So you want to be an affiliate do YA? Perhaps an affiliate promoting Health products… Well here’s the good the bad and the UGLY…

So I get these type of questions almost every other day…

I’m interested in being your student, John. Or, I’m interested in affiliate marketing John, BUT – how long will it take to make money. How long will it take me to make money?

When can I see a ROI if I invest in one of your services and so on…

NOTE – Before I go on with the article after these questions, please know that these are still reasonable questions. It’s just “how much can I earn and when” really are hard to answer because I do not know your skills, your worth ethic or your education and energy levels. I don’t know your experience levels. Plus, there are other variables at play too.

Here’s my most recent one as an example:

No question is a stupid question to me, and don’t be afraid to ask me questions if you feel you need too.

who do you think you are

“Hi John,

I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile now.

I own a website through SBI and that’s where I heard from you first.

I‘ve been a full time massage therapist for 20 years and “natural health” solutions is my niche.

For 6 years now, I’ve been trying to make my website work for me and I haven’t succeeded yet. Since my main interest is natural health and wellness, that’s why I am writing to you today John.

My goal is to work less physically and make my main revenues through my website(s) as an affiliate marketer.

That’s where I come for your smart advice:

If I become your student: How much EXACTLY do I expect to spend now, within 6 months and 12 months? There may be variables but I need to know what’s ahead.

When I sign in, and follow your tutorials, how long (in average) can I expect to pay for my investments and more?

I know you have us build (or you have someone build) multiple websites for every natural health solution we advertise as affiliates, but I don’t know how much this all costs?

Can you clarify all this for me please…

Thank You,

P.s. I do not want any other emails than yours about this, please.”

Now, I can answer most of these questions specifically and I will. But I’m also going to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly about what I do, and what I teach. My business is not perfect, no business is in reality. All of them have some problems, ongoing problems – and stuff that can just go tits up.

Would you rather learn from hype and people who claim they have the best thing since sliced bread…? Or would you rather learn from someone who is down to earth and cuts through all the BS… To help YOU, to try and level with you on a human to human level, just as a friend would.

So I’ll answer some of these questions specifically right now (for the sake of the person asking me the questions), but then I’m going to write about what it REALLY takes to make a good online income online, regardless of the system or methods you may use.

“If I become your student: How much EXACTLY do I expect to spend now, within 6 months and 12 months? There may be variables but I need to know what’s ahead.”

You have to pay the $497 to enter Niche site formula. However, I’m doing a little revamp shortly  where you can get in for $497, plus get the first website included in the package so hang fire 🙂 The slots won’t be open for long though at this price. We will be going to $697 and then $997 for your lifetime membership access (over the course of the year).

You’ll need money for a domain name, and hosting – that’s a given. Websites are $127 each if you want more, or you can build them yourself with our video course inside. That’s free but it will cost you time. There is also the option to use nothing but free web 2.0 properties, but that means you can’t collect leads. It’s free though and you may find you can rank those properties faster than you could a website. I will be mixing everything up personally.

If you want to build a huge blog to promote multiple natural health offers that I feature in our super bonus section inside the membership area (where I’ll also be teaching how to build bigger more authoritative blogs where you build a following on), you’re looking at around 12 months of constant publishing and promoting to get the blog going good.

I had one member who came in when I first launched. He paid $297 – sent some links from our network (by sending a bunch of articles in to us for posting.) So other than his time, his expenses were low. I believe this mini-site has made the person a lot more than his initial expenses already.

Below are some screen shots to see some of the recent monthly earnings. Bear in mind this is his FIRST website with NSF. Also bear in mind this is just one tiny little simple 5 page website.

(Click images for full view)

Nov 2013 Dec 2013 Jan 2014

The last screen shot was taken at the start of January 2014, so he may make even more than the last two months this month on a tiny little 5 page site. If you had 50 of these profit producing assets, how much money could you make?

What’s more important is this particular student now KNOWS FOR SURE that these terms make money once they are ranked for this particular campaign. Regardless of what happens, he now has data that he KNOWS he can make money with. The terms have been tested for REAL live in the market place.

They have been ranked, they have made money – simple

My methods work because I target and teach people to rank terms that are actually going to make your money when you get top rank. The problem with SBI is even if you rank for the terms, you may not make any money at all. Remember, those types of terms are widely information seeker type of terms.

If you can’t presell extremely well (takes tons of practice to master the art well) you’re probably going to be making very little even months and years later. I have owned SBI by the way, yet I sold all of them in the end.

Those income screen shots you see above took this particular student only 5 weeks. However, that is just one example. He is a person who follows what I teach and applies it. He is not afraid to get stuck in and do the actual work.

He is not the type of person to moan if he gets de-ranked, he’ll come to me for advice and SOLOUTIONS based on my experience – not doubts. This is the type of person I LOVE TO work with. Like minded people like myself.

Some people may come in and make nothing for months or even years… It depends on multiple factors which I cannot control. I can only give you the education on what has worked for me, and give you the truth based on what is working for me without any BS or blatant lies.

“When I sign in, and follow your tutorials, how long (in average) can I expect to pay for my investments and more?

I know you have us build (or you have someone build) multiple websites for every natural health solution we advertise as affiliates, but I don’t know how much this all costs ?”

You can do it all at low cost, or you can outsource everything. You could even use You Tube or free web 2.0 platforms and make money more quickly. This would also cut the expense of web hosting, domain names and so on. You could send links to those free properties.

I have one student who is only focusing on ranking videos on You Tube. That’s what he wants to do and I support him fully. The key is he will rank for terms that buyers are typing in… Since you’re targeting buying intent money terms – you’d make sales.

However and all that being said… to me personally based on your initial questions – I and my services may not be for you right now. I don’t really make my paid membership sites for newbie’s at present.

