How To Find In Demand Health Products… That Sell Like Crazy!


Before you read one of my popular articles below, I want to show you a couple of screen shots of some of my earnings in this huge niche. I have made over $300,000 in the health niche over the last 3 years, and here’s some proof to show you just a few snapshots from some selected accounts I took recently…

To view the images in full, please click on them 🙂


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 Note – this is a follow up post to:

On the previous post above, I told you how to go about promoting “keyword targeting health products” This is the follow up post that will show how I find these HOT in demand products, how I research them – and why the health niche is just freaking awesome when it comes to making money online…

What you are about to learn here is “pure gold” I’ve touched on it briefly before, but I’m going to go in to more detail on this post on how to find not just “keyword targeted health products” but also – in demand health products, before they  even become known to the Google keyword tool!

What I mean by that is, when new health products come out – Google takes a few months to gather data on the key terms that people type in to the search engine (surrounding that product.) Most marketers, when they see no numbers in the Google keyword tool, stop right there. Not me! And certainly NOT YOU! (If you want to become a successful healthy wealthy affiliate marketer, this is vital).

What Creates An In Demand Health Product?


Adverts on the television, magazines, and shopping channels like the as seen on TV network…  The list goes on and on and I will write about that more shortly. Just know that the media is what helps to create branded health products that become searched for by product name. Without the media exposure, these products wouldn’t even be searched for on the internet. Thanks to the media and how BIG it has become, we can cash in on this BIG TIME!

Put your television on at night, browse the shopping channels. In fact, just watch some programs and pay attention to some of the adverts. One product I saw advertised recently was “proactive”

Guess what?  I can promote that as an affiliate and make easy commissions!

There are TONS of these, seriously. It’s insane… In fact, speaking of insanity – there is a health workout program being advertised here in the UK right now called the Insanity workout. This is so in demand right now, and so I know it will just sell like crazy. Even if I had a crappy site on it (I wouldn’t nowadays) but my point is this… If you are in the top ten for these in demand health products, you’ll make sales.

You see, people are ALREADY in buying mode for these types of products. They’ve already seen them offline, and so they already have interest. They just need a polite nudge. Someone might type in “does proactive work” and so we put up a page or domain name on that term, get some themed links to it – bingo! Easy money my friends… (Trust me – I’ve been doing this stuff for a decade now.)

By the way, if you think EMD (exact match domains) don’t work or that Google is against them, think again. I’ve told you many times before, listen to people who do what they teach, not anyone else. Go type in some product terms with related long tail searches (does “product name” work, “product name review”) etc and see what comes up. Look at the domains, end of.

What Google doesn’t like is CRAP CONTENT, useless spam that serves no value to their end user. If you’re putting up valuable content (you should be) on an EMD, that’s ok!

The Health and Fitness Niche

I’m in the right niche, and so are you if you follow me and what I do…

Look, this niche is growing at exponential rates. Check this out:

Globally, there are over a billion people on a quest to improve their health, or to cure a certain ailment… Over a Billion – and growing!

And get this…

In the US alone – Americans spend $40 billion a year on weight loss products according to

Consider this…

If the US market has that amount of money being spent in it, what do you think about globally?

Then on top of that, think about all the other markets within the health and fitness niche. There are so MANY problems in health, the market is ever green. I’ve seen products that sell well for toe fungus, seriously! I’m not making this stuff up guys.

With so much demand in this sector, new companies and new products come out faster than you and I can put an article together – it’s growing like crazy!

The Power of TV – Bringing Television and the Internet Together for Ultimate Profit Potential!

Above, I discussed the power of adverts right? However, there is another side to what creates in demand health products… If you haven’t guessed it yet – I’m referring to chat shows.

For example, if a health product or an ingredient is discussed on the DR OZ show – forget it. That product is now in demand, period.  If you haven’t heard of this guy, he hosts a show where he discusses health (weight loss and associated products in particular.) In fact, check this guy out on YouTube – you’ll see what I mean.

