How I doubled my affiliate commissions in ten days…

So by improving website content making good use of LSI (all related terms writing on and about the topic), and also thinking about user intent of course – it’s clear we can significantly ramp up commissions, especially on a website that’s already making money.

Check out the screen shot below – that’s another significant increase in only the last ten days from the last update.

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latestcb127022014I’m now adding more unique posts to the blog. I’m writing from the perspective that my aim is to serve the searchers looking to solve very specific problems, the problems that that they have within this niche.

I’m also hoping to rank for a term that is searched for over 40,000 times a month (roughly on estimation by various tools). If I pull that off, things may change up significantly once again. I once ranked for a term that received 100k searches a month, and made $10,000 in one day. It’s possible to do that again (although still rare for me), but if you can rank for really high traffic (and super targeted) terms – you can make a very good amount of money fast.

If I wanted, I could now sell this website for around five to ten times what it’s currently earning right now.

Iv’e seen websites in the past selling for $10,000, websites that that were earning less than this website.

As you can see, the ROI can be immense if you research a good buying intent market – and naturally write for that market. Sure, there are some tricks to employ along the way, but if you don’t research well BEFORE you even put a website up – you’re probably going to waste time and money. That’s what NSF (my service) helps to teach you…

We give you potential buyer segment markets to start in, and then show you how to research your competition so that you stand the BEST CHANCE at making a success of your niche site campagins…

You should alWAYS research your competition (so you can form a viable plan of attack within that buying segment of the market) BEFORE you put a website up. Research is a crucial area, and it’s why this website being profiled here has went on to make a SIGNIFICANT ROI (as have all of my others I have case studies so far).

I’ll do one more update on this one, and then I won’t be updating this case study for a while now. I plan to introduce some new case studies in different buyer segment niches throughout this year. I will update some of them randomly and periodically, but only if I feel I have something useful (that can help you) on your own campaigns.



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  1. This is absolutely fantastic John, all we need to do is emulate what you are showing us here and we could end up with a money site like this. I think we might be going some to match $10,000 in one day!
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