I do tell it how it is based on my experience, but that doesn’t mean I will ever try to persuade people to join privately. You either want in and know (realise) the power of what we give and offer and provide or you don’t… Sorry if this is harsh or comes across arrogant, but at least I’m being honest with you 🙂

“What!?!?! – Affiliate marketing is not easy. Everyone Says It Is THOUGH! “

No, affiliate marketing IS NOT for everyone. No, it’s not as easy as most people make out.

Listen, I don’t want just anyone in my services…

What’s the point in teaching a bunch of people who never take action?

What’s the point in teaching a bunch of people who only care about how long they have before they run out of money…

If you’re coming in to my services completely broke, I suggest you find a job or find a way to make money fast.

Yeah, a job…

Building a business takes time. Building an audience and a following on a large blog takes time. I have set myself 365 days (minimum) to build an audience up on this blog for example. I know for 365 days I will make little, yet I will continue to put up new blog posts and forget the money side of the equation right now. My main job with this type of blog is to provide value and help people.

Forget money when building a following on a large blog.

Building multiple assets that produce positive ROI (regardless of how you do it) still takes time, work, testing, failures, frustration and then some…

So, this IS NOT for everyone. Business online IS NOT for everyone. Yeah I know, most people will sell you the dream. They will say anyone can do it…

That’s not true.

Not anyone can, unless they would, right?

We have all these self obsessed fame want to be gurus – marketing their shit and making everything seem so dam easy.


Most people are not Mr John Chow – not everyone can make 300k in 3 months and then show that check to the world. No disrespect to John Chow here by the way, I think he’s an awesome marketer– an awesome blogger who has achieved great things online. You can learn a lot just by watching how he does things… How he builds up a following and builds up interest before his launches and so on.

But the problem is, most internet marketers just hype everything up (far too much) and make it all sound too easy.

IT’s NOT so easy man!

For the people who make good consistent money online, they have worked dam hard for it.

They have failed.

They have tested.

They have gone around the circle of frustration many times over.

Even putting up a new article each and every day to one of your blogs is a lot of work. It takes time, sometimes planning – It’s not EASY and you’re not going to make a lot of money quickly either. If you only have enough money to last you 3 months, forget business online for now.

Even in PPC – if you don’t know what you’re doing… If you don’t how to build effective funnels and convert your visitors in to buyers, you’ll lose more money than you make for a while. You’d be better working in a job for the wage or salary, and building up your assets online whenever you have spare time.

You need to learn from people who have ALREADY done what you are trying to do. But still, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy ride for you.

So if you’re really struggling financially right now, then I don’t want you in any of my membership services. That’s not because I don’t like you or don’t respect you. I’ve probably had more money issues and been in more debt than you have. However, I can do without the whining or moaning at this point in my life, or complaining about how I need to make money fast and blah blah blah, when will I make it, and so on…

I am not a crystal ball with all the answers. All I can hopefully do is help you to grow as a person by searching within yourself. I can help you in affiliate marketing and blogging and making money online (based on my own personal experiences), but I can’t tell you when and even if you will make any money at all…

Here’s something you already know… Most of us have to struggle to get to where we want to be. If you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you’re worth.

If you’re ready for one of my membership services or training courses, and if you have some spare funds to play with (without being stressed or worried), I will certainly try to help you to make a positive ROI as much as I can my friend.

But let’s face it guys… how can anyone really answer those type of questions without taking nonsense, seriously?

How long is a piece of string?

Even if you know someone inside out, you can’t know how much they will make. You don’t know if they will work day in day out, you don’t know there basic intelligence level (at whatever it is they are trying to pursue).

People already know these questions are impossible to answer when they really think about it, yet for some reason – they hold on to the hope that someone has all the answers. They believe someone can tell them exactly when they will make money, exactly how much – and at exactly at what point.

Horse shit! How can anyone tell another person that?

Unfortunately, these are the very people who will fall prey to the next big scam…

Marketers tend to prey on vulnerability and desperation. I’d rather be broke and homeless then deceive people with hype and half truths, how about you?

So, although I have presented some of the good points of being an affiliate in my many blog posts and presell quite well based on my affiliate marketing experience…

You know…

Where I talk about the freedom and the lifestyle I have attained. The freedom I have worked for to be there for my children and watch them through the most magical stages of their lives…

There is another side.

A side where I need to tell you that this is not some get rich quick scheme or is this easy for everyone…


It’s not easy.

No, not anyone can make money online.

It can be done, for sure…

But you’re going to need a lot of will power. You will spend many days and nights working for nothing, at least it will feel that way for a while.


If you’re not prepared or ready to go to battle with yourself, forget it. Go find a regular day job, get paid for the time you put in – and save yourself the wasted time, the pain and frustration.

In fact, go and join the majority of folk…

If however, you have the will to succeed no matter what – then the internet can make your dreams become a reality, but ONLY if you accept that you’re going to have to work (perhaps even harder) than you would in a regular job. At least for the first year or two anyhow…



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4 thoughts on “So you want to be an affiliate do YA? Perhaps an affiliate promoting Health products… Well here’s the good the bad and the UGLY…

  1. I agree John, It’s not easy, and as a regular business, it also takes time to make money online. This is my first website in the niche, but I can tell that, I will do anything it takes to do it right, and make money. It take time, I am sure, but, I am also ready for the word I have ahead of me, to do. Thanks to the beautiful page!

  2. Just in case John didn’t make it clear – IT’S NOT EASY! But it’s not the skills that are difficult to learn. What’s hard is, 1) staying on course and avoiding the bright shiny objects found elsewhere, 2) paying attention to the meaningful changes in internet marketing and ignoring the other noise, and 3) knowing when to be patient when patience is necessary, and when to take action or bail when that is necessary.

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