When he features a product, that’s it! He is one of the main reasons products like Hoodia for weight loss are so dam popular!

MagazinesNewspaper and Magazines – Make For More Media Exposure!

It’s not just television that makes in demand health products, it’s also many popular magazines and newspapers too.

Go along to your local supermarket or store – pick up the popular newspapers and women’s magazines for the week. You’ll see health products being featured, I guarantee it.

In fact, many celebrities have their own column for many of these magazines. When they get behind a product and endorse it – BOOM! The product is now in demand. You’ll see this in live action on many of these magazines and even popular newspapers, too.

Once you see a product being advertised, type in the product name – for example “proactive affiliate program” By doing so, you’ll find out if there is an affiliate network where you can sign up to promote the product.

And that brings me on to…

Use Health Affiliate Programs And Networks To find In Demand Health Products!

There are many of these. Ill point you to some I wrote about on my blog here –

Of course, there are many more, I’ll give you one more on this post too that is GOLDEN. In fact, here at HWA– I’m going to create a directory of all the health affiliate programs I know of online, one easy resource to access them all!

If you want a place to access many of the AS Seen On TV health and fitness products, than I have  good news for you. There is a PC version that caters to affiliates!

Check it out, this place is Gold!

Make sure you get to know your affiliate manager once signed up. If you see a product advertised on the AS SEEN ON TV shopping portal, or any of those related shopping channels – you can ask if they can get that product added to the network. They normally can, so it’s definitely worth reaching out and getting to know your affiliate manager here. They can also tell you if you are allowed to register product name domains etc (this will help keep you out of trouble during your promotions.)

On top of all the above… when a product comes out and is due for media exposure – your affiliate manager can let you know (in advance) if you have become friendly with him or her.

So, let’s say a new product comes out that currently has “zero” searches online. If it’s in the queue for major media exposure, get a domain up around that product (and get some pre-sell content up) fast!

When word hits and the searches start online, you’ll be MILES ahead of the competition. I do this all the time in secret names, even secret accounts – and it WORKS!

And get this…

Some of the products on these types of networks have huge celebrities endorsing and publishing them. Understand this, when a famous celebrity is behind a product –It’s going to sell!

We as a society want to be like the rich and famous, even though many of us will never admit it. If someone who we idolize or even hate (as long as they are mega famous) is using a product, you can be sure the masses will follow. This is the world we live in. Use that fact to grow your business and take it to new levels!

What If There Is No Affiliate Program for the Product I Saw Being Advertised?

This is where you have to start thinking about being creative and using innovation. Remember this post:

I talked about how affiliate pros innovate, right?

“Regular affiliates imitate. Pros innovate. Regular affiliates think small. Pros think BIG”

We use this innovation tactic right here… If there is a branded product that has media exposure, and you know there is little competition, BUT – there is no way you can promote the product due to there being no affiliate program… What do you do?

You get creative and use what I call REVERSAL PRE-SELLING.

Let me explain…

Let’s say there is a new weight loss product new to the market and it has major media exposure. You want to get a presence going online for these golden buyer related product terms (that hardly anyone is going for) yet there is no way you can promote this particular product…

What you can do is promote something similar to the product, maybe even an eBook from clickbank.

What you do is get rank for the terms, start your pre-sell but then talk about all the NEGATIVE points about this product, the side effects – all the bad points and facts you can find. Some of these health products (weight loss products in particular) try to lure people in with a free trial and then a monthly bill (for example in the small print.)

I hate those offers from an ethical standpoint because I think they are deceiving. Although you can make tons of money with them (I’ll be honest.)

Anyhow, once you are done with some of the negative aspects to the product (and possibly even writing about the checkout process – how you can be deceived etc) you then follow up with an alternative for weight loss. (That’s safe and effective.)

