Heart Warrior – Our little angel’s fighting spirit…

Before I tell you about how you can help save a child’s life, I want to tell you about my little boy’s condition (and how he’s doing now). I am copying and pasting the text his mother sent to a UK charity group…

kai gibb

Kai Gibb recovering

“This is my heart warrior. As soon as he was born I knew something was seriously wrong with him, but the doctors wouldn’t listen. It wasn’t until he nearly died at 4 months with serve bronchitis, (days before Christmas last year) that they checked his heart, finding he had a very loud murmur and then a hole the size of a £2 coin.

He was put on a short list for immediate surgery. Here he is at 6 months after having open heart surgery to close a large VSD. Unfortunately, the hole was too big and they couldn’t close it completely. Since then, we have found out he also has a leaking aortic valve which means possible future surgery.

For now, I am pleased to say he is doing well. The second picture was taken last week at 1year old.

My partner was also deeply affected by this event, and is working towards spreading word about CHD to help children from countries like India, where families cannot afford the private surgery xxx.”

In medical terms:

Large perimembranous VSD with Aortic override, deviated outlet septum and bilateral SVC. OHS was 4th feb 2013.

Isn’t this the very best in human spirit… Recently, I’ve lost thousands of dollars in some miss guided business deals. I lost so much – I thought we were going to end up homeless.

But you know what…

None of that matters to me. Money can always be made again. What matters is I get to stand in awe of my son who goes on as if nothing has ever happened to him. He almost died on two occasions, breaking my heart in the process, but also showing me the true power of the human spirit.

He made me realise that many of our “serious” problems, and most of the stuff we worry about day to day are (relatively speaking) less disastrous when placed beside the truly scary ones – like the thought of losing a child!

This event also woke me up on a deeper level… Human beings seem to have this unique ability to bounce back from the lowest of places. In fact,  I feel we have the potential to transcend literally anything.

Some of us believe we can even transcend death by accepting death and becoming one with our journey.

During this difficult time, a person who has become a friend of mine (Dr Mani) – personally wrote to me to offer his support, thoughts and prayers.

From that moment on, we just connected. For reasons unknown to me, I’ve found out that some people you connect with in life, and others you don’t.

So, Dr Mani and I decided we would use our internet skills and spread word about CHD awareness (and how people can help save children’s lives) on an even bigger scale.

As you all know by now, I’ve been able to make money online as an affiliate for month in , month out – year after year for almost a decade now. I’ve ridden through countless Google updates and multiple other challenges, and yet I’m still here ready for the challenge. I’m now aiming to help more people get in to the game, teaching them how to build potential assets and make some extra dollars.

So I opened up a service where I put affiliates on the right path to potential niche affiliate marketing success: http://nichesiteformula.com

Here’s where it gets interesting…

By becoming a member of NSF, a part of the income from the sale goes towards a special charity set up by DR Mani. I’ll give you more information about that charity in the next email.

By joining niche site formula, not only can you potentially start your own affiliate business and make some extra money – you could become a part of something MUCH bigger…

Wouldn’t it be nice to save a child’s life, while at the same time – starting your new journey towards a life of freedom with no soul destroying 9-5 routine?

I made my decision years ago…

Hopefully, I’ll see you on the inside. And even if you’re not yet
ready to join NSF, I wish you the very best in all your ventures –
and will continue to help in your journey through this blog.

Remember, we are all in this thing we call life together…

Be well, and be happy my friend.



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