffic oriented.

I am always adapting though, and if you bought the eBook I strongly recommend and feature, you’ll learn about other methods to get targeted traffic to your mini sites. I’m referring to new methods that diversify us and even take us away from SEO, (for those of you) who may not want to go down the SEO route.

Example: You can use video PPC marketing, forum marketing – and leverage off of platforms already ranking on the search engines for many of your searched for terms…

On top of that and more importantly, you could be making sales up to ten times faster, while waiting for your blogs to gain traction on the search engines. If you do both methods, you get even more sales!

Here’s a short recap, since I want you to take action immediately (after reading this page) and start your niche site. In fact, I want you to read this article several times. You’ll discover new nuggets with each new revision…

Niche Site Building Quick Start Guide:

1. Find your niche/keywords

Use Keyword Canine, affiliate networks and (the MEDIA to find your niche…

Register your EMD. ( I like this domain registrar service, and can recommend them fully.)

2. Build your WP niche site/blog

Take free YouTube lessons, or follow the guides in your free HWA 2.0 membership to learn how to build your wordpress blog. Or, join Niche Site Formula (coming soon), and have it all done for you.

Our new private membership will give you a ready-made 5-page unique blog, already optimized for the search engines and ready to make sales. Your blog also includes a professionally created logo, at the top, to stand out from other sites. Plus, you’ll be able to order more blogs (all built on your own hosting and domain names) on hundreds of high potential ROI products/keyword combinations within. Every month, I will give out new products you can affiliate with (and buyer keyword combinations) to match each product. We’ll even show you where you can apply to affiliate with the products!

On top of all that, you will also get themed one way links for your first website (by being  part of a huge health hub.) And yes, it will be very affordable. A one time payment for lifetime access, with no monthly fees what so ever (first 50 students only.)  Other than your hosting costs, and a yearly domain renewal cost for each of your blogs, there will be no other hidden costs or misleading upsell BS.

3. Get high-quality and relevant traffic

Traffic, traffic, traffic… that’s what makes money, right? Not really, as not all traffic is created equally! You can have 1 million visitors hitting your blog, and make little money. Not sure if you realize the importance of targeted visitors, but that’s what will REALLY make you the money!

In fact, that’s why it is paramount that your site is focused on the exact buying terms people look up on Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as on the product (brand names) they’re looking to buy.

Always focus on SEO and natural link-building from the start. This is the long-term plan for building a niche site affiliate empire. If you want me to coach you in a private membership portal, then join Niche Site Formula. It is limited to 50 students only right now (at the current price), and it may be the best decision of your entire life.

Starting my first niche site was the best step I ever took. I am now able to spend time with my 2 toddlers, enjoy time with my wife, and friends, and experience real freedom.

Isn’t this what we all need and desire?

To be able to get up when you feel like it, work when you want, spend time where and with whom you want to – all because of your niche site affiliate empire!

No more needs to be said…

Join Niche Site Formula today and (learn how to) unleash your own freedom!



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30 thoughts on “How to Start Your Profitable Niche Site in 3 Quick Steps… Build a Large, Stable and Growing Affiliate Empire

  1. Right on the mark.

    Making Money Online with niches has it pros and cons. Just like you I am about volume, get in as many niches as possible.

    0. Find Niches
    1. Build
    2. If it works, keep growing
    3. If it doesnt, sell it. (recover seed money)
    4. Rinse and Repeat.

    I highly recommend get the Research part done and you way on to success. Otherwise it can be a hit and miss.
    Norm recently posted…My First WebsiteMy Profile

  2. If I could make a suggestion: take a step back from all of your product sites, and ask yourself if there’s one niche audience that these products appeal to (most of the products, at least). Then think about other products/solutions that appeal to that AUDIENCE.
    Mari J. Lancaster recently posted…No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  3. Brainstorming the topic and targeting the right keyword can determine whether or not you succeed or fail, and believe me, I know through experience. I’ve worked on some niche sites over 100 hours just to see them fail.

    But the great thing about niche sites is that once you get them up, the income is almost passive. You don’t have to update them like you do a blog – just sit back, and get your check every month from Google. It’s kinda nice, haha!
    James McAllister recently posted…Why I Left Your Blog Before Reading A Single WordMy Profile

  4. I also have a satisfactory performance in sales. I promote several products with an accuracy of a sniper. I’m glad there are people like you and write about it. Thank you 🙂 You can look at my new blog and tell me what you think? thank you in advance.

  5. Hey John, amazing post! Will be pretty helpful to those who have just started with niche site building. The most important thing when building a niche site, is to at first decide the niche and then figure out some profitable keywords with Keyword Research. Next thing is to produce quality content, and do the basic SEO thingies to get it ranked.

  6. Hi John,

    I have joined Niched Site Formula, but because of circumstances, I have decided to back out. I noticed that since you didn’t reply to my emails about how to get a refund from you, I left a comment within that membership site since I thought that was the only way to get your attention. Today I noticed I can no longer log into that site. Does that mean I am going to get a refund soon, since I couldn’t get a reply through email from you?

    Please let me know how I can get in touch with you more effectively, because I just don’t know how anymore



    • Hi David,

      For some reason I am not getting your email.

      I need the transaction ID for your payment, and then you will be refunded today no problem.

      Sorry for the trouble. If you send the transaction ID in over the comment here, I will get it and sort the refund out asap
      for you. Also, try emailing me at if you do not get a reply. I aim to reply to all emails
      within 48 hours. If you do not hear back, it’s likely I never got the email.

  7. Hi John,
    I’m stuck at researching keywords, I’ve found 2 tools for researching keyword: MarketSammurai and Longtailpro but I don’t know which tool is better. Could you give advice on this?

  8. Hi John,

    First up, congrats on all you’ve achieved online and everything you’ve said in this post is SO SO true!

    Admittedly, at first building an internet business is frustrating, overwhelming and you need to work long hours if you are serious about success, I’m sure you’ll agree?

    But like you say it IS easy when you know how and all the hard work pays off in the end. For me, I don’t mind busting a gut for a good 5 years (longer if I have to). Because I know that the passive income generated will allow me to retire early and give me the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

    Keep up the good work!

    • HI Kerry,

      thanks for your kind words. It’s really tough at first, but when you know how and then apply – it’s easy.
      Much like riding a bike I guess. Hope to see you on this blog more – we could do with positive like minded people
      (just like yourself) chiming in on here 🙂

    • You are right. This article is old now – and I need to update it. I have not been working on the blog here for months as have been busy with more important projects. Will update this article though and get back to the blog soon.

  9. first thanks to you sharing a great artical.if we have original content then work hard for any niche.our site succes is 100%.bcoz content is king and second you need high quilty backlink for two things every succesfull blogger have i am notice.thanks

  10. Wonderful sharing. But regarding the Keyword Canine. Are you still using that tools? As some people complaining that Keyword Canine continue to show green sign eventhough the keyword is consider hard.

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