How to get slapped websites ranking highly again…

Hello my friends…

Yesterday, I did an introduction webinar to NSF (our flagship affiliate marketing service).

On the webinar, I discussed how to get websites back ranking if they’ve been slapped, or de-ranked badly in Google.

I made an error when I was talking when I said to delete the hosting for the penalized website. Just to clarify, you need to keep the hosting since you will redirect all the posts or pages on the old domain.

Anyhow, here is the link to the webinar…

My computer crashed and conflicted with the webinar software, but I manager to save the most important elements of the webinar.

If you’re interested in learning how to get old websites ranking again, or how to stay on top with successful campaigns  – you can buy our video course that Lang is making here.

The video course will detail 2 websites that are no longer ranking well in Google, and exactly what we do to get these websites ranking well again. The websites are on two health products that make good money when ranked highly.

We will deliver the video course to you via a private blog page (no later than 7 days after payment).

I am only making this available for a short time via this broadcast list, since we want to keep our best tactics for our NSF members going forward.

I’m going to be working a lot more on the HWA blog, updating more regularly and getting back to helping as many people as I can. Sometimes in life, we lose our focus… However, when we fall down (and well all inevitably do), its how we get back up that counts.

I will be doing another webinar soon where I will be discussing diversification and given a couple of examples on how to go about this. I will also be giving more notice this time round so that people can register for the webinar earlier.

Speak to you all soon.



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