You could talk about a HOT SELLING weight loss eBook (one that sells well and has a great sales funnel on click bank) and say how THIS IS A MUCH better alternative. You will learn to lose weight fast, but naturally and in a safe way!

You can follow up with testimonials from people who have applied the information with exceptional results. This reversal pre-selling method works like crazy. You funnel in the traffic from the buyer related terms and you reverse pre-sell them – golden!

Honestly, there are no limits to the health and fitness niche. For the creative, hard working affiliate – the cash cow is open for the taking. The market is only growing with more and more HUGRY BUYERS!

HWA Example – Proof This All Works

Last year, I saw a product called provailen being advertised in a local magazine. This term and some related terms had “zero” searches in the Google keyword tool. Most people I know would just stop there. But I’m not most people when it comes to health affiliate marketing…

So, I put up a domain with my affiliate Partner (Lang) just purely as an example for my HWA readers and to show Lang the potential and power these mini-sites have. (Regardless of all the BS you read about SEO.)

So, we quickly put up 5 pages, maybe a couple hours work. I’ve done nothing but send a few links to this website (that’s it, nothing else).

As word got out, searches started to happen on the terms we put up articles for. Since these were easy terms to rank for, it’s been sitting there a while now in the top ten with little competition.

As the demand starts to grow, people take the search online – coming from all the offline media exposure…

Check out this screen shot here:


Now, this mini-site will probably start selling month in month out. Over the last 3 months (just as the searches have started to go online), it’s made over $150 in commissions. If we put 100 of these tiny little 5 page sites up around in demand health products – we would have made a minimum of $15,000 over a 3 month period.

Think this health affiliate marketing stuff is still BS – The proof is in the pudding my friends…

There are not only hundreds of products available; there are also hundreds more in queue ready to be released to the market. I told you, this niche is ever green. This market is not going anywhere, at least not anytime soon!

Now this website is selling, we can easily grow this in to a growing health blog on the niche. We know we are featuring a product that sells (it’s a no brainer now).

I could have shown you a mini-site making A LOT MORE. I even have some doing $1000 + in one single month. (Many can pull in $100 to $500 a month once you’re ranking on these types of terms.)

I don’t know about you, but I hate hype more than the next person. I wanted to show my HWA followers something VERY REAL and scalable. I’m tired of seeing those emails and blog posts where the “so called guru” talks about how he made $30.000 in 30 days. To me, those articles are like rubbing salt in the wounds of the many people who are simply trying to make their first $100 online. I know, I’ve been there… PERSONALLY. I’m not going to insult the HWA community by bragging and showing you unrealistic figures.

Those marketers who hype and sell get rich quick business models forget that people just starting out don’t have the experience, the resources, or even the followers to pull in those sorts of figures. It’s not only hype, but totally unrealistic for someone who is trying to break in to this online marketing game…

On a follow up post, I will be discussing how to go about registering domains for these types of in demand health products. The blog post will also discuss what I know works and what I continue to do with excellent results.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading your comments…



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28 thoughts on “How To Find In Demand Health Products… That Sell Like Crazy!

  1. Wow, over delivering here John! You could have made 3 posts out of this one!
    Good stuff keep it coming…I didn’t even know about the as seen on pc site. Will troll around on it when I get a chance.

  2. Johnny, thanks for sharing this EXTREMELY VALUABLE information. This throws the doors of possibilities wide open.

    The potential in the health niche far surpasses what I thought it was. Just thinking of all the limitless opportunities is truly mind blowing. Now I can see the big picture.

    And thanks for sharing about the Provailen site. I was wondering about that one. Now I understand. I GET it!


    • Hi Norman – my pleasure. I have your skype. Will do a video for you when I get a chance, just majorly busy and have Kai’s heart surgery coming up very soon…

  3. Johnny, I have read this post twice. There is lots of practical stuff that one can learn from and apply, and I really appreciate you sharing it with the rest of us. It is highly motivating and definitely encourages all to keep working in the right direction. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your next one.

