How To Make $100 + per day with YouTube Promoting Health Products…

youtube-connect-xsIn my last main newsletter, I said I was going to give you a free report on how to rank videos on YouTube.

Here is that report…

Earlier in 2013, many marketers started to hype up YouTube. They started to call it the new niche formula for success…

And although ranking videos on YouTube is definitely profitable, learning how to do it doesn’t require you to pay $67 for the latest greatest course.

Personally, I found that these courses were filled with far too much information. When it comes down to it, ranking videos on YouTube comes down to a few simple steps. Once you know the steps (much like niche site building), it’s a game of rinse and repeat.

If you’re a niche site formula member, you can use some of the asset data I’m providing you with to rank videos on buying intent key terms many times over. Before you know it, you’ll be making hundreds of dollars.

Let’s take one of the health Products that I know sells in the market place…

“Xtreme no”

Here’s the thing…

Let’s say you put up a power point presentation around this product. Let’s also assume you rank at the top for “Xtreme no”, “buy Xtreme no”, and “Xtreme no reviews”.

I know for a fact you’ll make a monthly income off of these videos when you rank for those terms. It’s the same for any of the type of data I provide. Rank at the top, and you’re going to make money, end of.

One of my latest students just ranked for a health product that’s only searched for around 4000 times a month, yet he’s pulling in almost $400 a month. If he ranked a video at the top, he’d probably make around the same… In fact – perhaps he’d even make more than $400 a month depending on how good the video was at preselling the health product.

Without further ado, here’s the guide I follow for ranking videos on YouTube…

Note – The guide is written by an SEO pro who I’ve emailed about different SEO methods in the past. He’s putting up some awesome material and is one of the good guys for sure.

He’s called Brian Dean. He’s becoming one of the go to guys for link building advice for SEO companies. Just like I’m becoming the go to guy for health niche affiliate marketing, this guy is really focusing in on SEO/Link building with proven methods that just flat out work like crazy.

Please go here for the guide:

I hope you make good use of the article for HWA marketing. You can rank health product related terms with this short guide. You don’t need to be buying the latest courses on YouTube marketing. Everything you know need to know about ranking videos on YouTube is covered for you in this article. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the article and let me know what you think!



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7 thoughts on “How To Make $100 + per day with YouTube Promoting Health Products…

  1. Thanks again John, I know I am in the right place to find the best, useful and informative information on AM right here. Additionally you help us in minimising any outlay needed. The only problem I have is finding time to implement all these suggestions!
    Thanks Mate!
    Roy recently posted…Does Har Vokse WorkMy Profile

  2. Hi John

    Thank you so much for yet another useful article – I never knew how useful youtube videos and fiverr are for business!

    Like Roy mentioned above, our only limitations is being restricted by time =(

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