How to Research an Article like a Pro

How to Research an Article like a Pro

and Triple YOUR Readership


Resarch Web ArticlesArticles are like hot dogs to a hungry crowd.

You have an audience that starves for content. If you don’t give the bitch what she wants, somebody else will! That’s why you need to learn how to write like a pro. Turn yourself into a research specialist. It’s not easy. It takes time. BUT – it’s doable.

I’ll give you some guidelines and teach you some secrets on this post. Some golden tips from what I have learned about article research in the last decade. Some principles I took from others. Some I developed myself. And, I have even created a proven mix for success.

That’s what I recommend as well. Take my system, and run with it. Make it your own…

Reinvent your research and writing on a daily basis.

There’s a rule in the Internet world. Write like you talk. That’s why I think anybody who can talk, can also learn to write. And the quickest way to learn how to write like a pro is to copy their writing style. However, you cannot copy their research. You have to conduct your own…

That’s where most affiliates and copywriting beginners get it wrong. Proper, in depth research is the key. I’m not talking about reading one or two articles and creating your own, in your own words. This works OK, but it won’t provide you with hot content. Not unless, all the “specialization” information you have is already in your mind, and it is backed up by years of hands-on experience and hundreds of read books.

Most affiliates do not have the information or the experience to write a top article, thus they’ll need to conduct in depth research.

Affiliate Web Research

Why research is important

Research is important to you because:

  • It helps you learn more about the topic/subject/company/product you want to write about.
  • Detailed research helps you write a profound article, an in depth case study, or a spectacular “top ___” list post.
  • Research helps you to feel perceived as a pro in the industry.
  • Conducting the proper research helps you get noticed by like-minded bloggers, and even specialists in the field (that help form new connections).
  • It helps you discover guest posting opportunities.
  • In depth research helps you uncover new, interesting things – facts and quotes that you could pepper your content with.

Research is important to the reader because:

  • Your reader sees you as an “expert” (someone who knows more, or lots more than him or her) on the topic.
  • The reader sees you as a helping specialist or friend.
  • The person sees you as someone who they need to learn from (so they join your list, and maybe even from you down the road).
  • He or she can now save time and money because your information is essential, well laid out and helpful.
  • Your follower doesn’t have to research all the facts and read all the books you’ve read. You’ve saved them the pain, so they’re      thankful to you!
  • One reader might even invite you to write for a new audience and strike new opportunities.
  • Someone has found your detailed content might partner up with you to form on-going lucrative deals.

Affiliate information articles

How to research like a pro…

There are specific tools and methods one can use for professional research (and content monitoring activities.) Don’t fret about expensive resources here. I’ll mention simple free tools and methods that work.



Use the biggest search engine of all to find articles of interest, including niche-relevant forums, sites, blogs, books and magazines (you could also check with your local libraries).

They’ll give you plenty, in fact, enough content ideas for the next several weeks. Some bloggers use this method alone and they’re making a killing with it.

Google Alerts

The snapshot above is self-explanatory. You could use this service to get free and real-time alerts by email each time a site, blog or page features content based on your chosen key terms and subjects…

For example, if you’re interested in news about the key term “flu virus“, then you simply type in the subject in the first field, select the options that match your requirement, and enter your email address.

You’ve probably heard it before, and even played with it. I won’t go into all the details about the tool on this post. What I want to show you is that keyword research in itself will give you new ideas about how to better write an article for the audience that wants to hear from you.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels…

They’ll give you plenty of ideas. Notice the topics and subjects people whom you follow talk about. See which gets the most votes, RT (re-tweets) and likes.

Learning how to research an article like a pro will help you write more compelling and targeted content to your audience. That’s what counts the most…

Once you have solid facts and well researched material, writing articles gets easier. Writer’s block will be history. Competitors will be left behind. You will grow loyal audiences that will spread the word about your content, recommend and potentially buy from your website.

Isn’t this what all writers crave?

Only a few of my readers will take advantage of the tools and methods discussed inside this write up. Don’t be the reader who does nothing…

Take action!



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  1. I just started using to Google alerts a week ago to get news ideas too which is a great source. It seems like Google sends me news updates everyday which is good. Thanks for posting!

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