  4. John,

    You keep delivering on examples of how it is done…….and follow up with the detail of what to promote and how to do it in a smart way. The health markets as you say are not going anywhere soon and I for one will not be going far from my PC and keeping up with your directions mate. Some of it takes a bit to sink in but I’m getting there mate!


  5. Hey Johnny,

    Absolutely pure gold.

    This is the best article I’ve ever read in terms of useable information, totally devoid of fluff.

    I’ve been trying to ‘make it’ online for many years & this is the first time I’ve ever heard of, let alone read about, the information in your post.

    Bloody brilliant, keep doin’ it.


  6. hey John, what a lovely article, sincerely!

    I’d love to see more of this kind of content coming from you. And maybe some hot case studies on the type of keywords/products you personally uncover – and how well does that work for you? 🙂

    • Hi Codrut, yes – that’s the plan here at HWA. These articles take MUCH more work, but they provide MUCH more value. When people can see something REAL, and working, they get excited and motivated in to ACTION – . Not the usual fluff, hype and BS. I think we are all tired of that stuff now, so I hope more of us start putting up this type of material – rather than the same old crap we see pimping to our emails.

      Actually, when the new design is up, I can make a journal of these small case studies – they make good reading material – for me too. It’s good to keep track on your system with a blog journal, and reveal a few along the way to the HWA followers 🙂

      I have another one coming up on an IN DEMAND health niche that is growing – stay tuned…

  7. “Globally, there are over 12 Billion people on a quest to improve their health, or to cure a certain ailment… Over 12 Billion – and growing!”

    Get your facts right… the world population is not up to 12 Billion…

    • Ok maybe around 7 billion in the world, but you get my point! The majority of human’s want to improve health in some way. The trend is growing… Thanks for the comment. I stand corrected 😀

  8. Solid article. Trying to pick an affiliate offer in the health niche must be more difficult than most. Because of rules regarding supplements, lots of wild claims, and misleading advertising. If you are building a business, you don’t want anything tarnished by inadvertently promoting substandard products.

  9. Totally agree with your “…marketers who hype and sell get rich quick business models…” paragraph. In the IM niche there is just so much crap being marketed and the likes of Clicksure and JVZoo are taking up the products/vendors that Clickbank booted out of their marketplace. In the health market there are excellent networks like Market Health and Sell Health plus quite a number of vendors with their own private affiliate programs. The Health Market might have thousands of competing affiliate websites but surely it’s better to have a small piece of a big pie than 99% of a pie nobody else wants. Your posts are excellent value for both new affiliates and those with more experience. I wish you every success through 2013 and beyond.
    Jonathon recently posted…Natural Ways To Enhance Your Facial LookMy Profile

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment jonathon. There are also more networks and products coming to this market. Lifetime networks that actually care about the affiliate. JVZOO has been doing my head in lately with the 1000 + emails. Each and everyone is pimping a new MUST HAVE product, so how are you meant to even learn any one method when they just throw the next greatest thing at you the next day… I wish you all the best too and do let me know if you need any help in this niche. Iv’e been working this one for almost a decade now.

  10. Niche article , would like to know if you still use the confidence theme, can’t seem to find it anywhere .

    If not, can you recommend a theme for the type of sites that we should be building ?

  11. Hey JohnGibs

    This is pure content for anyone in health niche…
    Base on the huge competition in getting some website rank for money keyword, .. I think some of the new additional trick to maximize sales now will be to create good quality content around money keywords and the drive cheap paid traffic to those pages and then retarget every of your visitor to create over 200% to 300% ROI…

    This new marketing trick works like charm now as one can not keep waiting for google to rank to start making a reasonable income…

    While not get clicks as cheap as $0.05 and then retarget those customers around the entire web with your Native ads

    I have book your page and will keep checking back for this kind of great post

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