Goals goals goals… Why our brains can’t take it anymore!

Mind FocusDid you know that our minds will work against us when trying to achieve goals?

You see, there are two levels of conversations (for some, it’s even more) that go on inside our minds on different levels…

Your brain is always trying to trick you. I’ve been reading about the brain and how it works lately, and it’s amazing some of the stuff I am learning about. The sad thing is that most people will NEVER even realize the existence of what really goes on inside our brains.

Most of us are so caught up to what we perceive as our normal that we don’t know that there are always 2 LEVELS of conversations that happen in your mind at the same time. For an untrained mind, it gets even worse.

If you don’t learn how to control these voices, or learn how to calm your mind – you’re NEVER going to achieve your goals. See, it’s not just self discipline; it’s also about reprogramming the mind to be more calm.

At the bottom of our minds, there is a pure focused nature, yet – most of us will never get to see it. See (generally speaking), most of our minds are like a huge dirty river. We can see the river, but we can NEVER see to the bottom of the river because of all the clog, mud and dirt…

The problem is if you can’t get to see the bottom of the river and if you don’t get a control of both of those voices that go on in your mind – you will always fail… It’s actually been scientifically proven that the most successful people on our planet have learned to control their minds. To eradicate the constant arguing, the constant back and forth that goes on in the human mind.

I knew this long ago, but completely forgot about it all to be frank. The other day, I received an email about an article on the Entrepreneur blog that I sometimes follow that says that setting a short term, easy to achieve goal is VITAL for your BRAIN and the health of your mind…

If you don’t know already, if you set a goal that can be achieved within a few hours or over a day (maximum), each time you achieve that specific goal, your brain releases a chemical known as – DOPAMINE.

And when this chemical flows through your brain pathways (the chemical that is largely responsible for pleasure, inspiration – good feeling, and general motivation)…

…you not only feel completely lifted and a general sense of well being, but you also achieve greater concentration levels. In fact, every time you achieve a simple goal, the chemical is released again. So what happens is you become sub consciously inspired to keep feeling that same feeling over and over again. Before you know it, we become addicted to the feeling. And that addiction leads to completing more and more simple goals.

And get this…

Those little simple goals lead to bigger goals. See on my desk right now, I have this little notepad. On the note pad, there is a list of small tasks that I need to complete today. Nothing major, but small achievable tasks… Remember my 2014 goals that I wrote about a few days back?

Well these little goals are all working to this MUCH BIGGER yearly goal.

You see how this works?

DOPAMINE is a success DRUG that makes you stronger and stronger until you simply can’t live without this chemical being in your brain…

Since we are creatures of habit, we become habitual motivated to pursue and complete our simple short goals for the day.

…and when all this starts to happen in the very present you are in right now – you will start to succeed on a daily basis. In return for completing these simple short goals, you will end up achieving and obtaining everything you want out of life.

It’s incredible, isn’t it?

Here’s the thing…

Addiction is widely known as a negative thing. But if you understand how our brains work, we can make addiction work for us in positive ways.

So, what I want to encourage you to do right now is write ONE goal down on a bit of paper. Just one goal that you can complete in the next hour… Then repeat again and set another goal. Once you’ve completed them both successfully, sit back – take a time out – and just notice your thoughts and feelings.

You may even surprise yourself. You’ll perhaps feel a little motivated to do something else that you never normally would have done otherwise.

Can you do it?

Schedule two simple goals for today…

Start today, right now – no excuses.

Jot down two simple goals that you can tick off one by one.

Do it, right now 🙂

I’m telling you straight… This drug is VERY ADDICTIVE and you will want to experience it many times over.

I hope this helps.



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