Top 7 Reasons to Promote Health Affiliate Programs and Get Recurring Commissions (While Others Struggle with Blogging or other Low Profit Niches)

I talked about becoming a weight loss affiliate marketer before, and how the niche is loaded with desperate (men and women) buyers. This is a good thing for you, as you can sell them multiple products and services and pull-in residual and recurring commissions.

That article sparked some interest, so today this is the sequel…

Herein, I share with you why the health industry is ideal for affiliate marketers and how it’s growing at a lightning fast pace.

Reality is: there’s room for everybody. In fact, I suspect the health industry is one of the largest marketplaces for associate programs, where affiliate marketing beginners and veterans can compete and make (a bunch) of money online. And, there are niches where competition is very low or even nonexistent…

On top of all that, new products with great potential ROI appear ready to market on a regular basis. I found a new one from a new merchant just today… A toe fungus supplement believe it or not! There is branded search on the product (with low competition in the market place) and so it is already set to be a potential winner for a micro site.

Think how many people struggle with weight loss, pregnancy or diabetes issues.

Think how many men and women want to learn Yoga or Pilates.

Think about the fitness niche. How large it is, yet, it’s a small pond in the mammoth-sized health industry.

Think how many people are searching for symptoms on all kinds of illness and conditions.

I came across a rowing machine last week… Yes, a fitness product with brand search and minimal competition. I can make passive income promoting such a product; it’s what healthy wealthy affiliate marketing is all about.

You have a gallbladder. You have kidney stones. You have lupus. You have anxiety.

The demand is skyrocketing…

Facts are real…

Money is on the table…

What will you do?

Now, let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should opt-in for health related affiliate programs and get the most out of this market, while others are still struggling with blogging or other low profit potential niches.

#1 Reason
Multiple Affiliate Networks

I’ve told you before. I’m an astute affiliate for over a dozen health affiliate networks. But I don’t blindly join them, although I did that in the past, and results were poor.

If I’m not a direct affiliate for a particular network, I work with affiliate partners that can get approved for any program we can imagine. It’s wise to spread yourself and avoid depending on one network or program for your affiliate commissions. That’s what “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” really means.

UPDATE: Google Affiliate Network has announced they will be officially closing their program soon. It’s time you find back-up networks, and avoid risking your commissions, before things like this happen. And trust me, it happens often in this game we play…

#2 Reason
Multiple Affiliate Programs

There are programs that pay per lead, others pay per sale. There are programs that pay once, and others that pay for all sales that come from that referral. Other programs pay in residual or recurring income.

You have the option and opportunity to join as many programs as possible, and work them out for your own benefit. However, ensure you have enough time, money and the resources to bring targeted traffic to all your sites and affiliate offers. Otherwise, there’s no fun in joining a dozen programs to make zero or little periodical commissions. Besides, some networks may even terminate your account if you are unable to make sales for prolonged periods.

#3 Reason
Free organic traffic

The hardest part for an affiliate marketer, regardless the niche, is getting free passive traffic. We all compete in the same niche for the same type of traffic. Nobody wants to spend a ton of money and earn nothing in return. The difference is that the health industry is so wide and in depth, it’s rare you’ll compete for the same keywords/traffic when targeting new products or items which aren’t even public yet. There is a vast and almost unlimited potential with this niche, especially if you think outside the box.

#4 Reason
New products advantage

If you watch famous TV shows or read the popular magazines in your area, you can drive free passive traffic to those in demand media-featured products and rank your pages weeks in advance – compared with others who are just checking the past months key terms from Google, for example.

That’s how I (as well as a few other power affiliates) are able to get ahead of the competition and spot hot items. This way, you can rank on top of all other sites before everybody else finds out, and tries to build their sites. What a smart way to make money online as an affiliate, isn’t it?

#5 Reason
Unlimited Keywords

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to find those buying key terms and phrases to optimize and rank for. People are often typing for a particular “brand” or “product” added by “discount” or “review” or whatever, in the search engine.

Because there are virtually an unlimited number of products and networks in the health industry, there’s also no short supply of buying-intent keywords. Due to the nature of the market and the keywords that go with it, more opportunities continue to become available for you to make money with.

#6 Reason
Pro Keyword Research Tools

Having an unlimited number of keywords that have great return on investment potential is amazing, and heart uplifting too. But most affiliate marketers are old school and stop searching for better methods; so is their income. Most affiliates know one thing and know it well: The Google AdWords free keyword research tool. They assume that’s the holy grail of keyword affiliate research.

KeywordCanine for example can find more buyer related keywords than probably any other tool which I’ve personally tested. And on top of that, the data is more accurate for search volume, competition you face  – and so on. I highly recommend you give this web tool a try.

You’ll find (lots of) hot buying keywords and niches you can rank for, and generate affiliate sales with, or build Adsense sites on. It also checks competitors, so you know if a keyword is worth optimizing for or if you should just stop wasting time with that term from the onset.

Plus, it has a “boosting” option that gives your link-building a fine jolt and puts you on the shortcut to micro niche success.

#7 Reason
Build Your Empire

So, the health industry brings us a growing (and virtually unlimited) number of affiliate networks, associate programs and “buying” keywords. This gives you the opportunity and responsibility to start building your own virtual empire…

You can start little, just create your first site, and make $10 a month. Within 12 months you could be growing to $1,000 per month in residual income.

The more money you make, the more investments you can add to growing your affiliate empire. That means you can fund more sites, or additional projects like creating your own products or apps, outsourcing content – marketing and link-building, while having enough time for family, friends, sports and travel…

That’s why I’m building my new affiliate empire in 2013 and beyond. I want to leave a legacy, and teach my kids how to build a long-lasting sustaining business. I want to show them how to make money – without slaving for it and getting depressed in the process. That’s also what I teach you with my HWA 2.0 membership portal.

Haven’t you joined yet?

You can sign up through my newsletter here (it’s completely free by the way).



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